I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 585 Black: A self-cultivation of people who are good at editing!

"Thief Hahaha ..."

The black beard Marshall D. Tiqi led the black beard of the pirates that made the white beard of the thief group appeared in an instant!

When the white beard is on the verge of the limit ...

Marshall D. Tiji this guy jumped out!

Even if the White Beard One Piece is now facing the organization that cannot beat the enemy, it is more abhorrent to Marshall D. Tiqi.

"I have not come to the evening, the old ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi looked up at the tall white beard, grinned and showed a volatile, and smiled in the voices: "Thief hahaha ... It seems that there is no night, just can send the old man A way ... "

This arrogant session ...

It seems that it is not low-key!

Tiqi! "

White beards can also support him with a cluster!

The old man looked at Marshall D. Tiji, full of angry: "You still dare to appear in front of me ..."

"Thief Hahaha ... What is not dare!"

Marshall D. Tii felt his arm, whispered: "Old, I am sending you for a special trip ... I have been in order to stand for more than 20 years, it is to stand like this now. In front of you! "

"I used to admire you numerous times ...

Marshall D. Tiji's eyes were relentless: "But ... now you are too old, even someone can't beat ..."

What is strong in white beard!

Anyone on the whole sea dares to provoke him!

However, now white beards, but even a leader of a well-organized organization can't overcome, I want to rescue the fire Aus, but I can't connect to the criminal station!

at this point…

Before going to avoid Tiqi!


White beard is silent.

Tiqi This sentence has not been a bit easy ...

In their fighting, the cards and white beards representing the body and armed tall domineering vertices and representing the vulnerability of the devil's ability to easily rush.

If you can…

White beard really wants Marshall D. Tige to know how strong Shangyuan Nairi, this guy is not the enemy of anyone who can defeat this world ...

at least…

Never not now!

Even people can't find people with the original nourmost enemy!

Even if the white beard recognized by Gorgon D. Roger is resurrected, it is not the opponent of the original navigation, because it is already pure power to rush!

"Interesting, people who debt debts are all right ..."

Shangji fell in half an air, looked at the black beard and white beard, slowly snorted his own head: "You have both promised to give me secret fruit, but you have not fulfilled your own promise ... "


White beards were again silent.

Because they were in order to save the Saich, they directly agreed to give a dark fruit, and did not fulfill their commitments so far ...

Regardless of how many things happen in the middle, in accordance with their agreement, it is necessary to implement the dark fruit, but they have not been done. After the war broke out, it was thrown behind.

There is no need to mention this kind of thing.

Because Xi Xiaomei has never intended to get dark fruit from their hands, this is the trap of the original organization ... however, even if the White Beard One Piece does not step on this trap, it is impossible to hinder the plan of the world to rule the world.

"Thief hahaha, it is dark fruit!"

Marshall D. Tiji's palm gradually floated a black, and he looked at the original navigation: "How can the dark fruit may give this to other people ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi raised his palm, and he looked at the white beard in interested: "Old, you still don't know ... Xiao has been looking for this fruit, it is because of this fruit but represents the rule The power of the world! "

Marshall D. Tiqi fell on the battlefield, grinned: "No matter who is a movement of this, just get this fruit, you have the whole world, whether it is power or strength ..."

"Is it lost by a fruit of a fruit?"

White beard looked at the darkness in Tiqi, showing a contempt when the face was suddenly said: "For this fruit, it violates the iron rhythm on the boat, and the homes are hidden."

Next moment, white beards gave a punch to Tiqi!

Surprisingly, the white light of the shock fruit ability is touching the dark moment in Tiqi hands, and immediately becomes directly absorbed by Tiqi!

"Have you seen it? Old ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi shook his head, as if it was showing off, the big smiled: "I haven't got dark fruit ... how can I understand the strength of this fruit!"

When I said here, Tiqi's eyes flashed a greed: "But soon you will know!"

Marshall D. Tiki palm and body instantly were wrapped in dark, his eyes were mad: "Old, let your ability to swallow down! That is part of the dark fruit, let me replace you replace this era!"

With the movement of Marshall D. Tiqi, a group of black beards, which look unusually fierce, and the elderly!

