I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 576 is on the battle, only know how to play!

Compared with white bearded, this group of pirates ...

Obviously the revolutionary army is more responsible.

Shangyuan Nairo Mandarin warship quickly found a revolutionary military group, the Warring States and Kapu appeared in a sensation, just after chatting, Munqi D · Dorag thinks for a while, I will agree directly. Down.

Because Monchi D · Kapu is by the war of the Warring States.

Even if Dorag is not willing to believe in the Buddha's Warring States, but it is very trustworthy for your father.

Just Dorag didn't think ...

The move of this war is so good for the revolutionary army.

Xi Xiaomei destroyed the World Government, which is simply a joy of the revolutionary army, and even their revolutionary army can participate in the establishment of a new world government.

This thing is to think about it ...

The revolutionary army is a group of dragons, can't be a bad dragon ...

Moreover, Dorag is in the end, and the Ben Bakeman's red-haired pirates will invite them to jointly launch the battle of the organization!

of course…

Nowadays, their grass is established, and the first thing is still an offensive Navy's Base, Malin Fanto, rescues everyone who is publicly punished.

Once the revolutionary cadres and red hair fragrances ...

It means that their alliance can be strong!

But this also has quite difficult ...

Because of their fragile alliances, it is to face the Navy's department, two super organizations of the four emperors!


This name is not acceptable, the tendon ...

After the initial debut, it is enough to shock the whole world!

Now this organization finally uncovered the veil on their face, the first one was treated at the foot of the feet, which was ruled for eight hundred years of Dragon and the World Government!

This is really ...

Can't show up ...

Anyone who is shot will not be disappointed!

Today, Xiwen has the strongest strength of this large sea, and no one can expect how much terrible monsters are there!


No one has retreat!

Even with retreat, they only have step by step, at least in Malin Vanto, in the forefront of the organization, otherwise, can only become a fish meat when I want to dismany the world!

Dorag stood in the leader, slowly reached his palm, summoned the hurricane to move his own big boat. it has started!"

Marin Fanto.

A prisoner who took one was taken to the prisoner.

The pharmacist holds the microphone in his hand, and the face is calm and read quietly: "Fire Box Es, One Piece D. Roger's Son, now the two team leader of the Mucchijun;

Saab, Koayan kingdom, the leader of the revolutionary army; the grass flies

The fire on the forehead, Sa Bo walks in the middle, Lu Fei walks in the end, the brothers slowly embark on the criminal station, but everyone's face seems to be a little smile.

Because they are the brothers.

If you can, die together today, it seems that it is not unacceptable.

The pharmacist watched his brothers and three people were squatting on the criminal platform, picked up the list of their hands, continuing to read: "The following is the more than the Roger Siès, thousands of clown, red hair, Krock, Douglas Baret ... "

The specialists of the CP department took a joints that took one of the prostitutes and put them in a region on the punctuation station.

The pharmacist looked at the red-haired Xixiang, who was smiling, once again picked up the list of his hand, whispered: "The following is the cadres of the revolutionary army, North Army ..."

When the pharmacist is going to continue to read the list, a commander who is responsible for the observation seems to find the strange situation of the door of justice, and suddenly a high voice reminded.

"Pharmacist, some people are through the door of justice!"

The waves in the gate of justice are swaying.

A ventricular boat slowly passed the door of justice.

Next moment, this tailor has a telescope to constantly peak, his face slowly changed, high: "Those are the hundred pirates under the white beard ... Almi, Mark Gari, Dikar Class brothers ... all are the famous big thiefs in the new world! "

Forty hundred pirates are moving toward Malin Fanto, almost all of them are all armed on every pirate!

These boats carry nearly 20,000 pirates!

This is the white beard to attract the pirates to follow him!

Nowadays, these pirates come from Malin Van to help out!

The Navy's commander's look is getting more and more ubizophic, because a ship picking a ship in his perspective has entered Malin Fanto: "There is also a fleet of the revolutionary army! Lead is ... Montage · D. Dorag's leader! "

Dozens of revolutionary battles are followed!

These are almost the end of the revolutionary army, and the original Diva Lag is desirable to rely on this war to start a meeting with the world government. The result seems to be unimaginable!

The world government is now destroyed.

Dorag no longer needs to overthrow the world government to continue to accumulate strength, just need to be with White Beard One Piece, the Red-haired One Pirates will be enough!

Now they are both sides ...

Who won this world war ...

Who can have the power to dominate this world!

The sea boat in a venicle and revolutionary army passed the gate of Justice, arrived in the sea of ​​Malin Vantra, and a group responsible for the shore of the outer defensive shore fire guns and these people had paid in the fire.

The pharmacist stood on the punctual table and pushed his own glasses. Looking at a group of hundred pirates and revolutionary battles, there was no panic on his face, and even his mouth is still laughing.

"It's good."

The pharmacist is slow, and smiled and smiled: "If this is, you can put all the Internet here."

