I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 581 The most important thing in the world is fair!

"It's like this ..."

When I heard the original Nairi, the face of Unechyo Sasuke was anger, staring at the original navigation, and he hated his teeth.

It's like it!

No matter what happens, it seems that it will always be in the original navigation!

Even now, he will take the courage to defend the war, have chosen to break away from the original navigation, but now it seems to remain in the original Nairi ...

This feeling makes Unexpello Sasuke especially!

Yizhi Bo saga has almost shakes the sword holders in his hand, and his voice squeezed out from his own tooth: "Breast ..."

Unechebra suddenly pulled out his own grass sword, pointing to the Shangyuan Na, his voice suddenly got bigger: "Your guy will always operate everything in the world like the puppet of the hand, let everyone Dare to fight your rule ... but ... "

Next moment, the look of Yuxi Board suddenly became gloomy. His voice became more and more loud, but the body was still a little trembling: "Shangyuan Na, do you think it will be the same today? Today ... I must break everything in hand! "


Everyone is not from independently regarding the direction of Unechebra.

Some people are in a stranger in the horror of Unecheo, some people are thinking that Unecheo Sasuke has experienced what I have experienced in the past ...

"I am looking forward."

The eyes of Shangyuan Nairou gaze, even if Yiszo Sasuke is provocative, the look of Shangyuan Na will still change.


The calm of Shangyuan Needs, let Yuxi Bozuo become more angry!

"Shangyuan Na!"

Yuxi Bo saga has been holding his grass and sword. Before the body, the paint black armed colored domineering is in the past, and the armed hit is very long. This armed hit is very long and abnormal. !

Yizhi Bozuo slammed the grass and sword. He shouted a knife on the empty navigation.

A curved smashing is flying towards the original navigation!

Yuxi Bozuo's eyes flashed a red mang, a dark flame with empty floating on the air!

"Tianzhao ... Yan Yu!"

This is covered in Tianzhao Jiuzhi ...

It seems to melt all around!

Even the world's first big sword hawk eye rice Hopker, I can't help but hit this knife from Unechebra!

No matter which person is present ...

They all know that this knife is no longer able to block it easily!

In addition to the swordsmanship of Unechebra, there is more armed colored sharp sharpness, plus the strangeness of Tianzhao Blackfish, no one can determine that you can live in this knife!

Just as they want to see the result of this knife ...

But only see the black color of the flying out, stagnating in the air!

Shangji returned to his palm, grabbed this flying paint black, and this paint was still struggling, and it seems to want to get rid of his control!

Shangyuan Nai's eyelids lifted slightly, watching the darkness of black, and his eyes gradually became a pair of strange eyes.

"Super ... gods."

A shacklered repulsion swept!

In an instant, the repulsiveness released from the original Nairo's palm of the original Naja slammed the smashing of Unecheo Saso, and there was no trace!

In an instant, even the people in the field saw the ,,

Unechebra Sason Offense ...

It is easy to lift the land for lightly navigation.

This seems to have no accidents in anyone.

Shangyuan Needle will not have any accidents, his eyes fall on the body of Yuxi Bo, calmly open: "If you challenge my words three years ago, I will really have to take a little effort ..."

When I said here, the top of Shangyuan Na Raised suddenly became deep. He just overlooking Unecheo Sasuke, and the indifference continued: "Sasuke, in this world, it has never been alone ..."

Shangyuan Needan slowly spread his palm, the breath on the body changed: "As a bonus and reward for your fearless courage ... I will let you see the power I got in this world!"

next moment…

Behind the Shangyuan Nair, gradually grows a pair of wings ...

Along with the wings on the body, the wings are gradually growing, and the momentum of his body is gradually beadped to become more and more stronger!

A fighter king is suddenly released from Shangyuan Na.

The entire battlefield is still in the battlefield by this domineering, countless pirates and navy in this domineering impact!

The air on the sky is directly dispersed by this domineering, and countless clouds in the attraction of the air pressure come, and the sky is full of clouds in Malin Vantra!

Under the domineering impact of the original Nair, the clouded clouds slowly broke a slit, and the clouds were distinct!

Shangyuan Na's fingers moved slightly, picked up a strong powerful, and shredded the clouds around him ...

No, or ...

It is shredded in the sky!

