I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 583 Hidden in the Battlefield


White beard's fist is smashed on the air!

A slit started from his fist, it was the air that was shocked by him, and the vibration capacity on this box also flew to the original navigation!

A strong force comes!

Shangqi Lu defeated his palm, blocked the shock of white beards, this punch seems to have no effect on him ...

Shangyuan Nairi flew in the white beard, just when he wanted to attack with white beards, a figure stopped in the middle of him and white beard!

Munqi D · Kapu waved his fist, a punch to the original navigation, two people's fists collided together!


A dull voice has fallen into the ear of everyone!

The flash of Kapu and Shangyuan Nair's fists, a strong impact is released from their boxing, this moment Kapu finally realized what Dorage experienced!

Even if he is known as Tiequap ...

I also felt the huge power sent by the boxing!

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, the hand is in the hands of the box, and the Kapu's fists are buckled. When the god of the card, when you want to break free, Shangyuan Nai's hand suddenly succumbed, and I have out!

Just as the original navigation, he wanted to follow him. When he intended to continue attack on Kapu, the white beard's fist came to the original navigation, and the giant boxed a group of white lights to fall in Shangyuan Na.

Just at this time, Unecheo Sasuke and Pluto also waved from both sides to the body!

Blink between blinks ...

Shangyuan Nair has been in a siege!

It's rare in such a short time, they can still play such a wave of cooperation, this is the tacit understanding of the instinct of the fighters for many years!

Void walk!

Shangyuan Nair's figure is incorporated into the void!

Just when the original naval figure disappeared moment, Yuxi Bozuo helped the round to the eye flashed a purple ray, and his hands suddenly lost a ring toward the attack center, which is the tissue liaison ring!

"I have long guessed your time and space."

The face of Unecheba flashed on his face. His mouthfuls were initially launched.

next moment…

Shangyuan Na will return to the center of the people!

Everyone looked at this scene in a horror, whether it is a lot of people on the punishment table, they don't know how to escape this moment!

"Is it handful?"

However, when an attack is to fall on the original navigation, his wings behind him gradually wrapped his body and protect his body!

A golden mask also appeared on the original Nairi ...

Any attack is unable to penetrate on this group of golden masks, even at all, there is a bit of a little, this is the Trinket!

next moment…

There are no numbers of golden swords appear next to the original Naid!

Every handle of the golden sword is flying toward everyone, and the sword has a layer of lacquer black domineering. I want to pierce their body directly!

However, Unecheo Sasuke suddenly launched his own must, and he took everyone to the body, and patted the shank sword!

"Don't launch an attack ..."

The eyebrows of Unechebao were staring at the original navigation, Shen Sheng: "Shangyuan Na, in this form, is a state that can't hurt anyway, even if I have temporarily deactivated the way ..."

When I said here, Yuxi Bozuo slowly gazed to the original navigation, whisper muttered: "The next battle, Shangyuan Na will be serious ..."


Pluto Relie feels that he seems to have not heard it.

Yuxi Bozuo looked at Rayle, whispering explained: "No, perhaps not serious, but you must let us everyone is more ..."


Yischi Sasuke's voice has not been finished!

The purple mustache is suddenly torn, and the last navigation is drifting from the hole, looking at the people present: "The warmth is over ..."

When I said here, I flashed a shine in the eyes of Shangyuan Na, "Next, I will have trouble to take the real power ..."

After that, I will open my palms when I arrived.

A huge gravitation suddenly flew out from the palm of Shangyuan Na, and all people did not ride their directions to his direction!

When these people flew in half, the top of Shangyuan Na will be slightly and dark, whichever, suddenly flipped his strength!

"Super · Shen Luo Tian!"

A full of blood removal is reversed!

Everyone has been repelted to fly out!

Unechebra Sasuke must be completely collapsed from the internal and outbreak!

The powerful and even let Unecheo Sasuo can't help but have some doubts. He has always been too uncomfortable for the abilities of God's Tianzheng ...

How is this trick ...

You can destroy the sky in the hands of the original Na.

