Shampoo island.

There are more and more pirates here recently.

Since the list of the Navy's probation, countless thieves flocked, some want to watch this upcoming world war, some pirates have to take this opportunity to enter the second half of the second half of the road.

after all…

Red-haired Xiangks is about to be punished.

And the battle between the White Beard One Piece and the Navy has been started. If the white beard is lost, the four emperors will be empty out of two positions, which is no more temptation for some ambitional pirates. .

Even some people saw the Golden lion history of the last era once brought this, the big one who once told Malin Vantomo!


The Golden Lion Siki arrived here.

The legendary big thief rushed here, except for the world war, it was also to recruit Pluto, which appeared in the shampoo island.


The sound of the two sides stepped on the slate is a bit crisp.

Because many years ago, the Golden Lion Schiki was jamd from the big prison. In order to get rid of the shackles, she cut off her own feet, and later History used the two handed Polytels instead of his legs ...

no doubt…

This is a squat.

The Golden Lion History stepped into a coated plant, stepped away from a busy coating worker, slowly got his mouth, laughed and said: "We have twenty I haven't seen it for many years! Rayry! "

"Wait an old, I am still working ..."

Pluto Rayle stretched up the coating, covering the hull, after all, slowly taking the palm to turn to the history of History, the corner can't help but show a smile: "It seems that our age is Ah ... "

More than 20 years have passed ...

After the end of the Eit Walhai war, they had never seen it, and now they have been old in the great route.

Even if the Golden Lion Schiki has gradually been wrinkled, the ficepiece of Wei Feng is only appeared here.

It is not polite ...

The Golden Lion History was once a legendary three big hundred thieves. One of the largest forces, but unfortunately, the Golden Lion's History's big chassis was completely smashed by a sudden storm in the Aite Walhai war. ...

These have passed now.

Nowadays only two old people remain in this plant.


The Golden Lion Shi shakes his head, and his body has gradually floated, and his body gradually floats, slowly launched his arm, grinned: "What is the age long? As long as Laozi is still alive, this world is so late. It's all Laozi! "

The Golden Lion His Golden Holded his fist, and the face was full of enthusiasm: "Roger has died for 20 years! Re-come up with me, Rayle! I heard that the shampoo happened. Don't be old yet, your guy is not old! "

The Golden Lion's History is almost a little proud of the world: "A world war that is enough, as long as we join hands, you can take everything we have had before!"

Originally the golden lion is just the unprecedented world war, just heard that the news of Pluto Rally, the Golden Lion History will deliberately come to the shampoo island, want to intervene this world war, any one The power is very important!

"I reject."

Pluto Relie shakes his head, holding his own glasses to watch the old histori, whisper: "I didn't expect this war to bring you?"

"Hahahaha ..."

The Golden Lion History floats in the air, smiled and smiled down against Rayle: "Is this grand scene, but have not been over 20 years?

This time I have to look at it, what is the white beard of the guy who will make Malin Vantra? Hey, if you let Laozi are dissatisfied ... "

" La la la ... Shouldn't you let you down!"

Just at this time, a bold smile interrupted the histori.

White Beard Edward New Gate took his big knife and looked up his deeds, screaming: "la la ... No matter where, you want to make a big move, you The temper is still not changed ... History ... "

New Gate ... "

The Golden Lion's hide eyes flashed, staring at white beard, and the smile on his face was more victorious: "I haven't seen it for so many years, then let Laozi look at it, now how much power is now Let's! "

Just as the history of Schi Family expanded his palm, I thought that when I was working here, Rayly shouted him whispered him: "History, it is not where you are in a place!"

" la la la ... Yes ..."

White Beard Edward New Gate couldn't help but laugh a few times, slowly turned to look at Ravely: "Rally, you can coate it here?"


Rayley was silent for a second.

Next moment, Rayley took a nodded and pushed his eyes, smiled: "But my price is not low ..."

"Just ask!"

White beard did not set up the palm of the palm, smile and somewhat subtle: "The most precious treasure in this world is onepiece, you have long seen ... la la ... Other prices, just let you come to open!"

"I have to take your ship."

The words of Ravely let the look of the white beard are serious.

However, Rayle did not say anything, but only whispered explains: "Just take your ship into Marina, don't think too much, New Gate ..."

"I have never thought ..."

White beard grinned a few times, slowly shakes his head: "Is it for Koloz? Or for Xia Qi?"

White beard also read the list of the Navy's probation.

It is precisely because I saw Xia Qi's name, White Beard Edward New Gate will deliberately come to ask Rressle to go together, he can take a paragraph ...

I didn't expect Rayly to take the initiative to disclose ...

The look of Rageri is nodded, leaned over to take his film tool, Shen Sheng: "Then it will be fine!"

"Hey! Don't ignore the old man!"

The face of the Golden Lion History is not very good.

The Golden Lion History looked at the ground, and the palm suddenly turned to launch a windy wind, but a gravity suddenly took him from the air!

I don't know when to ...

A young people standby around the white beard, rehanging his palm toward the Golden Lion, his eyes have different strange things!

It is Yuxi Bozuo!


Yizhi Bozuo handed the gravitationality to attract histori, and his other hand pulled out the unparalleled fast knife on his body!

Next, a knife flashed!

This knife is very spicy, Yisi Bo sakuo seems to be a knife who wants to directly pull the body of the Golden Lion's native, seems to be the legendary big thief will fall here!


White beard waved his own clumps and cut the knife!


The sound of the two handles without a big fast knife collision is extremely crisp!

White beard stopped the attack of Unecheo Sasuke, shook him slowly: "Sasuke, don't worry, this guy is not our enemy ..."

"I know."

Yisi Bozuo took the slows and returned his knife, and the emergence of Unechebra helped the Golden Lion History and Pluto.

However, White Beard Edward New Gate is not exhausted when Meiszi Sasuke's hands, slowly collapsed his own cluster cutting knife, laughing and continuing: "Okay, I will wait for me for a while, wait for me and Older friends are going to find you ... "

"I know."

Unecheo Sasuke is slowly nod.

Yuxi Bozuo did not hesitate, but he left the coating factory with himself. It was originally aware of the power of the Golden Lion History. All Sakura had to intercepted ...

According to Malco's statement ...

Before the start of the war, it will definitely not get their old people.

Just as Yuxi Sasuo left the coating factory, when returned to the Mobik, a group of people were crowded and glanced: "Hey, Sasuke, we destroy the naval base of this shampoo? I remember the Navy stationed here. The middle general will help to catch an Ace ... "


Yiszhike Sasuke's mouth smashed, couldn't help but shake his head: "Bisa, Joz, rescued Ace, don't have more things!"

Really ...

Let Sasuke don't know what to say.

In the past, whenever I want to destroy a base, a group of hundreds will try to persuade him to give up this idea.

The result is now ...

The people who are stationed in the shampoo is the original navigation ...

The pirates of this group of white beards have become bigger! The more you can't provoke, the more you want to provoke anything?