I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 567 Before the war began, Mary Qia

Fortunately, Yuxi Bozuo did not lose his wisdom.

If he is not he stopped the white beard of the thief group, the white beard will not have to go to Ma Lin Fan, and may be directly grabbed together.

Manufacturing a vast war ...

In this war, the world is controlled in the hands, whether it is strength or forces seem to be the purpose of the original Na.

For example, when I was in the endurance, I gave the fourth endurance war in one hand, and the final result is good, but the entire endurance attitude has collapsed ...


What is the human attachment of this world seems to be strong?

No matter how, this war has now been inevitable, unless the original navigation is willing to stop this war.

After the whole white bearded, the three Mug Dicks were completed, they took Pluto Rally, rushed to the Navy's Malin Fanto.

In addition to them ...

There are also two of the generations of people.

Pluto Silbaz Relie and Golden Lion History.

As for all the subflue delegations, all collective moves will be exercised towards Malin Vanto, and the warships of the White Beard One Piece are all cleaned ...

Seven water capital.

When the White Beard, the thief, the New Leid Fos, who stayed in Seven Water, also left the direction of the Navy's Ma Lin Duo, and they were the rest of the Red-haired One Piece.

Due to Pelton Prison.

A warship stopped here, Wang Xiaqi Wuhai Marshall D. Tiqi entered the bottom of this big prison at this time at this time.

Just at this time…

A large ship taking advantage of the opportunity to bypass Due to Pelton's big prisse, enter the whirlpool through the Great Gem of the Great Prison, which is a leader.

This is the largest team of the revolutionary army.

White Beard One Piece, the Red-haired One Piece, the revolutionary army, all in the direction of Marin Fanto Mo. They will arrive in the Navy's base base today.


Marin Fanto.

The island has never been alert, and the 100,000 navy is put on the square of Malin Vantra. A group of Navy's department will stand inside, command his own inspection of weapons, always prepare to participate in the battle ...

Every Navy is all like a thunder!

Ghost spider will ...

Duirman will ...


The fire will be ...

Menard will ...

These navals in the great navigates, let the hundreds of thieves, the bold naval, except for the part of the part of them, all gathered here ...

"The words said, what about the Shangyuan?"

Menard bite his cigarettes, slowly swallowed: "Until this big day today, did the guy still have been transferred over there?"

"Should it be?"

The ghost spider wrinkled his brow, whispered: "A person who is sinful to the staff, can also be stationed in the shampoo, it is already given him a good arrangement!"

"This is already very good."

The mouse shook his head and whispered explained: "His strength is obviously impossible to match the rank of the generals in this part, allowing him to do the commander in a branch base, always feel that the life of the soldiers is not responsible for the life of the branch ..."

"Don't say that guy, is the Queen Seven Wuhai?"

"There is still a Marshall Tiqi, there is no arrival, and the other king's seven Wuhai is already here ..."

"Today ... I hope to all go well!"


"I hope some soldiers sacrifice ..."

"Don't worry about this problem, when the battle will be arranged when there will be too big sacrifice, the wave loss rate exceeds 50%, must be a problem with these commanders!"

"That is white beard ..."

"There is also a group of innocent guys in the revolutionary army!"

A group of people will be able to talk to the sky here. Everyone has no smile, because they don't know how to be tomorrow, they will not be able to say tomorrow ...


It is the day of public punishment!

With the first week of buffering time, the Navy continues to transfer the soldiers, build the defense of Marina, thus maximizing their land benefits.

A long punimistical table is located in the center of Malin Vantomo Square.

All the pirates, revolutionary military cadres, etc. on the list of public office have been deprecated to the Dungeon of Malin Vantra, and they will be held by the Navy today.

And below the prisoner ...

That is the three major defensive fronts of the Navy.

Red dog, green, yellow oyster.

The highest power of the Navy has gathered here.

Now the three Navy generals sitting below the criminal station, they accept 100,000 naval attention, and the three people are still chatting.

Just, they talk is not a white beard.

The red dog is sitting on the central chair, turning his head and looked at the green goblin, his face with a violent violent: "Hey, what does it mean? This war is caused by them. , Now it is still not asked? "

"You are also a member of Xiao, Saskaski ..."

The green spokes shakes his head, and his look is still calm: "But don't worry, you should receive a message today ..."


Huang Yizhen, smile and smiled and persuaded his home: "Sakasky, don't need to emerge, when you don't have orders, we just need to do what you want to do, as for them Down After the command, then don't do it? "

Even if the Navy's three major joins the organization, they still have different roads, but this time is obvious.

In the Navy, the red dog is obviously a hand-hard eagle, always advocating all the hundred pirates at all; however, in the talents, the red dog has become a strange pigeon, and the organization should not over-interfere with the Navy. ...

More screamers ...

It is obvious that the bare dog old opponents is obvious.

In the Navy, the Youth is a slightly gentle pigeon party. It has his double-sided practice for anything; however, in the tissue, the green gang has become a strange eagle, I hope to understand the organization. The World Government takes over the navy and ends the Age of the Great Water ...

