Marie Joya.

Just as a big tube Wooden ginsen, when the BIG MOM and Baoren Thara have slaughtered Mary Qiao, the four red yang quaque in Marie Joa suddenly broke.

A slender figure passed away.

Even someone pays attention to the person's figure, it hasn't come to chase at all, because the figure seems to be very good at hiding.

But the coalitions did not care particularly.

Because the tasks they receive are only destroyed the holy place, clean up the world of the world, under the destruction of the two four emperors, Mary Joa's architecture is for a ruins, the body of Tianlong people gradually become increasingly increasing The more ...

The co-tube Hui Night is overlooking the situation overlooking the ground, slightly, his own brow, turned to a place where the figure fled.

The figure escapes!

There is a look at Hui Yiji immediately between the blink of an eye!

"Is there anyone escape?"

Hui Ni Ji slowly shaken his head, self-low voice: "Is there anyone who can escape the expectations of the feather?"

"Black Cave, annihilation!"

Just as Hui Yueyuan is going to fly to the chasing, a voice came from the sky, and a dark black hole suddenly opened from the air!

A virtual force suddenly released from the black hole, the black mount, hit the Red Soil mainland between the moment!

That is the black horse ...

It is a horrible breath!

No matter who is, there is a fear of the black man who falls from the sky!

Even BIG MOM, even the beast Case, even the big cylindrical night, can also faint the horror power above the black hole shot!

The power on this black man ...

Absolutely enough to kill them!

next moment…

That black man suddenly runs through the Red Soil Continent!

In everyone's sight, all the objects that are touched into contact with the object are completely annihilated, whether it is the mountain boulder or the flowers and trees, and there is no change under the attack of the black man!

This is the power of annihilation!

I originally escaped the black shadow look of Marie Joya and raised his head and looked at the black mount.

This is the real god penalty!

Black mangs suddenly annihilated this person who escaled Mary Joya!

After destroying the enemy, the black man gradually began to dissipate.

In its destroyed area, all the leaves are in the vacuum zone, and a leaf floating into the area, as if the gravity is floating, it is generally floating ...

Big MOM's nose is slightly twitching, the body is slightly trembling: "What is the power ... What is it?"

This is too dangerous!

There is still this kind of power in this world!

Even if it is BIG MOM, it is strong, and I don't think I can have the power of the annihilation!

Just when a group of people are unyielded, accompanied by a domineering power that makes everyone who don't dare to move, a virtual voice slowly falls.

The voice of young man is like a god-like whisper, into the ear of everyone: "Let's solve the trouble here, with us in Malin Fan Dow."

After that, the huge breath is like a tide.

It seems that this person appears here, but in order to solve the person who is going to escape from Marie Joja, he has not left here directly ...

As he left, everyone finally began to breathe.

"Shangyuan guy ... I have to become more!"

In addition to Maroa, Yuxi Bao's face is full of war.

Originally he thought he had strong enough in this big sea, but found that the original navigation seems to be more terrible!

It's hard to imagine ...

Where is the upper limit of the person!

"Forget it, spot, let's go in the night!"

There is a thousand-handed post, shooting the shoulders of Yu Zhibo spots.

Due to the crack of the blockade, they were responsible for maintaining the chances of maintaining the rinsers, Yuxibo spots, thousands of hands and whirls rushed to the city, the second generation of fire and the four generations rushed to the coalition. The location.

After Hui Ni and Big Mom destroyed Mary Qia, there were some of the work of the Tianlong people who hide under the bottom of the ground. All handed over to the coalition process.

At the time of the big cylindrical, the night with BIG MOM and the beasts, the ancient city, Yuxi Bao, the thousands of hand and the whirlley people also followed.


Five Elderly hide here look at this happening.

They have not been shot.

Even if they all saw the black mounts that emerged in the sky, he also heard a whisper like God.

But they still sit in a mountain to wait for a person's order.

The flowers of Maroa have lived a high-end people, because now there is only the character that mobilize the Dragon people's national treasures, it is possible to solve the crisis of Maroa.

In the city ...

Two four emperors!

And one more powerful than four emperors!

In addition to the city of Maroa, it is more than 100,000 coalitions!

However, until now, the flowers of Maroia have no orders in the depths of the depths of Mary, as if they are not everything in the city of Mary Qiaoa.

"Empty has sacrificed."

One of the old people couldn't help but frown: "This is why they slaughtered this group of consumables, it is too wasteful ..."

Because Tianlong people's life is used to urge their national treasures, each Tianlong people are essentially equivalent to a consumable product that can use national treasures.

"Waiting for the " order! "

Another old man shook his head, whispered: "Perhaps Yim adult is considering whether to use the national treasure, it should only worry that the harm is too big ... After all, we all felt the power of the horror ..."

"Is this rampted by them?"

One of the old people holding a knife shook his head, Shen Sheng: "Not as good as I go out, save enough people as much as possible ..."

"Do you think you can kill them?"

"Continue to sit here."

"Waiting for the " order! "

"We have reported this thing to Yim's maid, should soon appear, no one can defeat Yim adult and the national treasure ..."

When the five old stars are still waiting, a maid is panicked to ran into their room, and the face is full of horror: "Five old stars, the flowers, Yim Adult ... No! "


"What joke!"

A group of old people's face was a horror.

Next moment, the eyes of this group suddenly changed, it seems to be what I thought, rushing to the depths of the maid, but they saw the empty flowers ...

right now…

Who tells them what to do?

This group of five old stars have always been acting in accordance with Im's order, because they know that Yim's order is absolutely worse, now they think that people who believe in relief have to escape ...

