I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 578, the fourth illusion, pharmacist!

Anyway, what do you see ...

There is no other helper around the pharmacist.

The general public has already rushed into the battlefield and killed by Unecho Sasuke; the generals of the generals hiped the Pluto wanted to rush to the punishment station; the general man wanted to take a hand, but two people Do not open!

Now that the pharmacist is around, it seems that no one can stop the Buddha's Warring States, this is a human bee-breasted, the Marshal of the Navy's Marshal!

No matter which person is present ...

Whether he is a pirate or a navy ...

Everyone is very clear about the power of the Buddha!

Most importantly, the pharmacist has always been active with the name of the new generation of deseneters. In addition to the first appearance of the Baroque Total Mimes, MR2 Feng Kle, the pharmacist has never been out of public.

Everyone does not think the pharmacist can resist the power of the Warring States!

Just as they thought that as long as the Buddha's Warring States, the mother of the mother was in the predecessor's predecessor, the leading war of the Navy ...

A light rays lit up from the pockets ...

This ray slowly became a bit dazzling, that is a flowing white liquid on the body of the pharmacist, which covers the body of the pharmacist!

It is a white armed armed for the pharmacist!

"Really ..."

Before the body of the pharmacist is completely covered by white, his mouth is still a confident smile: "Why always think that my strength is very weak ..."

The eyes of the pharmacist gaze almost a golden Buddha, which is generally tall with the punishment. His voice suddenly became cold: "Even if he is taught, I am also one of the earliest people!"

next moment…

A cloudy and evil breath reveals it from the white liquid armed from the pharmacist to make people feel cold!

As the armed armed is completely covered with the body of the pharmacist, a weird fierce that is growing eight heads is active, and the same eight tails are also growing in its tail!

This beast is flourishing!

No, single is just a strange look, let people know that it is definitely not ordinary ability, animal snake snake fruit · veterinary, eight-bodied big snake fruit!

This battlefield ...

The fourth illusion of the veterinary demon fruit power is appearing!

No matter who is imagined, the pharmacist is also like the Buddha's victory.

More amazing is ...

The development of pharmacists is definitely unsolicient than any other illusion of the fruit capabilities. Because it is only a body shape, it has exceeded anyone present!

Single only is the height of the height, it has exceeded the height of Malin Fanto!

Compared to the previous generation of eight-way fruits, the black charcoal snake, the pharmacist pockets with the eight-legged fruit, and the development of fruit capabilities is also more perfect, because for the understanding of the snake, the pharmacist can be almost the first world. one person!

No one thought ...

The pharmacist also has a vaginal devil fruit ...

They didn't think that the pharmacist has developed this devil fruit to this extent, even if the people of the organization are also sighful!

The macaroni wavy waving his sickness, the big knife will once again hit it. He looked up at the eight-legged big snake in the mountains, grinned and sorrowful: "It's really as always, I can't help but want Admire ... "

have to say…

As a civilian ninja, the pharmacist is truly used by his wisdom, and all the resources you can get will be transformed into your own strength. For every power, he will definitely have a waste!

Even if it is a mortal ghost, it has to be admired for the pharmacist, and even some admires, because the whole talent seems to have only a pharmacist to become desperate!

Even if you are ghosts, there are some sighs ...

In fact, the power of many people is gradually behind when chasing their leadings on their leadings. The guy is still not giving up!

" ..."

Dofran Ming brother helped his little sunglasses, grinned, looked at the tall eight-bidless snake: "This is what adults make me transfer to Mr. Po?"

In that year, Su Zhipao saganed the country, killing the black charcoal big snake, the eight-legged scorpion fruit was reborn in the country.

In addition to the pharmacist, no one is suitable.

This illusion of the veterinary demon can soon transfer from the hands of the Francience, and finally handed over the pharmacist, the pharmacist has not been wasted, directly pulling the big snake pill, and the white snake cactus conducted research on this fruit.

