I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 574, the leader of your belongs, and our discussion to join hands to discuss the organization?

The luck of Shangyuan Needs is good.

Under the destiny skills of the original Needle, they can easily find the right direction, but only the group of white beards will sneak under the sea.

Therefore, the original naval can only take two Kapu and the Warring States to find the hundred thieves of the white beard, and want to contact the white beard by them.

Nowadays, there are still forty people who are willing to follow the white beards. These people are also gathered from the new world, and all the collection rushed to Malin.

Shangyuan Nairo warship quickly accepted one of the hundred pirates that were temporary.

The new world of the big shackles tour Knight Doma.

When you visit Domar to help the white beard, I have thought that this war will definitely be a one, but he is forbearing for white beards, but still can't hesitate to help.

have not thought…

I haven't arrived in Malin Vantra yet, but I was stared at the two people in the Kapu and the Warring States.

Originally, when I met the Navy's marshal and the naval hero, the whole person was a bit stupid. What is luck, directly hit the Buddha's Warring States and Tiequap!

As a result, the Warring States a palm Mima shot, asked him to contact white beard: "Tour Knight Doma, let him contact New Gate guy, tell him to come and we will, I have an important thing now. Talk to him!


The Knight Domar is stubborn toward the Warring States a sight: "Laozi is not up! Even if he is now killed by you, it will never delay the old man to save Ece!"

These pirates are very righteous, and only these pirates will be picked up by white beards, so they are slowly gathered around the white beard.

The rider Doma is very reluctant.

No matter what the Warring States say, visitors Doma is not willing to delay white beards to Malin Fanto, this kind of romance can really be worn ...

"Let's let the old man come over!"

The Warring States slammed the collar of the Knight Doma, and the anger was rushing: "As long as you contact him, now you have no time to delay here. If he arrived at Malin Fanto, the whole White Beard One Piece will be completely finished! "

"I will not believe ..."

Tour Knight Doma is especially disdain for the Navy's marshal: "There is no one in this world to defeat the old, the navy is just a conspiracy ..."

"You just tell the white beard!"

The Buddha's Warring States were shaking by this pirate, and his voice was cold: "Tell him that the World Government has destroyed, the Rockshair Group ... No, it should be a more horrible The evil forces are resurrected, he knows what I mean! "

"What joke!"

Tour Knight Doma is a horror.

To tell the truth, if you have a choice, even if you let the Knight Doma believe that the white beard will destroy, it will not believe that the World Government will destroy ...

That is ruled the world government of the world!

The Warring States looked at the riot Doma seriously, Shen Sheng: "This is not a joke, this is a fact, you should also hear the famous name in the new world!"

"Yes ... I have heard ..."

You can't stand the point, whispered: "When we went to visit the old, it seems that it occasionally heard, the leader of Xiaoyu is a small gas guy what ...

How many people we don't care about the kind of group weaving, because I heard what is reading, but it is a small one of the hundred beasts. "


The expression of Shangyuan Needs is gradually subtle.

Oh, it seems that Yuxi Saiss helps him the impression of this leader is not very good, it is really not rare to him in the new world!

The Warring States looked at the Rover Doma shake his head, whispered: "We also thought that Xiaoyao was only vying for hundred beasts, but now it is true that we have failed, Xiwu destroyed Maroa, and tamped with the naval power. "



At this time, the phone worm on Doroma suddenly rang, and the Warring States immediately terminated their topics, reached out to take away the phones on Doma.

This pass phone is called Malco.

Originally, the Knight Doma agreed to come to Malin Van to help out, Marco worried about what surprised by Dormar, and asked what is the situation here.

"Hey, Doma, Your side ..."

Malco. "

The Buddha's Warring States grabbed the phone in the hand, and the sound of the sound: "Stopping with Malin Fano, letting the white beard immediately answer the phone!"

"you are…"

The voice of Malco is skepicious.

In the next moment, the white beard angry voice came from the phone: "Warring States, your guy caught the son of Laozi!"

As an old opponent ...

White beard immediately heard the voice of the Warring States!

"Do not…"

The Buddha's Warring States shook their heads, Shen Sheng: "Now stop rushing to Malin Fanto, fire Aus's punishment, is a trap to be placed against the white beard of the thief group, we must first talk about it ... "

"What is messy ..."

The sound of white beard is some impatient.

