Dragon is falling!

The whole Mary Joa fell into a fire!

The beasts took the lead in launching an attack. For Mary Qiaoa, Thara has never been awe, nor does it care about these Tianlong people!

"Well hahahaha ... Thaed, you are too anxious!"

Big MOM stepped on a cloud to rise to Marie Joya. Her palm slowly called his hand, and he loudly told his soul. "Zeus, Prometheus, we also started a game. ! "

"Yes, mother!"

A group of flames sprinkled from the air!

The temperature in the air suddenly gave up!

In the face of two emperors who ravaged in Maroa, the steel bones of the world were finally unable to sit, waving their fists, gaining a punch, huge faucet, huge The dragon body is directly opened by him!

Steel bone is finally shot!

"Don't be too arrogant!"

Steel bones are tightened by their fists, and they are dignified: "This is the world government where Mary Joy is, never allow you to let these hundreds of pirates!"

Just as the steel bone wants to continue to attack the Tham Strision, the Big Mom's fist suddenly slammed the River, and the world's generals were flying!


Thaedo climbed up from the ground, withdrawed out his own dragon. For the sage. He smashed his head, spit it sharply: "Hey, fist is not very ..."

"Well, hahahaha ... Thaedo, still alive?"

Big MOM stepped on the clouds and slowly falling around Thaed, only turned to look at the steel bones that stand up, laughing at the hip hip: "Let me see who this is, this is not our time. Mr. Steel Bone? Hahahahaha ... "

When I said here, the smile of Big Mom gradually became crazy: "Do you still live in the past era? Start today, the World Government and the big patency era have been finished!"

Big MOM's smile has become a cold, she bowed overlooking the steel bones, STONON said: "Now, the era of Xiao, a real power can dominate the era of the world ... Well ... Well ..."


It is completely dominated by strong people!

Only the real power is eligible to live, only the real power can join the tailor to become a formal member, only the real power can have a meeting at any time that can determine the world to decide the world!

The rules of the organization are very simple ...

Inside this organization, a group surrounded by the leader of the gods, the gods, and supported the world under the gods, and woven this world!

That leader has more ...

Big · Mom is actually not known, but Big Mom is very clear that the mother of the leader has been so strong!

This is tailored ...

In fact, the feeling is also the same as her 100 pirate!

However, it is more powerful, the strength of the whole organization is really too strong, and only three or four people who have been comparable to her, and occupy the high level of the world, there is more mood night. This exceeds the restricted person ...

It is said that ...

That never seen a well-woven leader ...

His strength is stronger than the big cylinder!

When I know this, the first time I know this in the member port of the organization, how can some people like to be more stronger than the glory of the whole country than to easily defeat the entire Wanki?

However, this also makes Big · Mom, Big Mom, really want to see the son of Huiye Ji, and by the way, I want to know how Hui Yueyuan is born to make everyone acknowledged strong son ...


Manager who can give a aeration!

Undoubtedly, Xi Xiaomei is definitely the top of this world, and that leader is the vertex of the stood!


Big · MOM has not had a chance to see that someone has more, perhaps this world war, there is a chance to see it.


To handle the Marie Joya ...

Now the entire Mary Qiao is only the steel bones in front of them, and even the slaves of the Tianlong people will not listen to the order, single steel bone empty one wants to stop at least 100,000 coalitions and a group of strong people ...

"Don't talk more to him."

A woman who happily floated from the air, floating in Mary Joya, full of swearing: "Lingling ... immediately solve him, destroy this city, we have to be as soon as possible Go see feather ... "

It is the big tube Huachang Night.

The eyes of Hui Yiji look at Mary Joa City, slowly reaching out his palm, she is like the abyss general domineering and Chakra outstanding!

Countless housing tall buildings are directly destroyed in this domineering!

sweed throughout Mary Qia!

Everyone feels the powerful power of this domineering, but it is always in the outside world. It can only hide in the safe basement of Maroa.

"what is happening?"

"Is there no enemies?"

The nearest steel bones feel the feeling of the body!

Such a woman ...

All enemies who have seen compared to steel bones are more powerful!

Even if the strongest enemy encountered during the steel bone-free peak, it is far from the domineering of this woman!

This woman is the person who controls BIG MOM and the beasts?

The forehead of the world, slowly dropped a drop of cold sweat, couldn't help to raise his head and watch the air of the sky: "You are ... What is the sacred?"

Hui Night Ji's face riped, white eyes suddenly opened, her voice became cold and cold: "I am the goddess of the night, the goddess ..."

Mario's Tianlong people in the white eyes of Hui Niji!

In the next moment, the long-haired hair in the hand of Hui Yi suddenly floating, turned into a root of the lest instant, in the case of Mary Joa's house and the ground, directly stabbed into the body of the dragon!

Blood flowers are splashed!

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of Tianlong people live in the hands of Hui Yiji!

When the steel bone is swaying, when you want to block your fist, a long time is condensed, and the steel bone is blown out!

Next moment ...

Covering a domineering long hair hole wearing steel bones!

In just a moment, the world chief of the world has fallen into death!

Until dying, the steel bones still looked at the white long hair wearing his body, and he didn't have to fight back ...


In fact, there is no chance to fight against ...

Hui Night Ji manipulated his long hair and sprouting the steel bones, unfairly open: "Unbeatted antity antity, do you want to attack the moon in the air?"

"This is the hardest bone, which is long ..."

Big MOM stepped on the clouds to the side of Hui Yiji, smiled and said: "Well, hahahaha ... in our young age, steel bones can be the navy master, I didn't expect it to get it like this ... "

"Before God, everything resistance is futile."

The hair of Hui Ni Ji is re-floating, and it is generally gradually covered the entire Mary, Mary, where the sky is almost covering the sky.

Hui Night Ji calm explored his palm, the cold voice echoed in this Tianlong people's city: "As the discipline of God, you will give real god penalty ... This world is really a god, only I am two people! "