Because the strength of the organization is very strong.

Perhaps it is because of the strength of the organization is too powerful, and the organization treats the underlying papers and is not as ruthless as the World Government, and even they encourage more civilians become stronger and stronger, then these strong people will join the tissue ...

It's really outrageous.

If you are more red and green, you can ...

The mentality of the yellow ok is gentle.

If you know how to take over the Navy, you can continue to perform your own ambiguous justice, what you want to do after you want to do it.

If the organization will not interfere with the Navy, do you want to do anything with his generals ...

There is no advantage in the yellow gob, it is extremely good.

Even if I first learned that the green goblin and the red dog were a member of Xiaoxiao, the yellow goblin can quickly slammed his mentality, and the Navy's generals and the bedding of the navy.

"Hey! At least let us know their purpose!"

When I heard the yellow ok, the red dog snorted with his arms, Shen Sheng: "Xianan Group guy ... Is it necessary to use the Navy to eliminate the White Beard One Piece?"


The Qing Dynasty interrupted the red dog, slowly swallowed: "If you do this, don't make this kind of difficulty?"

"Who knows ..."

Huang Yao smiled and said: "Maybe you want to conquer the world? The seven Wuhai seems to talk about it ..."


The red dog walked coldly, the king of the king, the sea, the sound: "In addition to the Woman in Bay, Hancark, others are their own people ..."

"Sakasky, is our own person."

The green spar is looking at the sky, correcting a red dog.

Malin Fan Dodiande defensive front is the forefront.

It is the place where the king is seven Wuhai.

The Navy obviously wants to treat the Queen Seven Wuhai as the role of the charge, and there is no opinion in the seven Wuhai.

In addition to Marshall D. Tiqi, other six seven seas are in front of the Malin Fan Dodian defense line, and a group of people chat here with the sky.

These kings seem to be no lack of chatting topics between Wuhai Sea, and even the outsiders of Posa Hancock, all have a feeling ...

In fact, the relationship between Qi Wuhai, the sea is not bad.

As the center of the entire Mall Vantawo, the pharmacist is the general command of this war, the Buddha's Warring States as the Navy Marshal, and the two people are now standing on the punctive table.

In addition to them, there is also Kapu.

Because there is a three brothers in the list of today's prison.

The Buddha's Warring States did not want Kapping to do stupid things, so the Kaup stood here, Wankawu did something stupid, and he could make this old friend.

"Three hours ago, the red-haired thief group's residual party Bakeman made a replenishment in seven water; two and a half hours ago, the African's leader Dorag's figure appeared in Pelton Major Prison Nearby; an hour ago, the White Beat One Piece disappeared from our surveillance. "

The pharmacist touched the phone in his hand, quietly opened: "According to the time, it seems that they will rush to Malin Fantano from the shampoo."

"Is all ready to do it?"

The Buddha's Warring States frowned, overlooking the Navy of Malin Fan Du Square, Shen Sheng said: "Even if there is 100,000 else, it is not easy to solve the white beard, not to mention Yisi Bo, the guy and Dorag "

As a opponent who has chased the next year, the Buddha's Warring States aware of the strength of the white beard, and the guy is really angry and can have an energy!

Destroy Malin Fanto ...

What is the problem for white beards!

"There is nothing to worry about."

The pharmacist shakes his head and smiled and said: "In addition to the Navy, the CP agents will all participate in the war, solve them more than ..."

Malin Fan Duo Dungeon.

A coffin is placed here.

A refrigerated ninja came out of the coffin.

Standing in front of this group of ninja, it is a group of special industries wearing uniform. They all have the darkness of all risks. At this moment they are facing a few figures!

No, second-generation Spring.

Ghost lamp magic month, second generation water shadow.

Ai, three generations of Lei Ying.

Luo Same, four generations of windings.

, three generations of fire.

As for the first generation of fire, the second-generation rigs and the four generations of fire and Yuxi Bouvet are now not here.

In addition to these CP agents, there is a group of peacefulist machines of the Naval Science Forces, which will become a weapon for harvesting the pirates!

Today, everything is ready.

All the combat power of the entire Navy's part has been set, and the live call has also been opened.

"Time is almost."

The Buddha's Warring States aweather Zhou Navy's clothing, holding a piece of paper in his hand to the center of the center of the criminal station, whispering: "Let people bring all people ..."



The voice of the phone is in a hurry.

The brow of the Buddha's Warring States couldn't help but wrinkled, in this critical juncture, the whole world is watching, who will give him a call?

The Buddha's Warring States slowly turned to come to the side, connected to the phone, looked at the appearance on the phone, his expression suddenly stranged ...

Because the person giving him a call is five old stars.

The expression of the Buddha's Warring States is subtle, what is this? Why is the five old stars to give him a phonology, directly find the five old guys, is not enough!

However, when the Warring States just turned on the phone ...

One of the five old stars an urgent sound in the ear offered in the ear of the Warring States: "Warring States, Mary Qiao is surrounded, now send all the navy to support, speed must be fast!"