In addition to advanced natural devil fruits, only this singular fruit capability of the vulnerable veterin will make the pharmacist.

According to the proposal of the White Snake Cactus and the Big Snake Pill, the practice of dragons the dragon cactus and the eight-seiphest are fit with snakes.


Big snake pills don't have a body.

In order to avoid waste and causing the original nephew, the pharmacist will let the white armed fruits on the body of the eudmakers.

Pharmacist, often Tongli white snake cactus and big snake pills, the natural energy and big snake pills given by Bai Snake cactus, don't need to develop this illusion of the europhoresis in the same time!

Eight grow like a dragon-like head ...

Each head is accompanied by a cloud and thunder ...

Next, eight brains are heading!

One of the brains spitped out a stock of all stocks in the Warring States, a head spit out a hurricane, and another head spit out of the Warring States!

Whenever the eight-bit, it means that this world has a disaster, because the eight-segment big snake can directly manufacture disasters!

The Warring States is not afraid, depending on the defense of the golden giant Buddha's form, the wind is full of fierce, raising his hand, and raising his hand to play a palm!

The body of the golden giant Buddha is already huge ...

However, when the eight-legged big snake is still a little young, even a head is more than the golden Buddha than the Warring States!

The Golden Buddha's palm suddenly took a hit huge shock wave and flying in a head of the eight-legged big snake, and wanted to break this head!

Surprising ...

The shock wave is like falling in an air!

This shock wave directly penetrates the head of the eight-legged brain to the high altitude, and the sky is smashing!

The Warring States in the Buddha did not expect their own attacks!

Just as the Golden Buddha's face was somewhat unexpected, the Golden Buddha was hit by the wind and fierce, from the air, and some wolf fell on the ground!

Eight brains of the eight-legged big snake slow down ...

Every head is swallowed with a snake core, and the tiger looks at the golden Buddha in the ground, as if looking for where to swallow the golden Buddha in the abdomen ...

The sound of the pharmacist has passed out from the top of the eight-bit, and his voice is still mixed with a smile. I also sound a little leisure: "Marshal, we should know it very well in these years! Why do you feel Can you overcome me? "

"Blend ..."

The Buddha's Warring States slammed the ground!

Next moment, the Golden Buddha launched an attack towards the eight-legged big snake!

However, regardless of how the Golden Buddha wants how to attack, it is endless, all the attacks fall in the air, and even the red dog and cards next to the battle!

The eight brains of the eight-bit, leisurely swallow the snake core, one of the brains and even gaps, and spit out a mudslide in the Warring States, and buried his golden Buddha!

Even if the Warring States quickly rushed out of the mudslide, the original golden light flashed, but it became muddy, slightly appeared, some wolves ...

No matter what kind of attack ...

Can't hurt the bodies of the eight-legged snake ...

Instead, it has only been an attack on the eight-legged big snake. This battle is really an unprecedented wrist, and then goes like this, it is just a time problem ...


If the Warring States can't crack the attack of the drug, others may have no ability to solve the drug brocket ...

Even so far, the pharmacist only uses the strength of the four brains, and in myths, the eight-legged big snake is as strong as unsteadless!

Do not…


The eight-legged big snake's recovery ability is stronger!

It is said that every head will be recovered directly, unless it solves the eight heads of the eight-legged big snake, otherwise it is impossible to kill the eight-legged big snake!

"I really didn't think ..."

The golden Buddha looked up at the huge eight-legged, his look became more and more ugly: "It's unfortunately, you can gate you to join the Navy ..."

Pharmacist pocket this guy ...

It's too deep to hide!

Whether Marie Ya is still Malin Fanto, everyone has not seen the pharmacist, but they have seen the cultivation of the pharmacist.

According to their cognition, the strength of the pharmacist can only be equivalent to a normal naval column of the Navy's part ...

No one can think of this situation today ...

