I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 586 In order to ensure our undercover pureness, we will kill people who are not undercover.

Black is too easy to compile.

Don't say that people in the Pirace world, even those who have been helpless, I can't help but feel a truth, who makes the past have an interpretation right ...

This kind of thing ...

Not black, I want to say, how to say it!

Maybe this kind of thing may be true, the six cactors and the big tube Hui Hui night set off the drama of God's war, which seems to be more reliable than six immortal salvation.

After all, the six cactut's Chakra turned the world, and the navigation was here. This person is a virtue, everyone is watching in the eyes ...

this one…

Black still says that he has humanity!

I can imagine ...

What is the virtue of the past never had the past?

"Thief Hahaha ..."

After listening to the story, Marshall D. Tiqi has grinned, and only the laughter can suppress the fear of his heart: "The god before the huge kingdom ... hahahaha ... It sounds really terrible ... "

Tiqi said ...

I have died in my heart again!

Dark this king, this is not playing him?

In comparison, the mental acceptance of white beard is much better, and his eyes are slightly tightened. Before the huge kingdom, there is a god?

This means that…

That is the mother and child ...

I want to take back the power they used to!

The power of this world has been ruled!

Shangji was turned to the black, whispered: "Okay, don't kill him, now he is not used ... barely use him to be a sacrifice!"

"Sacrifice ..."

The heart of the black beard is treated.

This word is not very wonderful!

Even in the big sea, the black beard is very clear, the sacrifice generally means sacrificing, meaning that they want his life!

"Does anyone replaces us to become a sacrifice?"

"There is another companion to live!"

"Hahahaha ... I have long thought this Tiqi is so stupid ..."

When the black beard is nervous, a group of silly white is very happy, and it is time to see that the black beard falls to this kind of next.

The black body slowly slammed from Tec's body, and the body of the paint and black body makes people feel extraordinarily ...

Just when the black and detached moment, Tiqi resumed his body control. He didn't care about his own wound, and he wanted to hide his own crew: "Fast, everyone together, kill them!"


The crew of the black beard is a weird.

Every person's eyes are not compromised on the body of the pharmacist.

As the pharmacist pushed his own glasses, Yu Zhi Li slowly got his own cigar, sighed and sighed: "Okay, let's work!"


The crew of the black beard is more subtle.

Next, these big hundred thieves picked up their pistols and knives, and she was in Marshall D. Tiji ...

"Basta ... you ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi is stupid.

This ambitious fiph holds his own pistol, and looked at these crew who came up from Bierton personally: "Do you want to give Laozi to Xiaomi?"

Marshall D. Tiji looked angrily, he looked at the leader of this group of big hundred thiefs, grinned and smiled: "Hi, your guy ... also has a share?"

"The captain, don't blame me."

The rain smoked a cigar, spit a big smoke ring, sighed a little: "I have not found a chance to tell you anything ..."

The rain of the rain also spit a smoking ring, turned to look at Tiqi, and sighed a breath: "On our boat, only you are not taught people ..."

After listening to the rain of the rain, the people around the other will not be laughed with autonomous, even the white bearded aphid group in the distance is subtle.

If it is not a situation ...

People who can't help but laugh.

Didara is almost a laughter, you can't afford to come: "Hahahahaha ... this is what! Hey, Shang, why you have a group of people to arrange a group!"

What is the devil arrangement!

The undercover of others is arranged in other forces to arrange a person to latenner, slowly deliver information; Xi Xiaomei arranges undercover, all arrange a group of people to lurking, slowly put the forces completely ...

This fucking ...

Everyone knows to be crazy!

" ... this is interesting not?"

Dofonteo helped his little sunglasses, and smiled and said: "No matter what he wants to get or know, you must pass the license!"


The black beard did not have a lot of Rurang Ming and Didara and others, and still looked at the rain.

"Don't look at me ..."

Yusi left a cigar, slowly continued: "Oh, right, in order to avoid the supreme exposure of our bodies on the boat, I am in Pelton, I will kill you before."


The black beard finally couldn't help but open his mouth: "You are a bastard ... I have been lie to Laozi, and I will save you!"

How is this bastard? It is okay to say this at this time!

At the beginning of the Pelton's big prison, the rain of rain has joined the Black Bearded One Pirates, and it kills a group of crews such as Radiat. The reason is that the weak is not worthy of the power!

At that time, the black beard chose to forgive the shackles.

Because the power of the rain is far from other crew.

Now Tiqi also listened to the rain, I left the kind of thing, but in order to let them not expose these undercover, Tiqi really can't help but want to kill now!

Oh shit…

This queen is more than black!

No, these two are not good!

"You arrange it ..."

Shang Nai, I watched the anger black beard, I couldn't help but pick the eyebrows, I saw a pocket that I stand next to it.

"No, this is also the arrangement of adults."

The pharmacist hooked his mouth and looked with a laugh. Some things that look good is not bad ... "

As for how it is recruited ...

Single just look at these people can be clear about the fear of the pharmacist, the means of the pharmacist seems to be not particularly bright, but the guy who deals with these evils, no matter what means can be accused.

What's more

They just look at the identity of the pharmacist and the

"We are the part of the big people ..."

Yu Zhi Li looked at the original navigation, his face gradually revealed a drop of cold sweat, screaming: "When the big person is originally to let us receive a big person, but I didn't expect it to be a god ..."

"Let go down your cigar."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and whispered: "Don't be too rude in front of Nairi, I am looking for your strength, I want to recommend you, become our official member ..."


The rain gave his face uncomfortable, and used it to go out to go on his own hand.

"It does not matter."

Shangji shook his head quietly, whispered: "I am very big, a little small thing will not care ..."


The rain of the rain left a breath.

Others in the scene can't help but hang down, this rain should not leave the original Nair, is it true?

"Okay, let's talk about it!"

Shangyuan Nai went to wave, and the fingertips set up a ray to fall in white beard, he calmly opened: "Your body can't hold it!"

"this is…"

The white beard's face flashed on a shot.

Because as the group of white fell into his body, he only felt that all the injuries and physical strength they were quickly recovered, let him become more powerful than just ...

White beard couldn't help but look at the original navigation, what is the meaning of this guy, giving him this life when this is this, is it easy to uniform?

"Don't think resistance."

Shangqi Naqi, I looked at the white beard, slowly erected her finger, whispered: "I just give you some life, let you live more, just let you see an old friend again Moreover ... anyway, you should be partners in the future, goodbye again in advance. "

"Older friend?"

The white beard is a bit weird.

Can you have several old friends in this world?

Moreover, what does this partner in the elevated mouth?

"Do you want to find something to find?"

Shangji took a look at the drug teacher, and the fingers finished a place: "If you are ready, let's put it there!"

"Yes, Needar."

The pharmacist has taken a little bit, from his own body, takes a plenty of spirit reel, from which a pile of black hair: "This is found from all the information from the World Government, and I also take this The opportunity has harvested the remains of many strong people ... "

"That let him come out!"

Shangyuan Nai fell together, the look was slightly striking: "I want to end everything in this world, only let the person open the big waters, let him end this here ... ! "