All like this.

What are you talking about now?

Yiszo Sasuke's heart sinks.

The eyes of Uchimo Sasuo fell on two people in Kapu and the Warring States. His eyes gradually showed a red murder. These two guys said that they were to pay with them, but secretly The leader took over ...

Is this necessary for negotiations about paying the text?

"Sasuke Uchiha!"

When the Buddha's Warring States saw Yuxi Bo, it became alert, because this young man is a monster that can overcome the Navy and the four emperors!

In a sense ...

The Warring States a bit confidence in the Warring States and White Beards, which is because of the white beard of the man, in addition to the white beard, there is a strong person who stands in the vertex!

Although from the strength of the paper, the White Beard One Piece is still weak in the text, but plus the red-haired pirates and revolutionary army that must be dispatched together, it should not be too much!

"The legendary super new people ..."

Shangyuan Nairou slowly retired behind Kapu, blinking, whispered: "When I was underlying in the country, I have heard of one thing, Yischi Sasuo helps a person to fight and fight. Baorence Festival ... "


Yischo Sasuke's brow jumped.

At the beginning, he went to find the trouble of the hundred beasts, this guy is not a good thing, isn't that this guy's order!

What is innocent this time!

When I saw the original Nairi, Yiszo Sasuke immediately filled the alliance proposed by the Warring States, and his face was full of impatient: "Well, we have no interest in jointly discussing the tissue, we are just Want to save Es ... "

"Sasuke Uchiha."

The Buddha's Warring States pushed their own glasses, Shen Sheng: "There is no real understanding, do you really know what is the terrible? Malin Fan Dodes have 100,000 naval, the Navy's own three major, Wang Xiaqi Wuhai and A large number of elite CP troops ... "

The Buddha's Warring States slowly started down, watching Yuxi Bozuo continued: "Let's also have Baoren and BIG MOM Onebi Tiger ..."


Yischo Sasher does not want to answer his words.

How terrible tissue is, in fact, Sakuo knows more than the Warring States, single only is just the original naval, and the big tube, the strength may be enough to rush all people ...

of course…

More fearful never know the power.

Yuxio Zuo raised his head and looked at the Buddha's Warring States, his face was full of indifference: "I am born, I know what the organization is more than you ...

Little that is really horrible, it is never their power to overwhelmed everything, but it is not in the way to life, everything you do is in their expectations! "


The Warring States and Kapu couldn't stand the brow.

At this moment, they remembered that the pharmacist had no legacy.

In the next moment, the Warring States' eyes slowly fell on the original Nairi.

After the arrival of the original Needle, I was faintly revealed in the mind: "Wait, I suddenly remembered that when I was in the SWORD troops, I was also under the monitoring of the country."

"You are just the people used."

The Warring States couldn't help but calmly appease his own part. His brow wrinkled slightly, and he began to recall the last three years of underground navigation.

At that time ...

Original CP agents have been seriously rectified to the CP departments in order to protect the original navigation.

Now I think of it, he should use the original naval, completely changing the blood of the CP department, and thoroughly arrest the intelligence of the CP department.

Since I arrived back in the original Na, the pharmacist has always wanted to take the original navigation in his hand, but it is only forced by the Warring States ...

Later, the pharmacist wanted to secretly reveal the original navigation, and I wanted to use my power to pack up this naval, all were stopped by the Warring States.

If you think about it now ...

Perhaps it is the secret of the pharmacist who believes that the original Needle will find a secret?

Therefore, the pharmacist wants to remove the original navigation!

The Warring States photographed the shoulders of the original naval, Shen Sheng: "The Shangyuan will, you recall, you have a secret that is in the country ..."

After saying these, the Warring States looked at the original navigation, and he turned his head to look at Unecho Sasuke.


Unecheo Sasuke's expression is quirky.

He has already impressed that it is so obvious!

Warring States this navy Marshal still didn't want to understand?

Just as Yuxi Sasuo also wanted to say something, he saw Shangyuan, who was standing behind the card, raised his head, and his mouth told a dangerous smile.

This smile, can't help but feel cold!

This guy…

It's threatening him!

Mobi Dick.

White Beard Edward New Gette saw the Warring States and Kapu, his mouth grinned a big smile: "Warring States, I heard that this Navy Marshal is driven out of Malin Fanto, do decades, you are still the first So so wolf! "

New Gate ... "

The face of the Warring States flashed a meal of anger.