The sun slowly passed through the empty cavity between the clouds, sprinkled on the original Needle, put on the golden light for him ...

at this moment…

The sky in the sky seems to be really like a god!

Everyone on the ground flashed a shot on the face, looking at the Shangyuan Nairies in the air, they have never seen such a terrible person!

Even in white beard Edward New Gate, this is the most confident that the world has become unprecedented!

In the next moment, the mouth of the white beard suddenly became again: " La la la ... Sasleless the ghost is right, Xiao's leader is really a strong terrible guy!"

"Such a strong tyrant ..."

The Buddha's Warring States eyes stared at the original navigation: "Single only stay there, it will not dare to be close to him ..."

I really didn't think ...

The original Needle is powerful to this level!

Regardless of what they imagine, Shangyuan Na will be underestimated!

"Hahahahaha ..."

Kappenedly tightened his fist and looked up, haha ​​laughed: "Your luck is really good. Warring States! It is necessary to retire to the age of retirement."


Rayly looked at Shangyuan Na, he looked at the sky, helping his own glasses: "When you are not sad, you can see this level of characters, if Roger is still alive, he should be very happy. Let's! "


The person in the sky is really strong!

Even if he just stays there, let them stand in the world's vertex, they can't close!

Pluto Reli saw the feeling of the original Nairi, let him be amazed than the one you have seen by yourself.

The domineering of Shangyuan Nair has surpassed his cognition!

Perhaps only his captain Gorr D. Roger guy, it is possible to know where to stand in the original navigation!

Munqi D. Dorager looked up at the original naval, and looked at the same eyes, the same is a bit of a young gang: "Kutzan, it seems to stand in a nice location ..."

"Ah, maybe ..."

The greenness did not see the head.

In fact, the Qing Dynasty is not a single power, but the attitude towards the world's underlying civilians, they seem to have a more advanced system.

Although it looks ...

The attitude of tailor is strong to dominate the world.

But Xiwei is handed over to civilian rising channels, so that civilians have to work hard to dominate the power of the world.

On the other side.

A very flat-eyed staring at the Shangyuan Na, the sound of the sky, and the sound faintly smashed: "Mr. Ghost, is it what you choose?"


The mortal ghosts are sneer, slowly open: "A clearly destroyed the world, but friendly treatment of the world of all people ..."

" ..."

Dofran Ming brother whispered, but his smile was still can't still suffer: "Hahahahahaha ... I am looking forward to ... even if we have never seen a leader of the leader!"

"This fighter" ... "

The female emperor is full of blooming, and her face slowly floated a shadow: "The domineering of getting up ... completely unable to compete ..."

Even if she also has a domineering domineering, but the domineering of the original Nair, even the eligibility of the collision does not exist!

Yuxi Bozuo lifted his head and looks at the original navigation. His face gradually reveals a madness: "Hahahahaha ... Shangyuan Neuri, really can't help excite it! It is this power to move the power ..."

"Let me take a look ... Shangyuan Needs!"

Yisizo saga stepped on the ground, pulling it to the air: "This is what you want to show it ... or you really power the limit!"

The majestic fighter is wrapped in Unechebra, and the domineering suppression of the original Nairo is rushed to the air!

However, in the sight of Unechebra ...

Shangyuan Nair's figure has become a sense of illusion ...

If you look at it carefully, it is the residual leaving behind the original navigation. As for his true position, no one can notice!


Shangyuan Nairou's body and Unecheo Sasuke face, his boxing covered with black domineering, directly smashed in the lower belly!

Next moment, Unecheo saga took the faster speed to fly back, and fell back on the ground, and smashed a huge deep pit!

The original Nairi, looking down on the wolf and climbed the Sasuke, slowly shake his head: "Sure enough, this strength is only used to deal with your words, there is no one to waste ..."

The eyes of Shangyuan Nae moved slowly, and fell on the body of Kapu and White Beard, and continued to follow: "The most important person in this world is fair, and others have also treated the same fair."


The battlefield suddenly silently.

Which of this is fair!

This is clear that the battle of everyone will be issued!

" la la la ..."

The mouth of the white beard has grinned a big smile, but his twilight is full: "Do you want to fight our old guy with your own strength! Sasuke does not dare to be so arrogant ..."