I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 582 is almost a fight against the hopping

There have never been this scene in the big sea.

A group of big people standing in the world aggregated here, whether it is the top of the One Piece or the Navy, the Vertion of the Revolutionary Army, they all stand on the same display.

White Beard Edward New Gate.

Navy Marshal, the Buddha Warring States.

Navy hero, Tie Boxing.

The deputy captain of the Roger Hair group, Pluto.

And just arrived in the world's most fierce criminals, the revolutionary army's leader Montage D · Dorag.

Every name in this is like a thunder, many people are almost listening to their names, and even people who are the most advocated.

However, these people now have one of the enemies!

The leader of Xiao ...

Their most terrible man can have seen this life!

Yisizhiso helped to drive his own palm of his belly. Slowly wiped his mouth to heal out the blood, looked up and looked at Shangyuan Na, the head of going to the gods, and the sound opened: " Shangyuan Na Rou in a state ... I have never seen anyone can defeat him, even God can't do it! "

Even if it is a mad Yushibo sphere, I have eaten in the Shangyuan Na, I'm going to have a bitter in my hands, and even I will be defeated by Shangji!

No need for Unechebra Sasuke, people present very clearly, the power of the original Needle, single just the orture of the king, is far a farmholding everyone!

When the look of all people is vigilant, their perspective has lost the figure of Shangyuan Na, everyone's opinion is not helpful!

"Dragon Clamp!"

Munqi D · Dorage fierce his palm, turned into a dark claw shape, tightly bucking a hidden fist!

This moment is really unbail!

Even if Dorag is also a bit ample!

Dorag was in accordance with his own intuition. He suddenly took the attack on Shangyuan Na. However, it was a panic, but he took this boxing, he had let the Dorager's hand of the tiger completely crackled, his hand came out A burst of !

This is the sound of hand bone crack!

"Is it only half into a force?"

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly shook his head, suddenly returned to the fist, kicked on the side, kicking the Dorage's body directly!

At the end of the body, I went out of Dorag, I immediately extended my palm and added my last hit!

"Armed Color · Release!"

"too fast…"

Dorag's face shakes, his body covers the armed colors, try to protect your body with domineering: "Armed · Cover!"

However, the domineering of Shangyuan Needs is more strong!

A strong armed color is shocked to swept the Dorag's body. It is separated from the army of the armed colors of Shanghag, and the body of the Dorag is directly broken.

The leader of the revolutionary army directly entered a ruin, and did not climb up again. People didn't know that he was dead ...

No one thought that Shang Nai's single single is only three strokes, and the man who will directly defeat the revolutionary army!

Even they handed a few seconds ...

Montage D · Dorag has already defeated!

This scene happened too amazing, so that everyone in the scene didn't even have time to react, Dorag has been defeated by Shangji ...

The face of Kapu suddenly changed.

As a naval veteran, although Kapu has always hindered the Dalg, but there is no more intersection with this son. At this moment, Kapu fly quickly to the direction of Dorag!

Until the ruins of the ruins, they were reluctant to loard.

Although Munqi D · Dorage is full of blood, people can't find him more injuries, but now it seems to be just because of huge impost ...

"do not worry."

Yiszhibo looked at the original navigation, Shen Sheng: "For people who are useful, he will not kill, even in front of him, only luxury ..."

When you say this, Yuxi Bozuo has added to the mouth: "Don't think that this is a good thing ... Because in his control, you will only make people feel that you can't die ... even if we die here, he is also a way to play. Our soul! "

This is the experience of Unecheo Sasher ...

Shangqi Naqiang mastered the power of life, even if you want to commit suicide, you need to look at the attitude of the original Needle, even if it is really dead, Shangyuan Nairou also has a way to use people to transfer to pull back to resurrection ...

The leader of the organization ...

No one may escape!

Unless they can defeat the original navigation or completely seal him!

As for this kind of thing to kill the original navigation, in fact, Unexpello Sasuke didn't think of it, because in his cognition, Shangyuan Na will have a way to devastate ...

Even if the original naval is really dead ... Maybe his soul will also get another sense of eternal life like his first sixth cactus!