The strength of the pharmacist has been very strong!

He is a powerful person who is strong enough to make a magical beewheld, and now you can even play the country's predecessor's predecessor's predecessor.

Even if it is next to the red dog fighting, I can't help but frown, he has not seen the Warring States in such a embarrassing battle for many years ...

"You must resolve the Sakaski as soon as possible, go to the Warring States to solve the pocket ..."

Kapu shook his head slowly, his eyes fell on his opponent's arms, the look gradually gotten: "This guy is only getting more and more stronger. "


Red dogs become more and more stronger.

As the opponent of the red dog, Kapu is the most intuitive person!

Because whether it is the strength of the body, the sense of perception is still the power of magma, Sakasky seems to be more better than the past!

Monster of the Navy Training Camp ...

It seems more like a monster than the past!

The gaze of Kapu seems to see a hidden big thing in his body through the bodies of the red dog!

The Kapu hurts his fists, his fist is pinched by himself, and his mouth has a big smile: "Hahahahaha ... This is interesting! Let the old man come for you. Let's take a lesson! "

next moment…

Kapu waved his fist, rushed toward Sakaski, and the paint black armed yellow domineering instantly wrapped around!

A punch, a punch, directly bypass the gender of the red dog, and he will be heavy on the head of the red dog!

This box is very beautiful ...

It is clear that it doesn't seem to pay attention to it.

But the body of the red dog was flying directly, smashing a building, his body quickly climbed up, the brow was slightly frowned: "What is joking ... Are you afraid of his strength? "

The Naval veterans ...

It is over seventy years old, but it still maintains such a powerful strength and speed, even if it is a red dog known for strength, I also feel that my head is somewhat.

Tiequap Cap ...

This name is called by Qapu!

The red dog slowly took a breath, helping his hat, and his body gradually emerged, his face was calm toward the Cap.

Look ...

Today he wants to face a troubles!

Compared with the confidence of the red dog, the Pluto Relie is a bit of powerful, because he also felt the tricky of the generals ...

A group of fog.

This group of fogs blocks Rayry's sight.

Because the fog is the environment in which the seven tail of the vitro is created in the body, this environment is conducive to the scattering of light, which allows Huangjing to become a light particle, which is mostly in any place, which is most conducive to the battle of the yellow.

The fight between the two people did not just started.


Two people made a hundred rounds.

"It is a legendary figure, it is really terrible ..."

The yellow smile looked at the Pluto Rally, his figure was again turned into a fog in the fog: "It's really a headache ... What should I attack next time?"

next moment…

The figure of the yellow ok is suddenly gathered in the fog. It appeared on the side of the Pluto Rally, a golden sword suddenly gave a head!


The Ravely sword blocks the attack!

The legendary mihydrison slowly helped his own glasses, and the eyes were got to look at the smile of the shackles: "Once the little ghost, now grow up ..."

"No matter where the attack is initiated, it is still blocked by you ..."

The mouth of the yellow ozzid said these words, and his foot suddenly slammed a golden light, kicked to the body of Rayly!

Relie is kicked by Huang Hao!

However, the corner of Rayly hung up a smile, his palm covered with armed colors, suddenly grabbed the ankle of the yellow ok!

The yellow ok as a natural actor capabilities, when launching a physical attack, it will never take the initiative to enter the elementalization!

Rally is waiting for this opportunity, and the sword in his hand will directly cross the body of the yellow ok, now the yellow gob is not able to block this hit!

In the case where the yellow gob is unable to block and avoid, Raylery wants to directly down his legs!

"In this case, you can't escape!"

"Who knows ..."

Huang Ji does not care about his danger.

However, the next moment of the next moment, the back is suddenly growing up, and the Pluto Relie is flying directly!

The tail behind the yellow tide slowly retracted, looked up Raider that was taken out, the face was still smiled and said: "It's terrible ... If it is not a heavy, it may be killed!" "