I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 584 White, you go to help me

The idea of ​​black beard is right.

The only problem is that the white beard Edward New Gate and Kapu will not be able to suppress the original navigation, and even the attack on the original neighborhood is difficult to do ...

But their will is strong enough ...

Montage D · Kapu is hurt, still standing straight straight, he seems to return to the era of herself and Rocks ...

However, he is now facing the enemy ...

It is the people who are hard to look back in the year!

A speed with extremely powerful body and light, there is still a power than the world's strongest man whitening is strong ...

And the ability to almost all natural elements!

How should I overcome him in the face of such a terrible enemy?

Can only rely on your strong will!

This answer is not a general violent, but now the will is already supporting the card and white beards and let them continue to fight ...

The battle is actually just not a few minutes.

In fact, in terms of Kapu and White Beard, their battles have been close to the end, because of the high-intensity collision, they are hard to resist all ...

"Ice Spear ... Armed Color · Wrap!"

Shangyuan Needressed up his palm, a fro a forefell appeared on his side, a dark domineering spiral, wrapped around the ice!

More than a dozen ice marks galloped towards the direction of Kapu!

Kapu waved his fist, flew out all the ice spears, and a frozen spear crossed into the ground, and the whole ground was blown out!

This power ...

Kapu is absolutely afraid to ignore!

Just when he flew these ice spears with his own iron boxing, the fist once again broke a wound, which was the scratch when high speed collision!

Kapu is a bitter gas ...

Even if his body is almost maintaining the peak state of your youth, but it has always been using high-intensity armed torque collision and seeing highwareness of all-standing knowledge. It is also a huge challenge for Kapu ...

However, their enemies ...

But it is still as easy as the start.

This battle was completely a unilateral rolling.

As for the other side, the old body veading and even the disease is involved in the white beard, the state is even better than the card, although he can use the shock fruit ability to resolve the attack of the original navigation, it greatly consumes his physical strength ...

After all, the degree of attack ...

It's fatal!

The brow of Shangyuan Needle wrinkled, his fingertip flashed a light, countless photonified fragrant light shower fell on the earth!

This is the power of sparkling fruit!

As for the flash, the power of sparkles, just looked at this scene, but not in the excitement of the fruit capabilities, surrendered him ...

This kind of thing ...

Huang Bai is already used to it.

White beards have grown their own fists, when they want to attack this photon, a blue unspeakable bird suddenly flew down, and the countless photons were stopped!


However, the body of this unfamed bird is taken away by the photon!

It is not dead bird Malco!

A group of white bearded, the captain of the white beard, finally couldn't stand, and jointly blocked a group of kings, Qi Wuhai, let Marco support their captain!


The palm of Shangyuan Na will suddenly flip, and a raw column suddenly shot from his palm, stopping the road of Malco, and stops this unsatheed bird in a light!

Malco ... "

White beard quickly pulled out his own cluster cutting knife, a domineering covered in the knife, cut off a light column, rescued his son from the light prison ...

White beard grabbed the shoulders of the Marco and looked at the blood of the Malcard's mouth, and looked at Malco's gradually recovered body. He slowly put down his heart.

White beard looked at Malco and sinking: "Malco, I will cover you, bring everyone back!"

" ... ..."

"Don't talk nonsense, execute the captain's order!"

White beard took a deep breath, and the son sound continued: "I will stop this guy, you and the red-haired guy returns to the new world, you must find the big secret treasure that Roger guys said!"

White beards have already recognized the situation.

The current situation has been made by him to be a Lord, even if it is, it is no longer able to defeat the Shangyuan Na Rou in front of him. This world has announced that Easy Lord in the future ...

Want to resist ...

Only the big secret treasure mentioned by Roger!

Of course, it may not be a way to defeat the original navigation, but it is definitely a news sufficient to vibrate the world, so that this big sea freedom will never break!

The generation has lost ...

I will have a next generation of the next generation to defeat the fatful pirate!

" ... ..."

Malco's face is somewhat not to confuse.


White Beard, as described in the past, grinned a smile: "This is the last captain order, bringing everyone back to the new world, telling this world secret treasure to exist, telling this world of the dream of the world, will not end of!"


Markco can't stand the bite.

Just next moment, Marco rapidly researched into a non-dead bird, he stayed in white beard for more than 30 years, never refused the order of white beard ...

Obviously ...

Malco knows that white beards have done the worst plan.

Shangyuan Nai did not stop this, he even looked at Malco flying away, because he knew that no one in this battle can escape.

Just when they fight here ...

The 100,000 coalition soldiers under Ten Woven have already been completely surrounded here!

Don't mention other people single, just the two emperors of the beast and BIG MOM, it is absolutely impossible to enable people to get around them.

Not to mention…

There is also a tube of Mu Hui Night.

"Almost here ..."

Shangqi Nair's fingers, a laser ray hole wearing a direct Kapu's chest, and finally let the navy hero completely fell on the ground!

After the Shangyuan solved the card, it was also a laser light flew out from his fingertips, but he wore a white beard's shoulders and thighs in the way, let this legendary big water changer!

It's just that the white beard has sooted his own cluster, so that he stood in the same place, his face and even a smile: " La la ... ... Go this step? Before dying At least you should ask a few questions ... "

"Do you want to delay your own son?"

At the end of the original Needle, he poked the white beard, and didn't think about it. "Talk, let me see, is there interest to answer ..."

"It's really proud ..."

White beard gained an eye on the battlefield, looking at the original navigation: "What is the relationship between you and the past Rock ...?"


The eyes of Shangyuan Needs are subtle.

Obviously this sentence made him remembering a less memant.

Shangji Looking at the white beard, calmly open: "There is no relationship, if I find his body, maybe there is a new relationship between us ... a big one, a big one, a large sea, I am very interested He made your own collection ... "

Just when they are chatting here ...

Black beard Marshall D. Tiji faintly can't hold it.

Because in accordance with his eyes, he has already been able to see the failure of white beard, just did not think that the white beard will be so bad, it seems that it is impossible to lose, but fortunately the white beard is hurted ...

As long as you can absorb the abilities of shock absorption, for the black beard Marshall D. Tiqi, it has the power to compete with the original navigation!

What's more

Tiqi is really certain.

Tiqi Decisively, in order to capture the fruits of the devil, Tiki, familiar with the strength of the dark fruit, as long as he can make the original Needle ability to fail ...

after all…

Up to the state of this person, now, in fact, no matter what, this person is a demon fruit power ... just Marshall D. Tiqi is the best at dealing with the devil's ability.

the most important is…

Tiqi can't stand the white beard to die in others, especially in this situation, let Tiqi are especially angry for white beards!

"Thief Hahaha ... forget it ..."

Marshall D. Tiji's figure came out from the ruins. His eyes were full of ambitions: "Laozi can't wait ... we went to take the strongest capacity of his body, and simply surpass here. He! "

" ... Tiqi ..."

The black body drills out of the back of Marshall D. Tiqi, is full of smiles: "Now this situation, we still have to shoot? It is easy to defeat the top of a group of people ..."

"Of course you want to shoot!"

Tiqi nodded slowly, staring at the white beard in front of the original naval, and the cold voice told the bunch of a group of trees behind him: "You go to help me to wrap, giving me a dark and dark fruit. Time, others will solve white beards with me ... "

Marshall D. Tiqi walked out of the ruins, while smiling while looking at: "Thief Hahaha ... The old man is too old, then the era, give it to me! I will help him solve the dawn! "


White is looking at each other.

Every white is a bit mentally disabled, but it does not prevent them to think that Tiqi is a true mind.