Marin Fanto.

Only the crane will stay.

The Warring States and Kapu two people left Malin Fanto.

Both two people left before the war did not set off, the pharmacist did not send people to block, and even provided them.

The crane will be a little surprised, and the heart is also a little uneasy. Because the pharmacist has never made a mistake, even if he is in the Navy, there have been a few times, and it is also for tailor service.

The crane will be a little worried.

The Warring States is the Navy Marshal, and Kapu is the Naval Hero.

Why is the pharmacist who will be so prestigious in the navy, it is very likely that people who shake the Navy in the war when the war is coming to leave Malin Fanto.

"Is the elders in the crane are curious?"

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and laughed and opened: "Why didn't I send people to intercept the Warring States Marshal and Capa?"


The crane will slowly frown, the look is full of dignity: "Do you have another placement? Do you want to leave what vulnerabilities are only ..."

"Because I know which person you are looking for ..."

The smile of the pharmacist gradually became delicate, slowly spread his palm: "The Navy near Mall Fanto is in my control, only one place of the Navy should be your hope ..."

When the pharmacist said here, slightly shake his head, whispered: "No, it should be said that it is my hope!"


Heads in the Crane will gradually expose a sweat.

The old Navy staff did not dare to copy the mouth: "You will never never never in the original navigation, he is also your part ..."

"No, the crane predecessor said to it!"

The pharmacist shakes his head and pushed his own glasses. Lucky smiled and said: "Perhaps because Needar is too low-key, so that the predecessors did not observe his true identity, this is not very good ..."

The pharmacist watched the crane in the crane, the mouth hooks with a slight smile: "Because the neighborhood never came back, only what he wants to let you see, you can see ... If he doesn't want you to know, no matter how you don't have you Will know. "


There are more and more sweat on the cheeks in the crane.

The pharmacist looked at the color of the gods, and smiled and continued: "The Song's predecessors have never been to pay attention? I have never actively targeted the neighborhood, even for Nerat of Needers, I have enough people. respect…"

This is really good.

Even Malin Fanto, the pharmacist also acts as much as possible in accordance with the willingness to go to the original Naido without exposing the identity.


The body of the crane will shake slightly.

The old man finally remembered some small things that were ignored by them.

If the pharmacist is in the same place, the pharmacist will often prepare juice for the original naval, and even occasionally, when the Warring States will be saved, it will maintain him as much as possible ...

Just because of the concept of the first, and the tone of the pharmacist speaks, let them think that the pharmacist is threatened by the original navigation ...


Only the original navigation!

Only the original naval will never be in the intelligence theory of the pilot pocket, even he never in the attitude of the parental pilot!

Because Shangji Nai is known ...

The pharmacist has never threatened to him.

"Who is Shangyuan Na?"

The fingers in the crane trembled a little, and her palm slowly touched his phone, and continued to ask: "Do he also a member?"

"Needar, he is ..."

The pharmacist smiled and explored his fingers.

A small white snake suddenly slammed out from his body, swallowed the phone in the crane, and returned to the pool of the pharmacist!

After waiting until all this, completely cut the channels of the crane to contact the outside world, the pain of the pharmacist has gradually exposed a touch.

"A God walking in the world."

The pharmacist slowly closed his palm, showing a smile of playing: "Maybe these are somewhat strange, may wish to talk about his other identity, maybe you will be more interested!"

"What is your identity ... What is the leader of Xiao?"

The crane will have already guessed it, because she remembers that some of the leadership of someone mentioning more than one day is a true god.

The pharmacist looked at the stress in the crane. Like a little bit: "Yeah, Nairu is the strongest leader in history, and the man who really commanded the world ..."


Even if you have long since you will be guessed ...

However, when I knew the original navigation in the pharmacist, her eyes were still a bit more embarrassing.

When the crane will remember the members of the original Na Ruo or a Baroque Total, his reward has first appeared in front of them, and the first eyes of Kapu felt that this guy was very dangerous ...

I think about it now ...

The intuition of Capa guys seems to be very accurate!