Only a smile on the face of Kapu, he didn't care about his own dilemma, just gaked the Mug Dick's Pluto ...

This is his old friend.

However, the pirates on the Mobik number can not think so, with the white beard, the thief, the thief on the Mobik, laughs.

"Ha ha ha ha ... I really didn't think it!"

"A navy master is driven out of Malin Vantomo!"

"Hahahahahahaha ... I was driven out of the Navy Marshal and Navy Heroes!"

A group of hundreds of pirates hip in the Warring States and Kapu finger, this is what they are rare to laugh at the Navy.

Especially ridicule the Navy Marshal and the Navy Hero.

This opportunity may have the opportunity to see it once in a lifetime!

"All right."

White beard waved their own pirates, looked at the Kapu and the Warring States to open the mouth: "Talk, Warring States, what is going on ... Our time is not much, don't delay me to save my son. ! "


The Warring States slowly nodded, whispered: "Our time is not much, in addition to visiting you, we have to see the revolutionary army to help guys ..."

The Warring States slowly sat on the deck, Shen Sheng: "First, the World Government has been destroyed, this world is about to fall into a mess ..."

"and many more…"

Malco stopped the Warring States, I couldn't help but ask: "The Navy's Marshal, although we have never like the World Government, but they are destroyed, at least clear!"

The Warring States silence for a while, whispered: "The pharmacist took all the defense troops in Maro, and the group gattered the hundred beasts and Big · MOM destroyed Maroa, killing five old stars and all World noble ... "

"What this ..."

The white beard couldn't help but wrinkled, and the look of the gods: "At that time ... Where are you? This time no one will save those garbage?"

"This is what I will say next."

The Warring States fiercely looked up, and the face was difficult to open: "Wu Hao star is blinded by the pharmacist, giving him too much power, the entire Marlin Vantra's navy complies with the pharmacist's command, we can't rush to support, Kuzan, Sakaski and Pusasalino are all members of the ... "

"The Navy's three general!"

Markco couldn't help but turn over his own eyelids, and he opened his mouth: "Is it a member of Xiaoyu?"

In this case…

This war is really trouble!

Unless there is the fighting power of Unechebra, no one can ignore the war of the Navy's general, plus the hundred beasts and BIG MOM two four emperors ...

"Except for them ..."

The Warring States is silent for a while, and the opening will continue to say: "As far as I know, at least five in the Wuhai Sea, also a member of the people ..."

The Warring States did not conceal too much.

Because the situation is bad to the extreme.

Whether it is a group of four Emperor and all world arists to destroy the world government and all world arists, Marina has been completely tested, and the three navy's generals and the five kings are all members of the members. ...

These ones…

The Warring States have told white beards.

Whether it is everything that the Warring States said, the entire White Beard One Piece is a horrified, and they can't believe that the Warring States said is true ...

if so…

They are not to face two four emperors and thieves and strong naval parties, Wang Xia Qi Wuhai forces, and I don't know the specific strength of the well-woven ...

at least…

Members of these White Beat One Pirates have realized one thing, that is, the true ...

Xiao is indeed a powerful organization!

Of course, even if the members of the White Beard One Piece know how dangerous the enemy they face, but some people can't help but laugh.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…"

One of the hundred thiefs can't laugh: "Hahahahaha ... Sorry, but I can't help but ... I really didn't think ... In addition to the Navy's marshal and the naval hero, others are all kind ... "

"Hahahahaha ..."

The entire white beard is again laugh again.

"All right."

White beard puts his hand to show it a big place to stop, his eyes fall on the Buddha's Warring States, whispered: "Warring States, you come to Laozi's purpose, I want to invite Laozi to bring you tissue with you?"


The Warring States slowly nodded, and the son continued: "We are all very clear, Xiao is a more horrible force than the Lockshair Group!

Want to prevent their ambitions, now every force is precious, otherwise, the leader we can't even see it will be defeated by them ... "


White beard was silent for a long time.

Until the Warring States believe that white beards may refuse, white beards screamed: "Laozi is just to save his son ... Half an hour, I will attack Malin Fanto."

Time is equivalent to a signal.

Obviously, white beard promised to join hands with the Warring States.

White beards only provide an offensive time, for the pirates, this is already a time to join hands.

The Warring States slowly stood up and nodded: "Okay, I know, time is too tight, I have to see the Revolutionary Army Dorag ..."