I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 579 What did you always think so?

The entire Malin Fanto is a battlefield.

The war gradually burned to the whole port, and every famous whispering thief was smashed with the Navy. Everyone had a tat-stricken enemy!

Even Dorag and Qing Yan are also catching killing!

Yizhi Bozuo has rejected the proposal to rescue white beards, just standing around the white beard, helping the old man ...

Because Sasuke is very clear ...

The body of white beards may not have enough to support this war!

On the other side.

The phacoemunity of the pharmacist pockets the body of the eaten, which is also ravaged in Malin Vantra. Anyone who wants to be close to the criminal station will be easily repelled!

It is just that the pressure in the upper layer of the navy is getting bigger and bigger ...

Because white beard Edward New Gate has not yet been!

Now because the three major people of the Navy will be issued separately, the top masters of the CP department have not appeared in the case, the overturn of the Navy and the fighters of Mall Vantra have fallen into the stalemate, and there are some bunch of hands.

Tianping is finally broken!

The first naval's highest warfare, let the balance of war have been broken, the Navy's general decker dog, lost under the hand in the card!

It was probably the battle between the red dog and Kapu was about to delay the longest time. I didn't expect that they were earlier!

Kapu waves your paint black fists, like a storm, usually in the rest of the red dog, and finally fell down to the ground!

Even if the red dog enters the tail beast mode ...

But was hit from the tail beast mode from the Qapu Huan!

Kapu waved his fist, smashed the red dog in the ground, and didn't care about the burn on his body, trembled to the prisoner: "Just lying, Sakaski, the old man wants to save Your own grandson! "


The red dog is inserted into silence.

His body is under the wound.

Even his body has many bones, even if his wound can heal quickly in Chakra, but still needs time ...

And on the other side.

Still also in harmony with the Huangqi Guild no longer hidden, released his hegemony domineering, ingenuity, wrapped in the lightning of black and red, and broke through the fog smoke under the yellow bunk, and pushed away The navy!

This intensive gas is too pure ...

Even if the yellow goblin does not dare to pay attention to the domineering of Plutore.

"Can't waste time ..."

The eyes of Pluto Rally flashed a shine, and he saw that he domineering quickly looking for the position of the yellow ok. He had a few folds, rushed to the yellow boat!

The only thing that the yellow bock can do is that the flying drift is in half, raising his hand, shot its own photon: "It's trouble, this kind can only be played casually ... eight feet Qiongy hook jade!"

Countless photons fall ...

Every photon is coming towards Pluto Rally!

Pluto expanded his palm in the air, and a militant-torn domineering released from his palm, and the countless photons were detonated in the air!

Before the strong armed hit, the body of the yellow ochma was dissipated in the air. His voice sounded leisurely: "It's really terrible ... If you don't have more terrible people, Maybe I will be desperate! "


The brow of Pluto Rally is slightly frown.

However, Rayly didn't have time to think too much. He turned over to rush to the direction of the punishment station, where Kapu and the Warring States are fighting with the pharmacist!

"There is no way to attack his body ..."

The golden Buddha looked up his palm and slowly put it down. He looked up at the huge body of eight gods, whispered: "If you can't attack your body, you can only passively beat it ..."

"Then let the old man will try it!"

Kapprifted his mouth smile, pinch his fist, his figure suddenly appeared on the eight-bidard of the big snake, swaying a punch!

In the next second, the card's fist penetrated the body of the eight-legged, this strange ability, it is basically that no one can respond!

However, the card of the card is still smiling. His fist is slowly spread, the palm of the palm and the illusory eight-legged body are overlapping together, laughing and opening: "Pappers, you can't keep it forever This state is ... "

As long as the pharmacist is separated from the Qi Wei Shi ...

Kapu's palm can tear open the body of the big snake!

This method is a stupid approach.

Waiting for the rabbit, it is a way to get it.

As long as the pharmacist is separated from the blurred state of the Shenwei, the Kapu can attack this body directly; if it is not detached, the blore status of the Shenwei can only last for five minutes ...

This is not a Kapushus.

Cap Purchase can observe the bodies of the eight-legged body, just when the Warring States launched attack, the body of the eight-legged the body will disappear from the sense of domineering, which means that time and Will not last long ...

The pharmacist in the eight-bidard of the big snake is inserted into silence.

I really didn't think that there would be some people to use this stupid approach to crack the Shenwei, but this way is really too adventure ...

after all…

If you want to capture the god, how can you pay a price!

