I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 577 Three Animals on the Battlefield Different Beverages!

Marin Fanto.

No one thought.

The legend of the last era will be played out directly by a king's seven Wuhai, and the fruit capability of the corner also caused a group of people ...

"At least two fruit capabilities ..."

The mouth of Dofran Ming brother has a smile, laughing, watching the corner: " ... I really look at it ... The corner is the old man!"

... "

The martillamon godged, revealing his full shark: "The ability of the land, really can't help but envy!"

"Cut, take away the heart of others!"

Didara has a little disgusting shook his head.

Even if the eagle eye moisture is also a bit surprisingly seen, he has long heard that this unusual corrupted king is seven Wuhai, which has been disdainful to this member of the same organization. ...

I didn't expect the corner to use two demon fruits!

This violates the law of the sea!

"All right."

The corner interrupted this topic.

The corner is slowly low, and the eyes fall on the boat of the White Beard, the hoarse sound is open: "Our mission is to stop the cadres of the White Beard One Piece, right?"


Dofontech smiled nodded, whispered: "But Sasuke should not stop it? What should I be a strong force?"

"There is no need to pay attention to the little ghost ..."

The chanmon godged, smiled and looked at Unecho Sasuo standing on the Mobik number, and laughed and continued: "Sasu help these years can be very unhappy! Perhaps it is here to find the right home, Want to leave the Palm Control ... "

" ... is really interesting ..."

Dofonteo helped him support their little sunglasses, there were more dangers in the smile: "Obviously, I can stand in the victor, but I have chosen a road ..."

Didara is standing next to it, can't help but open: "Anyway, the people of Unexpea like to walk on the road ..."


The eagle omelette's eyes fell on the Mobis Dick of the White Beard One Piece, and he looked at the eyes of the white beard suddenly became a sharp man: "The strongest man in the world, finally wants to shoot ... "


The eyes of the martillamon fell on the orange warship next to the Mobik, in the vision of the ghost, the original Nairou was still slowly drinking juice.

The mortal ghost couldn't help but shook his head. He looked at Michac, grinned: "I thought you said that adults, I didn't expect Mihoque to say that it is white beard ...

At least from the current.

White Beard Edward New Gate is still the strongest man in the world, even if this man has already turned old, he also inserted into the infusion tube before fighting.

"Waiting for me for a while, Ace."

White Beard Edward Newven is lifted his head, and put down his own big knife, and slammed his two fists, and hit the two sides!

Two white light floating in white beard!

The air cracks under his boxing!

Malin Fan Dodiac has suddenly came from a vibration. The huge tsunami came from the bottom of the ground, and the waves were almost overwhelmed in the instant!

Tsunami caused by shock fruit capabilities ...

The waves of the tsunami between the moment have exceeded the height of Malin Vantra!

"White Beard This guy wants to destroy Malin Fan more?"

The expression of the Warring States can't help but change, even if he and white beard is now a fragile ally, it still is a horror that is shocked by white beard shock fruit capabilities!

This stroke ...

But enough to destroy Malin Fanto!

The pharmacist stood on the punctual station, and his mouth still hanged a smile. He sailed to the microphone in his hand: "The gods will begin."


Everyone's eyes have fallen on three men under the criminal table!

That is the three major parts of the Navy!

Just as the Navy of Malin Fan Dods panicked at the tsunami, the tits, sitting in the punctuality of the gods, lifted the head.

"It's trouble ..."

The gods of the gossy disappeared directly in the original place!

In the next second, the green gang appeared in the air, the two groups flew out from his palm, freezing all the waves on both sides!

" ..."

The Warring States looked at the tsunami, and the face became divided into complex. This once has been taken as a junior, and now stands in their opposite.

After the cyan is solved, the flying flying in the sea of ​​Malin Vantomo.

The coldness of the frozen fruit is out, and the cold is spread out of the moment!

The vitro of the Qing Dynasty has a three-Tail of Chickerth, and even the ice attectic Chakra, which has water and wind composed of water and wind.

Just a few seconds ...

The frozen capacity will freeze all the inner sea of ​​Malin Vantra, created a best-fitting ice battlefield!

The green goblin stands on the ice, lifting the head towards the white beard on the boat, raising his palm, cold and drink: " ... !"

next moment…

The water molecules in the air begin to condense!

The top of the white beard suddenly appeared two ice-made spears, and the two cold spears had to pierce the body!


The sound of the fast knife out is extremely crisp!

Yizhi Bozuo waved his own grass sword directly to crush the cold spear!

Yiszo Sasukes stands by white beard, overlooking the green goblin on the ice, and the red man flashes from the eyes: "Sanjiwangji Chekra ... No matter you still three somatse, we can Is old opponent! "

" la la la ... Today is not the time!"

White beards were laughing, his eyes were still watching a row of prisoners above the criminal station, smiling and continued: "Sasuke, you go to save Ece ... Laozi open a road for you, don't worry about you. ! "

This war is ...

Yuxi Bozo helps no doubt will be the main force!

Because only he has strong power to break through all the Navy's block, it is possible to break through the final blockade of the Navy!

White beard reached out to reach his own knife, slowly raised his fists up towards the sky, and the vibration arms shouted: "Small, go to save Ece!"


Tens of thousands of pirates are turning down!

Whether it is a Mobi, or a subpolition!

The tens of thousands of pirates waved their weapons in their hands, and they launched a charge on the board of the ship.

Pluna Pushed his own glasses, quickly pulled out a knife and jumped to the ice, as a group of hundreds rushed to the prisoner!