The body of the Buddha's Warring States even wanted to make the golden Buddha's form to resist the attack of the original Needle, but it is still inevitably to be repelled!

"Tian Jian Yunjian!"

Shangyuan Nairi has a golden light, countless light particles come together in his hand, and turn into a handle sword!

Tight ...

This handle sword was directly voted directly!

Yiszo Sasuke was born from the sky in the sky!

The day, a handle of photomiciation, appeared from the cloud sword in the hands of the original Na, almost everyone was nailed directly to the ground!

Montage D · Kapu waved his fist, hard-student shot a handwritten to his day from the cloud sword directly, and white beards cried with shock fruit, and crushed the sky from cloud sword. Take it again for photons!

"Bulk Star."

Shangji Nai is not in the battlefield, only two people left on the battlefield, just waving his palms, will be blocked by the people who are nailed to the ground!

Yiszo Sasu helps desperately want to break your own , the whole must be seated, but it will be sealed together!

this moment…

Yuxi Bozo has finally been aware.

It is not good to develop such a powerful Shangyuan Na, which can be developed to be the top of the Shangyuan Na.

Three huge stone balls appeared on the entire battlefield ...

The Buddha's Warring States, Pluto Relie and Unechebra helps to be sealed!

Only two people in the ground are still standing on the ground. They look at the original navigation in the face. The two people are slightly suspicious, because the original Needs felt that they still have action?

Just when the battle between them is again restarted ...

The ruins of Malin Vantomo quietly hide a few tall people and a group of monsters, everyone's face is not very good.

It is the crowd of the black beard.

The black beard Marshall D. Tiji sneaked into the Pelton's big prison. After finding a few powerful companions from the big prison, the black beard will come to Ma Lin Fan to continue their own plans.

He wants to capture the demon fruits of white beard!

However, in the eyes, Marshall D. Tiqi saw a group of people such as white beards rushing in the original Nairi, which made Tiqi couldn't help but did something else ...

"Thief Hahahaha ... Is that is the strength of Xiao's leader?"

Marshall D. Tiji's face flashed an obsession and madness: "It can make the old man still have the power, and his fruit ability must be stronger than old ..."

"Does the captain want to capture the fruit of the guy?"

A tall man wiped the second generation of the second generation of the two-one workers around him, couldn't help but grin: "For us, this is not very good!"

It is the rain of rain.

Since the rain of rain, I stayed in Pelton's big prison, and helped to defeat the prisoner of the big prison, I became the No. 2 character among the black beard.

Even if the strength is strong ...

He also does not think that the black beard will be able to defeat the original navigo, let alone do not dare to fight with the first leader!

"Thief Hahahaha, this kind of thing is not good ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi looked at the white beard that rushed down under the original Naqi, grinned: "The age of the old man is already big, as long as he waited for him to die or seriously injured ... you can get the ability to shock fruit ... Thief hahaha ... "

After the black beard laughed a few times, the face gradually became more crazy: "I don't believe that the old man will defeat, as long as the leader of him and the leader will fight, we will grab the fruits of the old man, I also want Take a look at what the leader is the ability !! "


Darkly appeared from Marshall D. Tiqi's body, it grinned and smiled and said: "Continue to sit on the law of fish?"

"Thief Hahaha ..."

Marshall D. Tiji's eyes flames, his face is getting more crazy and exciting: "Of course, this opportunity is difficult! When they are not allowed, I can't think of truly conquer. The people in the world are old! "


The black is nothing more, but just looks at the Tiqi, smiles in the gloom and re-sinking the body of the black beard.


The eyes of Yuxi stayed with a little quirky.

This tall man looked with a member of the Black Beard One Piece, and the expression gradually became more and more quirky, because many of the black bearded heline delegations were killed by him ...

All the members of the entire black beard will now be from the big hundred thiefs from the Pelton's big prison. Every big one is very powerful ...


They also have one the same experience.

Only a member of the Black Beard One Piece, everyone has been brought into the Secret of Justic Island to secretly detained for a while.