I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 572, Malin Vanto, the big movement of the three old people

Marin Fanto.

Warring States, Cap and Crane will sit together.

Three old people looked at the Pharmacist, took over the Malin Fan Dod, they felt that they were waiting for so many years in the Navy, and now it is a bit like an outsider.

The entire Mall Fanto should have been thoroughly controlled by the pharmacist. The three major parts of the Navy are watching their three old people sitting aside. In addition to the green, there is a bit shame, the red dog and the yellow hook have not been ignorant ...

It's sad!

There is still some entanglement in the mood of the Warring States.

If he really competes with the pharmacist, it is not a chance, which means the war, the Navy will fall into chaos.

Such a navy ...

There is no way to participate in war.

What is most, if it is the Warring States want to suppress the rebellion, the red dog, the green goblin and the yellow three navy general are here, the Warring States don't think he and the two people can solve three generals before the white beard arrived, can not It is hard to say to solve it ...

In addition to three general, there are also a few kings, seven Wuhai ...

In addition to the Queen Seven Wuhai, there are thousands of CP agents ...

After solving these people, they can find ways to integrate 100,000 naval, fight the strongest pirates and revolutionary army in the world, and the red-haired pirates remain a group ...

This will force the Warring States and Kapu, and the three old people can only sit on the side, and the eyes look at the pharmacist to manipulate the Navy.

Really ironic ...

The Warring States watched the pharmacist, and the eyes were full of people and sorrow: "The old man still doesn't understand, why do they choose to abandon justice ..."

How can this like this ...

When the pharmacist, the pharmacist will become a world chief. The three generals of the Navy also louvely, but they suddenly turned into a large sea evil organization ...

"Maybe it is because of the strength of the work!"

The crane will closely close your palm, whisper: "According to the situation we currently know, Xiaofei has already gathered the Baorence Mission and the BIG MOM One Piece, which means that it is absolutely suppressed. Mohand and Big Mom ... "

Only in this way can you say.

Otherwise, the two four emperors can't join the tissue, they are already the most powerful sea emperor, how can I still succeed?

Warring States. "

The crane will look at the Warring States, whispered: "If the World Government can survive, then the resistance of our side is meaningful; if the world government has been destroyed, the whole world will become a big chaos ..."

"That should be the time when the Navy is maintained!"

The Warring States clenched their fists, slowly hanging down: "Small crane, first call the phone, ask what is the situation on the side of Mary Qiaoa, let him tell Five Elders, Malin Fano is not affected by the world The government has controlled ... "

At least from the present ...

Shangyuan Needo is the only navy who is willing to listen to the order of these people, but also makes the Warring States have a troops that can command.


After the end of this war, the Warring States must rely on the forces of the original Nair, and re-build a new navy. Because the contradiction between the original Needle and the pharmacist, at least Shangnai Na will not vote.

The Marshal Marshal Warring States is more complicated.

At one point in the Warring States Warring States, I can't see the Shangyuan Na. This once the Warring States considered the Chinese general, perhaps in the future, will become his left right arm ...

If there are two naval in the world, one of them is based on the pharmacist, and there are Navy's generals and a range of servings that depend on their middle-aged general. Nairu this shame will ...

Old old.

Waste waste.

The crane will take out his own phone insects to call the conchhee, the gentle opening, and ask: "Shangyuan, now you have arrived in Marie Ya? How is the situation there, the World Government retreats? Yet?"

"The crane will ..."

In the phone insects, there is a slight sound in the sound of Shangyuan Na. "


The sound of the crane suddenly put up!

Even if she is not letting this news he heard!

Whether it is the Warring States or Kapu, two people quickly leaned against the crane, and asked: "How is it now? Is there anything?"

Steel bone is once a naval marshal.

Also, the Warring States and others are also overworked by empty shelters and guidance, and several people have gradually become a neutral column of the Navy.

The feelings between them are also friends.

"Mary Qiao is destroyed, the world government is not there ..."

In the phone insects, there is more confused in the sound of Shangyuan Na, as if the world government disappears, life seems to lose meaning ...

Not only a pharmacist ...

Even the cranes will flash in the face of the Warring States.

The World Government has existed for eight hundred years. Everyone is used to this huge substance relying on absorbing franchisees to rule this world.


The world government suddenly collapsed.

No one can adapt to the world that the World Government suddenly disappears. If there is no world government, no one knows what this world will become like ...


Chaos and destruction must be the theme of the future!

This world will soon re-filled the war, the pirates and riots!

Just when they think about it, the sound of Shangyuan Nairi came over, but this time, there were some heavy attention: "Empty chief sacrificed, the five old stars and all the world nobles have been killed. No luck in Mary, Mary ... "


The Warring States have fallen into silence.

Even if his heart has guess, it is not exempted when you get this news. Once in the world, the Tianlong people and high heights, the five old stars have been all being tissue and the group of hundreds of thieves!

The world government is destroyed ...

Five old stars and Tianlong people are all killed ...

This means that the order of this world has completely collapsed, and the sea will truly rush away. This world will soon have a big riots!

And the Navy is also taught to control ...

The Warring States looked at the 100,000 naval gathered under Malin Vantabo, with a little bit of a little bit: "If this is the case, what is the meaning of this war?"


The crane will be awake in an instant.