It's just a bit weird ...

Most of these members are mostly in the same way, and even someone else falls on the Yisi Bo sphere next to the pharmacist ...

Marshall D. Tiki is full of privilege.

He even launched his arm. He looked up at the original navigation. Loud to show off: "Thief hahaha ... I saw it, the leader of Xiao!

This is what you have always wanted to get. Laozi is in order to get it a small role of more than 20 years, why you want to take the fruit of Laozi ... "


Shangyuan Needo looked delicately looked at the arrogant Tiqi.

Marshall D. Tiqi waved his arm, showing his own white army: "People who rule the world, they are destined to be ..."


A black shadow suddenly drill from Marshall D. Tiqi, and its palm suddenly penetrated Tiji's body!

This change ...

Whether it is a white beard aphid or a black beard of the thief, there is no react!

Especially the crew of the black beard, everyone can't help but feel shocking. They looked at a parent pocket and Yu Zhibo spots ...

However, the expression of Yuxioba is more subtle than they, this strange change seems to make Yu Zhibo spots have thought of some unhappy things ...

next moment…

A more dark matter wrapped in Marshall D. Tiji's body!

"how come…"

Marshall D. Tiji's eyes are full of horror. His eyes are not coming to the past, and they look at the dark palms penetrated from their own chest: "The body can't move ... black ... how you will "

The darkness of the darkness falls in the ear of everyone, and its smile is still very bad: "Tiqi, in front of God, what do you think you can rule the world?"

"Black ..."

Marshall D. Tiki bit his teeth and feels the pain on the body: "You are the will of Laozi ..."

" ..."

The black smile became more and more strange, its body gradually covered Tiji's body, completely controlling Tiji's body.

The black face glanced over a strange smile, laughed and opened: "Tiqi ... I used more than 20 days to find the opportunity to be your will!

When I get dark fruit, I have been looking for opportunities, let you become the tool we can use, but unfortunately, your guy is too suspicious! "

"Your guy ..."

Marshall D. Tiji is desperately grasped into the body, and wants to pull out from his body: "What is a ghost thing!"

"Tiqi, I am not your will ..."

Black is not in Tijizi's movements, laughing and opening: " ... a long time ago, before the huge kingdom, there is a pair of mother and son, both of them have a great power, The mother was honored by the world as a goddess, and his son went to six cactors by the world. "


The look of the Shangyuan Needle.

Why do you have to make a story again! I have never told this kind of thing! And this story is clearly a vulnerability ...

Just now ...

It seems that they are happy.

Because everyone present seems to be black, the story is attracted ...

Even everyone on the criminal station is concentrated on the storm, because of these historical stories and the secret of God, they are still very interested in ...

"... two powerful gods fight in order to rule the world's philosophy, in order not to destroy this planet, they re-produced another world as battlefield ...

In the end, the mother's big torch is blinded by the winner, and his son is going to work because of his life.

Until the son who came to the world was broken with the help of my help, and returned to this planet who was ruling in their mother and son, but it has become a world of unrecognizable world ... "

When I said, I will continue to say in the sky: "But Hui Yue Yi left a will before being seal, she regretted her own son, hoping to give more love to her child, My existence is for this life! "


Marshall D. Tik took his teeth, squeezed out from the teeth: "What is the relationship with Laozi?"

Ah ah ah ah ah…

Tiqi feels that he is simply crazy!


This fucking ... A family of nerve!

You want to improve the mother and child relationship ... this kind of thing is what this person!

"Because Xiao's leader mentioned dark fruit ..."

The black smile is getting deemed deeply: "The mother is replaced by the son who is regretted, and after the seal is broken, it is more petted to her son, completely give it ...

Casually, Hui Ni Ji knows that when her child mentioned the dark fruit, I decided to help my son get this devil fruit ... "

"and so…"

Marshall D. Tichi bites his teeth and looked at the original navigation, Shen Sheng: "You are here to offer Laozi to the leader of this child as a gift!"


Shangyuan Nai is caught in a silence.

To tell the truth, if you don't have everything, you know everything, even the original truth of the world, he will start to help this story is true or false ...

Dark this guy ...

It's very editing!