Malin Van is not a Navy?

Even if the white beard is turned around, Malin Fanto's probation is not the conspiracy of the Navy? How to be tied with Xiao!


Just when the white beard was confused, Yuxi Bozuo fell around the white beard, reached out of the phone in the white beard: "If you want to talk, let's tell Es how to tell us? What is the situation! "

Yuxi Bozuo will help the Warring States to answer, suddenly open to continue: "If I have not guess, the Navy has controlled the Navy, right?"


The Warring States held the phone in the hand, his voice is full of embarrassment: "Xi Xiaomi has controlled the navy of Malin Vantra, and it has fallen down the BIG MOM One Piece and the Beast of the 100th Mission, they have destroyed the world. The government may be moving towards Malin Fano. "

Mobi Dick.

White Beard, Unechebra Sasuke and Malco face each other.

Even if they are three people, they don't want to have this kind of thing, and the organization controls the Navy of Malin Vantra, and the Navy's Marshal has taken out the naval base ...

How is this thing sounded so magic ...

And they don't know if this thing is true.

White beard is not willing to believe in the Warring States, because he believes this may be the conspiracy of the Buddha's Warring States, if they rush to Malin Fanto too late ...

What should I do if I am sentenced?

This is the reputation of the Warring States.

At this time, there is another man who is worthy of trust on board.

The coarse door of Kapu fell into the ear of white beard through the phone: "Hey, New Gate, Xianana guy is mostly a lot of the Locksha thieves."


White beats were stunned into silence.

The Warring States This person is indeed worthy of white beards, but the reputation of the Naval hero of Munch D · Kapu is still very reliable.

Garve D · Roger trusts Kapu.

Even Roger's child, it is also entrusted before the end of the death to the card.

What's more, Kapu filed a Rockshair group ...

That once in the sea, it refers to the Rockshair group of the King of the World. Even if it is not until now, it is not possible to surpass the powerful ministries ...

Even if it is a white beard, it is clear that the White Beard One Piece is actually a small gap compared to the Lockshairius in the peak period, because he is also a member of the Lockshair Group ...

If it is not a Capi and the Rockshair group, whitening is really not very interested in the things of Cap and Warring States, he just wants to rescue fire As.

"Sasuke, put the phone to the old ..."

White beard reached out and took the Yuxi Bo Assistant in the phone, and suddenly laughed in the phone: "La la la ... Then I will find a place to talk ... but ... don't delay Laozi to save yourself. Son! "

"rest assured."

The Warring States slowly nodded, and Shen sound is facing the phone: "I hope that your guy listened to what we said, dare to go to Ma Lin Fan to save the fire As ..."

"This is not your worry."

White beard is grinned, revealing a luxurious smile: "Laozi is white beard ... ... Warring States, your navy is the original Yuan Shuai, it sounds like it is true that when you chase Laozi, Wolf! "

After the words were finished, the white beard looked at Rayley around him, smiled and continued: "Forget it, don't say these, you want to see Laozi, come on the boat of Laozi! Here is our Old friend ... ... "

The two parties have set time and place.

They are placed in the 15th nautical miles of Malin Fanto Dow.

Shangyuan Nairou's marine warship quickly rushed to the agreement, where they saw the white beard's Mobiki flagship.

The person responsible for greeting them is Unechebra.

Because Upo Zozuo helily, it is the most interested in the Treatment. He is also the most believed that the Buddha's Warring States said, after all, Sasuke has been heard of the drug teacher to mix well in the World Government, and the Navy is also a member of Xiao. ...

Taking the organization controlled the Navy of Malin ...

This kind of thing is a little or strange, and the guys who have returned the Ninja!

"According to our conventions ..."

Yuxi Bozuo stepped on the sea and stopped in front of the orange warship, lifting the head high: "The old man sent me to pick you, don't delay ..."

Yuxi Bo Sasuke's voice is abrupt.

Because he saw the figure of the Warring States and Kapu, he also saw Shangyuan Na, the Warring States and Kapu, and the face of Sasuke gradually became ugly.

This fucking ...

what's the situation!

Yiszo Sasuke also thought they would be more than two ambassadors, at least from the Warring States and Kapu here, I know some information about Marina Fanto!


Who can tell him!

The Warring States wanted to join hands with the White Beard Vendor to join hands to discuss the organization, but the leader of the organization came over, a few mean?