Everyone's look is faintly fearful!

It is precisely because there is an Im's base card. The five old stars have not ranked, and they believe that Yim adult will easily solve this war.

The result did not expect it ...

How did the Em adult suddenly disappeared!

One of the old people's faces have become a bit hard to look: "Is it ... Is Yim? Is there any way to this change?"


Another old man's face is hard to stand up. He suddenly thought about what: "Perhaps Yim has left, the black hole we have seen, will not kill Yim Adults!"

"There is no time to pay attention to these ..."

An old man reached out and pulled out a sword between flowers, Shen Sheng: "All, we should consider how to retreat to the enemy ..."

"How did the Navy's aid soldiers have not come over ..."

"Maybe it is already sent!"

"The pharmacist has betrayed us, he may not allow the Navy to come over ..."

"Do you still solve a macroba pocket in Warring States?"

"Now I hope that the assistance is impossible. It is already missing ... all, we may really die for the world government that has always maintained!"

Just as the five old stars are still discussing the next step, everyone felt a darkness, they could not help but stand up.

There is a shadow on the glass between the flowers.

Next moment, a huge chop will directly break the entire flower, and even directly crush the world government's empty throne. Each five old stars are abnormal, and each flying blinks avoid this. !

"Well hahahaha ... five old stars ..."

Big MOM's figure is slowly appearing here, her laughter is like a thunder: "Well, hahahahaha ... What do you do here?"

With the appearance of BIG MOM, the beast has also appeared in her side, whirlpool, and embroidered Yuxi Bao and the thousand-handed post.

Five people…

Corresponding to the five old stars.

The Treatment has given the biggest attention for the five heads of the World Government. Whether it is these five people, everyone is enough to stand in the vertices of the sea!

"This is five pairs of five ..."

Yuxi Boupeted pinched his fist, and looked at the five old stars in front of him. "Really, I am clear that we can get it, you can get it!"

"Don't get too much, spots!"

The thousands of hand shakes the head, and the look is looked at the five old stars: "These people are not so easy to deal with ..."

"The first generation of adults said to ..."

The whirlpool is todped slowly, and shakes the head: "But we still solve the trouble of this side as soon as possible, and immediately rushed to Malin Fanto ..."


Yisi Bozuo is in Malin Fanto!

Just like Yuxi Bao, the whirlpiece also thought that he and Sasu help be strong enough in this big sea, but re-feeling the horror of the original Nairi, the unfortunateness of the shares has picked his heart ...

I hope to help the guy ...

Don't do anything stupid!

Members of the organization are carrying the final work, five strengths and members of the four emperors face the five old stars of the World Government, and other members continue to search for the dragon people.

The dragon people won the miserable mourning before Mary Joya.

A group of survived Dragon people in the bottom of the earth shivered, all holding the phone in their hands, want to allocate the Navy's support, and hope that they usually have a call to call.

Until one day, there was a Tianlong people unbearable. He left his home basement, standing on the street, waving his arms whisper: "Not all Tianlong life has a sin, many people can even There is no ... "


A gun was shot on the street!

"Hey, garbage is not nonsense!"

The epidemic is, got her grin, and spit a huge smoke ring slowly, and smiled and said: "Small, speed is fast, we have another Shanda waiting for us! "

"Qui Dynasty's gun law is too handsome!"

"It's a fascinating that Qui is as charming, the gun method and the dance!"

A group of hundreds of pirates waved their arms, next to them, a group of ninja disappeared with this group of piracy, and continued to start their tasks.

The inflammation has a little hard to look at his companion, and Shen Sheng told: "Quiin, don't make trouble, hurry up, delay time, even if we are a formal member, there will be no good Fruit eat! "


The epidemic will look at the illness in the dissatisfaction, and the mouth is open.

Compared with the group of hundreds of beasts ...

Big · Mom One Piece and Ninja coalition will have more qualities.

Cataku relies on his own strong sense of heardion, slowly search for every house, looking for the Tianlong people who hide ...

As for the Ninja coalition, in addition to relying on white eyes and perceivement, some Ninja first use the explosion to fry the whole house into the ruins, and then use the soil score to hide the Dragon people hide in the underground safety room ...

How much more than 100,000 coalitions have barely use it for more than a long time, they will take all the Tianlong people of Mary Qiaoa.

Over time, this city quickly left five old stars that were still fighting with Unexpectedly.

100,000 coalitions did not stay in Margaro for too long, withdrawn this city that was already ruined, and they started to take the warships of Maroa port and rushed to the Navy's Base Marina.

over there…

Only the battle of Xiaotong's finals of the world!

This once holy place is just a little episode in the war.

In addition to leaving the 100,000 coalition forces of the Holy Land, there are some officials and guards of the world government. They also start with the warrantions along with the coalition, but these people will rush to the Justic Island for a temporary.

Marin Fanto.

The Navy's Base, the last received call from Maroa, is to clean the world's aristocratic dragon people.


The Navy does not have any feedback.

The Buddha's Warring States can only let the cranes will be in the crane, and the phone is used to release orders from Maryoa's nearest shampoo. Order will be at the navy to the Navy in the shampo, will try to travel to Mary Joa support to rescue the world government officials and World noble ...

In addition, the Warring States can't do more.

To be honest, the Warring States a bit is fortunate. Fortunately, because he felt that it was the same, he fell to the shampoo.

It seems that the Branch of the Baoli Islands has become the final savior of the World Government, even if the original navigation may not do too much ...

However, no matter how ...

There is a hopes, and it is better than you can only face desperate.