After that, the pharmacist turned his head and looked at the commander deputy officer, continued: "Okay, all the cadres of the revolutionary army will come up, don't delay our public office, now there is a live broadcast!"


The whole world is broadcasting today!

From today, this world will change!

White beard ... "

The crane is standing around the pharmacist, and the face is bidding. "White Beard and Warring States, Kapu ... didn't you appear with them?"

If they don't appear with these people ... This will not mean that the white beard, Cap and the Warring States have fallen into the tissue trap!

The pharmacist shakes his head, his fingers slowly and laughed and opened: "Don't worry, the big man's appearance needs some special way ..."

With the philoschi of the pharmacist, the sound is just ...

The entire Malin Vantomo has turned a shared margin, and everyone who has a sense of domineering is not self-contained inner.

next moment…

A big ship wrapped with a coating!

The three white bearded One Piece's Mobi Dick, a red-haired thief group's New Leid Fos, and a monattan warship!

"That is…"

"Mobi Dick"! "

"The strongest man in the world is coming!"

"White Beard Edward New Gate!"

"I used the wrapping vessel to ship from the bottom of the sea."

"There is also the remaining party of the Red-haired One Piece ... The warship is the warship in Shangyuan Na, is the guy is captured by the pirate?"

"No, there is also Kapu in the ship and the Warring States Marshal!"

Malin Vantomo's navy's face is full, these five boats that suddenly sneak into the port are too amazing, these navy can't help but tell the colleagues around you.

Whether it is the appearance of the White Beard One Piece, or the participation of the red-haired pirate ...

Al or or the Warring States and Kapu two people suddenly drilled out from the sea, these are enough to discuss these naval for a while ...

Just when they were still confused, White Beard Edward New Göt took his big knife to the bow, his eyes fell on the prisoner.

"Es, you are fine!"

Next, the strongest man in the world, his mouth, a smile: " la la ... ... If you want to see Laozi, don't use the son of Laozi!"

"What ... What ... ..."

"What is he saying?"

A group of navies face each other.

Just when they want to discuss, they will open the official opening: "Don't listen to him, to perform our order, today our order is to eliminate the White Bearded One Piece and Revolutionary Army and the Red Hair Sux The party! "

"All Navy soldiers!"

However, at this time, the Warring States stood in the turtle of the orange warship, looking at the pharmacist in the high place of the criminal station, talked: "The drug teacher has betrayed justice ..."

"The Warring States Marshal!"

Just as the Warring States just opened, the pharmacist took his own microphone and laughed and said: "Don't do these useless work, as a navy to serve for more than 50 years, you must not want more innocent people to send it. ? "


The Warring States have fallen into silence.

"Forget it, Warring States."

Kapu took the shoulders of the Warring States, looked at the pharmacist on the punishment station, pinching his fists, grinning: "Little Pocket ... Your little ghost has not tasted the old man's fist!"

"of course."

The pain of the pharmacist is still hung, just laughing, I am very seepage: "I am very happy and betrayed in the Navy's card, maybe today we can know that the strongest naval will be "

"Hey, pharmacist, don't say those!"

Ben Bakeman stands on the bow of the new Red Fos, and a cigarette is slowly open: "Our captain is nothing!"


The red-haired incense is on the punctuation station, and the face laughs on the hip hip: "I have been very good here, don't worry!"

"Into, shut up!"

Ben Bakeman's face flashed a touch of hunt.

This idiot captain ...

One sentence makes this Bakeman's pair of captains directly!

In comparison, Pluto Relie's previous vice president is relatively kind.

Rayle's eyes fell on a group of Rojaya's crew: "Pakistan, incense, no fight! Barrett, seems to grow a lot! Kuloz, your body its not bad, right…"

Until the final, the eyes of Plutao finally fell on Xia Qi, he helped his glasses, Shen Sheng: "Xia Qi ... I will save you."


The Roger's thief group's people suddenly suddenly, and the weird expressions on each face were obviously a little dare to see.

Just as the group is still in front of the war ...

The sky suddenly fell a sea boat to Malin Fanto.

The fluttering fruit power, the Golden lion, the legend of the Golden Lion, the voice of the singer, the voice spread out of this naval base: "Hahahaha ... Laozi has not come late! Since you haven't played yet, then let Laozi will help you fight. ! "

"What joke!"

"Is this the ability of fluttering fruit?"

"Twenty years ago, he broke the Malin Fanto!"

A group of naval is frightened, and when these navy is full of fear, a radio ring suddenly flying from the ground. Under the role of the aura, the speed of the sea boat changed Extremely slow ...

If you don't pay attention ...

It will even think that these sea boats have stopped falling!

Next, it is also a light ring to fall on these sea boys, and these will be sold out of the sea boat that is about to Malin Vantomo!

Even the Golden Lion History is also playing out!

The corner will slowly recover your palm, and the face is somewhat unpleasant to look at the Golden Lion Schiki, which is being boused, and the open mouth: "The young man is still too arrogant ... Hey, remember, I only know how to say this. "