The navalist recovered from the shock of the World Government, gradually recovered his ingredients, she calmly opened: "Maybe I want to rule this world, in addition to destroying the World Government, they still want to solve all Resistance forces ... "

The head will slowly slowly, start along the action of the tissue: "The world government has been destroyed, the beast and Big · MOM have surrendered, and the Navy is also controlled by the pharmacist. The only person in which I have anti-Xiaomi, only the white beard and revolutionary army are left, and there are red-haired people ... "

With the emergence of many incidents, the crane will analyze a real purpose of the organization, and her face is getting more and more ugly.


"I want to destroy all the sea forces in one fell swoop!"

"Little Pocket uses fire As to trigger the gods of the Navy and White Beard, and use the revolutionary military cadres to attract the revolutionary army. The redhead is actively jumped into the trap ..."

"Because the enemy needs more and more enemies in the navy, Mary Joa's defense has to be empty, and the organization happens to destroy the world government of the air ..."

"And when the war of the Navy and the White Beard, no matter who wins, the talent will take two four emperors to sweep the profit ..."

"Here ... is the end of their plan!"

The eyes of the crane were in the body of the pharmacist, and the look was complex: "Warring States, we really underestimate the little pocket ... Xia's hand is much bigger than we think!"

When their eyes, they still stare at the four emperors ...

Taking the organization has long been ready to eliminate the powerful forces on all the sea!

If you look at the paper from the paper, the tailor has already occupied great advantages. In fact, the powerful forces can still be resistant, and there is only the white beard pirates and revolutionary army, and the red-haired thieves. Residual party ...

Wang Xia Qi Wuhai has a total of seven.

From the news that the pharmacist is proven, in addition to the black beard Marshall D. Tiqi has not yet appeared, the six in the scene is a member of the job ...

At the Navy, the three generals are all members of Xiao, and the naval will not know what is a member of Xiaoyu. It seems that every middle will be like a member of Xiao, and every middle will look like ...

However, the Navy has three major factions around the general, almost no existence, which means that most of the people will not trust ...

Single only is current ...

If Malin Fanto is first held a high-level combat meeting, the Navy Marshal of the Buddha's Warring States may not check who is the undercover, but it should be cheap who is not a well-known undercover, may be more simple ...

It looks now ...

Xiao Zhiwi is only a step away from the conquest world. Just solve the white beard pirates, you can declare that they have already ruled this sea!

"Conquer the world, the ambition of the group is really big!"

The Buddha's Warring States hated hated his fist, his eyes fell on the body: "Hey, Kapu, why don't you talk?"

"The old man remembers some past things ..."

Kapu slowly lifted his head, looking up at the sky opening: "More than 30 years ago, the Locksha thief group is like this now ..."

The Lockshair Group of the year ...

It is not far from the conquest world!

However, in the Great Valley, Munqi D · Kapu and Corge D · Roger were grouped to defeat the Lockshai thieves that were unable to die, and the piolig group that was strong enough to rule the world was completely tawned. !

As the Rockshair group was disintegrated, the traces of Rocks used to be rapidly entered by the World Government.

However, even the Lockshane delegation has already disintegrated, but those members who have left the Rockshane group also become all over the big sea ...

Golden Lion History, White Beard Edward New Gate, Big Mom Charlotte Lingling, Baoren Case, these are all overlays ...

They were all gathered in Locks.

Now the old things of the Kapu grakes, let the Frowning of the Warring States and Cranes can't help but wrinkle, their eyes are slightly shake.

Warring States gods are ugly lower, Shen Sheng: "There is no doubt that Rocks used to be the strongest enemy ... but ... Xia ... Maybe more horrible than the Lockshair Group! If you are not you and Roger teamed up ..."

At least Locks did not occupy such a big advantage.

The world government and the navy, one of justice have almost become organized or directly destroyed; the evil side, the two of the four emperors have already gone to the organization ...

However, the words of Kapu also provided a thinking for the Warring States.

Several people and white beards will join hands to avoid war, avoid war as much as possible, avoiding the entire Marina's underlying naval soldiers, as a chess, and even possibly stopping the conspiracy of the world from organizing the world!

right now…

Either retirement!

Either continue to fight!

The decision made by the Warring States quickly, his hand palm shot in the wall, Shen Sheng: "Anyway, there is no more worse than now ... should be the navy, not a inexplicable organization!"

The Warring States turned to look at the two old friends, whispered: "White Beard The guy will never vote any organization, Cap, Xiaohe, we combine with white beard to solve this war together, defeat the organization, rebuild The world government, restoring the order of the world ... "

Kapu looks at the sky, and the eyes are somewhat subtle: "Warring States, if you want to combine with white beard guy ... Es ... Sa Bo and Road fly a few boy children ... and Dulagi ..."

"I know!"

The Warring States anger watched a card, and the sound of opening: "This is just temporary, if they are still a lot of trouble ..."

"The world government has no longer exist, can they still cause any trouble ..."

"To shut up!"

The Warring States felt that he was as maded by old friends, but he thought after a while, and opened his mouth: "Since the world government and the dragon people don't exist, after we defeat the new World Government, it can contact more Lag ... "

I really didn't think ...

Now this situation is the most beneficial to the card.

However, if you want to join us to build a world government, you can also pull the revolutionary army. Moreover, the leader of the revolutionary army is also the son of Kapu, and the war of the Warring States ...

If the alliance is established, they have not yet been able to face well.

The Warring States grabbed the phone in the crane, rushing to the other end of the original Nairou, said: "Shangyuan Nejiang will, with your warships in the sea of ​​Malin Fanto."

"Yes, the Warring States Marshal!"

On the other side of the phone, the new Nate will listen to their words.

At this moment, the sound of Shangyuan Nae sounded a little excited, as if there was an agency.