Ben Becman picked his eyebrows, greeted the red-haired pirates and rushed towards the coast of Malin Vanto!

Can they let others rescue their captains first!

The revolutionary military group jumped into a group of revolutionary cadres. The East Army Army Belo Betty bitted a cigarette, raised the flag of his hand: "We also go together, overturned this world, rescue Sa Bo them ! "


The voice of tens of thousands of revolutionary army is almost shocking!

Under the blessing of the actual power, everyone's courage is from the bottom of the heart, and it will not fear the shore-resistant guns and the large number of elite navy!

Montage D · Dorag smiled slightly, whispered: "Use the frozen fruit capabilities to make battlefield ... Is it true that we came to us?"

After saying this, Dorager turned to Kella: "Kelra, how is the situation of the peripheral monitoring? Baorence Festival and BIG MOM One Piece?"

"I haven't appeared yet ..."

The face of Kelra is revealed.

This little girl is tightly holding his own phone, some hesitate to look at their leaders: "Mr. Dorag, can I go to save the Saibo together?"

The mouth of the Dorag's mouth revealed a smile, reaching out of the palm shot, laughed: "Don't worry, I will go to save the Saibo ... Your mission is the person who surrounded us at any time. Contact, explore the trace of hundreds of beasts and pirates! "


Kella hesitatedly nodded.

Just when a group of pirates and revolutionary army launched a charge, the Warring States and Kapu hesitated, and they flew down, rushed to the prostitute of Malin Fanto!

The Warring States looked at the Kapu, whispered: "Kapu, let us, cover up, to resolve the boy of the drug, as long as you can solve the drug brocket, you can still save Malin Fan Duo now Situation! "


Kapup poked nodded.

Perhaps because of their two people, they rushed to the punishment station, there was no naval artillery to bombard them along the way.

under these circumstances…

Many hundred pirates simply charge along the two people who charge!

Marin Fanto's shore prevention line.

The naval looked at the vast enemies of vast, and every naval soldier couldn't help but have some heads, and they were uneasy looking for all.

The canmon ghosts look at a group of flocking enemies, closing their palms, slowly joining the handprint: "Water, big bursting!"

next moment…

A stomach is sprayed from the mouth of the mortar, and went up with countless thiefs, let every hundred thief couldn't help but be a horror!

When the pihydramachus is blocked, a person is running out, and the former king is seven Wuhai, and the fisherman of the squid is very flat!

"Water Hearts and Waters!"

I was very flattered, and I took the huge waves and took a wave of waves. His voice was full: "Ghosts, as a fish, you really want to stand Do you know there? "

"Mr. is still so true ..."

The mortal ghosts have grinned and slowly pulled out the sneak knife behind him. The moment appeared in a very flat side, and the knife will be very flat!

With the mortar ghosts and very flatters, others can't sit.

Didala brood ride, took his own clay giant bird, flew over the sky: "Then be more trouble!"


The eagle eye hroker is slightly closed on his eyes, whispered: "Just I have something to solve ..."

A group of kings, the seven Wuhai flying, leaped the shore of the anti-array, launched an attack toward the pirate and the revolutionary army, soon they found each other's opponents!

The eagle eye hood stopped Ben Bakeman, waving black knife in his hand, constantly retreating the red-haired deputy captain, Shen Sheng opens to discourage: "Don't be a fearless sacrifice ... As long as you are willing to surrender, Xiangke Sometimes will be hunt! "

"I have always concerted the world's first sword of the world, but now I have said this, but I have no sense of persuasion ..."

Ben Bakeman shakes his head, raised his pistol, shot a bullet, and the bullet was directly cut by Mihof!

Ben Bakeman didn't care, still slowly filled the bullet, and he loudly: "Hey, Lagi Road, Jesus, you bring people to save Xiangks and Lu Fei, here to give me Let's! "


The face of Jesus is a little worried.

Eagle eye is not a general figure!

Even in this group of kings, the strength of the Eagle Eye Michac can absolutely be called the existence of the peak!

"rest assured."

Ben Bakeman shakes his head and looks at the eagle of the eagle towards him, keeps moving quietly: "As long as you save incense, the rest is better!"

When the Ben Bakeman and the Eagle Eagle Moker launched a fierce battle, the corner looked up in the air-to-the-airbound-gardened bird form, the first team leader Malco.

In the sight of the corner ...

No matter what attack is unable to work on Malco.

The powerful recovery ability of non-dead birds makes Marco are all fearful!

The eyebrows are slightly frowned: "These guys who don't die are troubles, I know that I should bring the guys of the flying section."

The voice falls ...

The next moment, the foot of the corner stepped on a cloud to fly to Malco!

In the clouds, the figure is flying quickly, and the moment is in an instant beast as a lion, and this beast is a lightweight light!

Single just looks that the corner is just used, it is definitely not a simple devil's ability, no matter who can't recognize this kind of beast ...


Absolutely the devil's ability to videody!

This is indeed a corner, a kind of animal, a kind of animal, an animal, an animal, a demon, a demon, and a fruit, and an unspeakable bird generally gains the legendary beast!


The corner stepped on the cloud fog and quickly approached Malco, rushed directly to him, biting the unfamed bird in the air, directly biting him from the sky!

This world war is indeed a horror ...

Single only now, two types have appeared in the same way compared to natural lines, it has already appeared, but everyone knows that there must be a third person who has the ability to be able to be able to be able to be enemies in the battlefield ...

"Pharmacist, old man solves you!"

The Warring States jumped to the prisoner, his body turned in the air to the golden Buddha, tall golden Buddha reached out to the drug division on the prisoner!