Shangyuan Needo slightly shook his head, sighed: "Sasuke, in your opinion, I am actually this kind of person?"


Yuxi Bozuo helped for a second.

In the next moment, the forehead of Yuxi Board dropped a little cold sweat, his voice gradually lowered, Shen Sheng: "If you can also be called a person ..."

This is ...

Yuxi Bozuo will help you have to say it!

At the time of the original Na, this guy asked this kind of words, did you think about how much you did?

Just when Yuxio said this sentence, the original Nairou lost again in the vision of everyone, his figure is like a ghost general, it is generally unpredictable!

Even if you see the color of the domineering, you will know the action of the Shang ...

The people present in the field also feel that it is difficult to say that they can catch up with him!

"That trick ... is shaved!"

In the eyes of Kapu, it flashed a shot. His figure instantly disappeared around Dorag, returned to the battlefield: "Warring States ... Shangyuan is used by Navy six!"


The naval six-style exceptions in Shangyuan Nae!

Compared to other people stepping on the ground, Shangyuan Nairou has been combined with shaving, he can step on the air and disappear!

Do not…

should say…

It is his speed to step on the air ... or should be said that the air is like a substantive ground under his control!

"It's sakura ..."

White Beard Edward New Gate immediately understood the attack of the original Needle, this time I got the original naval attacking is Yuxi Bozuo!

White beard held his fist to hear his perceived position, his boxing pan light, I want to stop the offense of the original Needle!

have to say…

The power of white beard box is quite!

Especially in white beards, they still use their own fruit capabilities!

That is the most powerful result of this world, Superman, shock fruit, and this hit the ability of shock fruit directly on the original Nairi!

Originally rushed to the Shangyuan Na Rouhe around Uzecho, the shock of the white beard was directly played directly after it took half, and the shock strength came from the shock fruit!

Shangqi Nai Luo slightly frowned, the recovery speed in the god mode quickly recovered his injuries just appeared in his body, but his eyes couldn't help but read a white beard ...

It's really not to be underestimated!

It is worthy of the world's strongest man ...

Compared with the surprise of the original navigation, the white beard's mouth could not be blind, and it is really a terrible little ghost! "

after all…

Not anyone can easily follow him this!

Ordinary Navy will also be killed directly by him, even if it is Cap and Warring States, I don't dare to ignore the white beard's fists!

However, when I arrived at this boxing, I just retired half a step, even if I didn't show any strange, it seems that it is no injury ...


The expression of Yuxi Bozuo is slightly wrong.

Obviously Unecheo Sasuke is more explained in the case of album, even if he is not expected to be returned by white beard, even if it is just hit!

Just, Uchimo Sasher does not miss the opportunity!

Yuxi Bozuo passed a red light, waving his grass sword, taking the opportunity to go to the original navigation, I want to use this handle without the big fast knife to hit the original navigation!


Shangyuan Nairou picked his eyebrows, suddenly extended his finger to pinch the grass sword, kicking the lower abdomen of Yuxi Bozuo!


The skeleton of Yuxi Bozuo has suddenly appeared in the skeleton. The first form must be an instant, the purpose is to stop this blow to the original naval!

Purple must be skeleton to kick!

Fortunately, this also gave Sasuke enough time, his figure fettered and retired, and the entanglement with the original Nairi!


Yischo Sasuke's brow frowned tightly, he turned to look at the people around him, Shen Sheng: "Never attacked any attack on the original Nair, otherwise it may lose combat power ..."

"Sasuke Uchiha…"

The Buddha's Warring States ancient times glanced at Yuxi, and asked softly: "Before we fight, are you not playing a punch by him?"


Yuxi Bozuo shook his head, Shen Sheng: "If I have not guess, then his strength is not strong, that is just a test, try out our body's limit ..."

Even if it is just a try to use ...

But the Yiszo saga will not hurt!

Just now, Unechebra helped felt a long-lost horror, the power of being defeated by defeating, the power of the original Needle!

" la la la ..."

White beard laughed and finally reached out to the robe on his body, slowly bowed his body: "Then let Laozi will try it!"

Try ...

Extraordinary ...

Can you defeat the Shangyuan Nairou in front of you!