Although usually look very reliable, it is really reliable than anyone when I really encounter trouble.


The crane will remember the red-haired fragrance.

Perhaps it is because the red-haired pirates put the hidden identity of the original navigation, directly leading their captain red hair with fragrance ...

The crane will only feel that his scalp is numb, and everything is unclear. What is true, what is true?

Under the manipulation of the organization ...

Everything that happens in the past seems to have a dark shadow.

Just when the crane will still be meditation, a commander arrived in front of the pharmacist, full face: "The pharmacist will, five minutes ago, our submarine observed the trace of three Mobi Dicks. They still have half an hour from Malin Fanto! "

"Half an hour?"

The pharmacist went for a while, pushing his own glasses, looked at the commander of the side, and continued to tell: "First open the door of justice! According to my speculation, we should wait a long time ..."


The arrival of the officer retired.

"Well, let's continue to talk about the Warring States Marshal!"

The pharmacist told his head to see a crane, smiling and continued: "The world government destroys all the files of the Rockshair group, but those things are not secret, there are two parties in the matter ... "

The smile of the pharmacist has been deeply well: "If I guess it is right, Warring States Marshal and Kapu will take the Navy's Navy to see the white beard? You want to repeated 36 years ago Rocks The old thing that is destroyed by the One Piece ... "

The pharmacist looked at the look of the crane and suddenly became the eyes: "It's a pity that everything is in the eyes of Needar, the resurgemony, it is better to guess how to treat the Warring States What about Marshal and Kapu? "


The face of the crane will become more and more difficult, her brow wrinkled: "It seems that our final hope is also overwhelmed ..."

"No, you have succeeded."

The pharmacist shakes his head and calmly opens: "It's just a little sad. I don't really have the strength of Needar. I will want to fight back the will of Neigant, that is a god who has been angry with life and death!"

The eyeglasses flashed on the eyebus, and his mouth was re-out: "A god is absolutely will not unite on a few ants.

Everything to these ants is under the eyes of God. He will look at these ants how to discuss him, then slowly reach out of your fingers to crush them, maybe this is also a rare fun when you walk in the world ... "


The palm of the crane will shake slightly.

Now she can't do anything, the only thing to do is to pray that the Warring States and Capa two guys are awake, don't be fooled!

I really didn't think ...

The last one is willing to listen to the Navy of the Warring States Order ... It is the leader of the organization!


The heart of the crane will not convey the sea.

The Warring States and Kapu two people leaving Malin Vanto, rushing to Maolin Vantra, and they mounted the orange warships of Shangyuan Na.

"I want to find the trace of the White Beard One Piece and the Revolutionary Army!"

The Warring States surveyed a serious look at the original navigation, immediately released a command for the only one-in-one, who had been dominated by himself: "Before they rush to Malin Fan Dod, be sure to find the boat of the White Beard One Piece and the Revolutionary Army, our actions Be sure! "


Shangyuan Na Run waved his own deputy officials to direct the warships to see the serious Warring States, whispered: "Marshal people, is Marsh Lantan do something?"

"Well, you should also hear some ..."

The Warring States have nodded, whispered: "Xi Xiao woven the navy, the pharmacist took the navy's power, Mulin Fan Domo Many Navy suffered the corrosion of the pharmacist, we must destroy the knowledge, think about it is about to fall into a mess world…"

When the Warring States said, he looked at the original navigation, Shen Sheng continued: "Now the World Government has been destroyed, we need to contact the White Beard and Revolutionary Army to eliminate the text ... These small things are temporarily don't worry, now there is no More important than eliminating tissue! "

The Warring States did not want to cause the inconsistency of Shangyuan Na, which was in front of them and the White Bearded Legion, which is the only one that can be dominated.

Shangji is uncomfortable.

Even the original navigo is still alil how he is almost asked: "If you want to contact the White Beard One Piece and the Revolutionary Army, Mr. Lu Fei and his brother Es and Saab ..."

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…"

Kapu will suddenly know the laughter, I took the shoulder of the original naval: "Shangguan, the old man, the old man, now, the old man is more and more like you ..."