In the next moment, a head of the eight-legged big snake fiercely folded, suddenly the Ground of the ground spurted a fierce thunder!

Fortunately, the Battle of the Buddha next to the Buddha is so fast, helping his old friends to block this hit: "Kapu, this method is effective ... but every part of his body may disappear!"

"Then you open it!"

The voice of Pluto Rally has fallen into their ears.

Pluto Rayley just stepped back to the yellow, and he had appeared around the card, slowly pulled his own sword, a state of swinging with a knife at any time ...


A group of brains of the eight-segment big snake suddenly explored!

"Immortal ... Inorganic reincarnation!"

Eight brains also screaming at the same time, and eight tails were in the same way, let Kapu, Warring States and Rayleans changed at the same time!

next moment…

The ground suddenly highlights a root thorn!

Every spike is wrapped in black domineering, as if they want to pierce their several people, force the card, etc., have to fly back!

Originally thought that they can easily solve the pharmacist, but did not expect that even three people were in the ability of the pharmacist!

At this time, white beard did not wait patiently.

White beard wants to surprise Potkas D · Es in Malin Vajami and Big Mom.

From beginning to end, white beards have not forgotten their own purpose!

" la la la ... We went to save Ece, Sasuke!"

After the white beard glanced over the battlefield, his fist suddenly pulled into the direction of the punishment, opened a way forward!

White beards have a sharp knife, step by step by step, and there is no one dare to stop his action on the battlefield!

Do not…

Or, no one can bother him!

The current navy is indeed enough, and the people who come to prevent the white beards from being sucked by Unecho Sasuo, which is so quietly to the prostitute. .

" la la la ..."

The mouth of the white beard sighs a big smile, looking at the Buddha's battle in the Buddha's fighting in the fight against the eight-legged attack on the Pharmacist, I can't help but laugh: " It's really a wolf ... "

"Blend ..."

The face of the Warring States flashed on the face.

Originally, he thought that the pharmacist is a little guy who can stabilize, and now he is with Kapu, Ryrid, but it still caught in hard work, and even still hurt the pharmacist, it is half-point ...

"They can't take the pharmacist very normal ..."

Yuxio Sasuke is standing around the white beard, slowly lifting the embarrassment of the eight-legged ahead, whispered: "After all ... The pharmacist has got the power of Unexpello ... Only Yishibo can defeat another Unexpell! "

No matter what other ...

At least from the current point of view ... Now there is a pharmacist with Shenwei's eyes, it is definitely an invincible existence!

Several people present in the field ...

It must be no way to deal with him.

Yiszhike Sasuke slowly cleared the grass sword in his hand, Shen Sheng: "You will save people ... here to give me ..."

"Sakura ..."

White beards couldn't help but wrinkled.

When I heard Uzecho, the head of the eight-legged big snake suddenly went down from the clouds. The sixteen huge eyes were deadly staring at Unechebra!

In the face of Unechebra ...

Pharmacist does not think that he is 100% win!

The laughter of the pharmacist has been passed out from the eight-legged big snake mouth: "Oh? Sasuo Jun ... If you say this, do you have to betray us?"


The expression of Unechebra is ugly, he can't help but look at the white beard.

However, the look of the white beard did not change, and the old man may have guess the embarrassment of Unecheo Sasuka, which is very clear.

Yizhi Bo saga took the head slowly, and he looked at the avant-billed snake, Shen Sheng: "It doesn't matter to betray, I have never thought about adding Xiao ...

That place has always been only a group of cold and ruthless guys, I used to think that I am one of you!

Now think about it is really painful ...

No matter what you do in that place, you must consider the attitude of the guy. I have to follow the destiny that I have never been in my hands. Now I can't preserve the life of friends! "

Original Yuxi Sasuke has been alive in the pain of double spyware, always worried about the punishment of the original navigation, so often take the task seriously; and worrying that the original naval may be unfavorable to the white beard of the thief, so reminding Other people are vigilant ...

right now…

In this war that is about to go to the end ...

After Uchi Saso struggled, finally chose to follow his own inner direction!

Yiszo Sasuo took the grass sword in his hand, slowly hanging down, and the voice was low: "Even if I have been listening to the command of the guy, I can't change Nissan's fate, and I can't change the fate of Es. "

"That rascal?"

The Warring States found a key point, and his face flashed and died: "Yuxi Bozuo, is you talking about the leader?"

Just as Yuxi Bozuo nodded, intended to uncover the truth of the organization's leader, a voice came from the air and slowly fell in the ear of everyone.

"Hey, Sasuke, have you always think so?"