I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 569 I asked who is a member of Xiao ... not anyone who is not a member!

There is a problem with the pharmacist.

One wants to destroy the world government, and even pulled two world top 100 pirates, can you call a peaceful organization that is not bad?

Pharmacist. "

The Warring States clenched their fists, staring at the pharmacist in front of you: "You have a collision with the text, or you are in the undercover of the Navy, just the old man think, you will go to this step today ..."

This navy's master is more complicated.

Once they had given the pharmacist, they looked at the pharmacist to win the power of the pharmacist to compete, so that they were very disappointed.

Even so…

The Buddha's Warring States is still as cilating as much as possible, just for the future of the Navy, because he knows that the existence of the pharmacist is helpful for the Navy, and now the pharmacist has become vigorous, and the tissue is also involved.

"Forget it, your business will check again after the war."

The Warring States waved the pharmacist who wanted to speak, and turned his head and he still standed in the original place, wrinkled his brow: "Busasolino, how are you still here, the situation is urgent, Now, I will support Marie Joya, and the old man will immediately send Saskaski to help you, be sure to protect the security of the world government! "

The yellow ok is still standing.

The Navy's general is just a smile.

Even if you don't say anything, he didn't do anything, let the Warring States understand everything, his brain seems to have a lightning ...

The pharmacist is doing things to do so.

How can this guy not consider the threat of general?

The issue is…

How do this guy get a general!

Whether it is a Buddha's Warring States or Kapu, the eyes of the two people have fallen almost at the same time, and the Navy is not very embarrassed ...

The Warring States watched the yellow goblue that once served as a self-employed officer, and the body was suddenly thick, even a golden light was also shining on his body: "Busasolino, let the old man don't think of it ... As the Naval General You, also have a collision with Xiao ... "

"Don't you ask Pu Salero?"

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and smiled and explained: "Because,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Since the yellow has added it ...

So what is the rest of the green?

The Warring States deeply took a sigh of relief, and he looked at two people who were sitting in the punctual criminal station. He didn't want to ask questions ...

To be honest…

According to the Warring States speculation, these two people may join the tissue, and these two people may not join the tissue.

Qing Wei is unsatisfactory for the World Government, and even ignores the orders of the five old stars, and people who have the most likely to join Xiaoxiao are green.

Of course, the red dog is not very satisfied with the status quo of the Navy.

Kapu touched his own chin, scratching the head: "Hey ... should Waizon and Saskaski should join Xia?"

"Do not."

There is an answer in the Warring States heart.

He slowly shaken his head and sighed a little: "Cap, Your guy did not find that several often gathered together, the relationship between Kuzan and Sakaski, which did not deal with the past Get better and better ... "

No need to ask.

As soon as you think about it.

Two people and red dogs have not said more than 20 years.

Over the past few years, the three Navy's generals have frequently gathered, except for their common secrets, what else can you have?

It's really sad ...

The three major parts of the Navy will all be a member of the organization ...

Until the war is about to be initiated today, the Warring States of the Maritime Marshal I found that the Navy general of the war's card has been rebellious ...

Then ...

This war has no need to continue?

As the highest power of the part, the world government and the navy have no hope, plus the entire Mall Fan Dodi, I don't know how many people are willing to listen to the order of the pharmacist, now they can only wait for the enemy. Slaughter ...


There is also a CP department!

If there is no mistake, because the loss of the CP department is too big in the past few years, he has to change a batch of blood by the pharmacist. I think so, I'm distinguishing the pharmacist in the clearing ...

"The CP department is also a person?"


The pharmacist did not deny it.

At this time, it is no meaning.

The Warring States slowly nodded, this thing he had been prepared, his eyes fell on the Queen's Seven Wuhai, except for the Emperor's Emperor Hancuk, there seems to be between several seven Wuhai Sea Very cooked ...

Wang Xiaqi Wuhai!

Since now, Wang Xiaqiu Wuhai has also been changed!

The Warring States watched the king's seven Wuhai, Shen Sheng said: "For the past few years, you have been driving the abolition of the candidates of the Wuzhai Seven Wuhai. If you think of this, the king is a member of the Wuhaihai, should there be a member? "

"Is there?"

The pharmacist played an eye of the Queen Seven Wuhai, smiled and opened: "In addition to the woman who does not enter the oil salt in Bay, Hancuk, others are our companions ..."


The Warring States is a little, I want to swear.

Even if the card is listened to a little speechless.

Is this too arrogant? What is the Warring States in the Buddha in the Buddha, who is a member of the Queen's Seven Wuhai; the result of the pharmacist answered him, but who is not a member ...

Ha ha…

Malin Fano can really be like a sieve.

These things…

It's really, the more you want to be desperate!

The mood of this navy's master is suddenly sad!

Pharmacist pocked vowed to say that in addition to Kapu and Cranes, other people did not mobilize his navy marshal, this is really exaggerated ...

Sustained pain in the chest of the Warring States, he insisted that the Shen Sheng continued: "If you say this, you have already planned it, are you also arranged in Marie Ya?"

"I can't say it ..."

The pharmacist shakes his head and smiled and said: "Just use a little means, if my plan does not have a mistake, now the whole Mary Joa's defenders, there should be only our world leader ... "

Marie Joya.

This holy area was surrounded by water.

A group of hundreds of pigeons hopped with cannons, and the city walls of Maroa, even if they are no longer guarded.

Because all the guards of all the defenders were controlled by the CP department. Before the talents arrived, the CP department wrapped in the army into the army into the army.

Today's holy place ...

It should be the most humiliating moment since the establishment of the World Government.

A group of hundreds of pirates are exclusive outside the city, so that the world's aristocratic Dragon people will roll out to Mary Joa, which should be their peak.

The only person who is still resistant ...

It is just about the steel bone that is about to retire the pharmacist.

The plan of the pharmacist has nothing to do, this world chief is actually equivalent to the command of the light pole, can only entangle the slave of Tianlong people ...

Today, this is the only armed forces left in Mary Qia.

This war doesn't even have to fight, and the steel bone is known that they have already been derived, what makes the steel bone to play?

Do you really want to fight your head?

Mary Joya, in the ancient city.

Five old stars are very ugly.

The facts have been very bright, the pharmacist pocket them, giving up the summit to become the future of the world, and colludedly taught and two four emperors.

That rascal…

Why do you do this!

Who else can this world more than they give drugs?

Just as the five old stars and steel bones think about where the huge coalition forces come from, and how long is it waiting for their destiny, the whole Mary Qiaoa suddenly sounded a broadcast.

"Sea Yuan Dynasty calendar 1513, Tianlong people Delmold shot the kingdom of Garden, strong grinding Gunnan kingdom and Wang women, killing a young and young and young, a hundred and seventy-five people along the way ..."

"Sea Yuan Calendar 1513, Tianlong People's Correll rose eleven women as a wife, shooting his husband and family, killing 15 people, kicking a three-year-old child ..."

"Sea Yuan Dynasty calendar, Tianlong people Du Coid in Duro shot nine people, refers to the 31 people in the original CP0 agent."

"Sea Yuan calendar in 1513, Tianlong people Rosevi were shot eleven people in Xiangbo, and the seven people became slaves ..."


"Sea Yuan Dynasty calendar 1518, Tianlong people Senin is in the pedestrian island killed three people ..."

"Sea Yuan Dynasty calendar, Tianlong people Charlos shot the seven people in Xiangbo, and robbed three women ..."

The radio sound of the entire Mary Qiao is endless.

The name of the Tianlong people came up with a one after another, and every dragon person who was out of the past seems to have committed sin, depending on the world's aristocratic identity.

Because Tianlong people want to destroy a country, these world-oriented world arists, which will take everything in this big sea.

Many Dragon people have done a bad book.


Others remember these.

Mario's broadcasting continued to broadcast these news, so that the Tianlong people and the five old stars in the city finally felt a ridiculous feeling ...

This group of people ...

Do you want to trial them?

Is a group of pirates want to trial the world?

As Maroa's Tianlong people and the five old stars are increasingly ugly, Mary Joa's broadcast sound is finally broadcast.

"Sea Yuan Dynasty 1520, Tianlong People Chardoro, Dan Wernant ... Pandelm and other eight, Yu Mary Qiao Ya, the leader ..."


Everyone's expressions are gradually subtle.

Non-Dragon people in Mary, even the thiefs and Ninja joints feel that this reason should be the real reason they attacked Mary Joya.


In fact, it is not a good person!

Just when everyone gave a sunset, a red juncture opened from around and completely blocked the entire Mary Qia.

It is a four red yarn.

With the opening of the four-red yang quarter, the coalition of the total number of people who prefered to Nara Luo Li fell into the ear of all people: "So please start ... I am going to start everything in this city!"

next moment…

Suddenly echo in the air!

The beasts have been vacated by the dragon body, and the first moved a burning dragon in the urban area of ​​Maroa!