I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 587 comes to say hello to the old friend!

Malin Fanto's wind is a bit hustleman.

Under the eyes of everyone, the brunette on the ground suddenly slowly for confetti, posted a white sacrifice, as if the mummy usually wrapped it.

next moment…

A robust man squatted from the mummy!

This figure looks not high. In the moment, his body, but he smashed the domineering of the sky. This domineering instantly swept the entire Malin Fanto!

No matter who can see it ...

It is about to appear, it is a bad person!

Shangyuan Na Run waved two stars, the Buddha's Warring States and Pluto Rally were in the ground, and the face of the two people faintly confused ...

Just when they saw the fashionable people in the battlefield, it was difficult to cover up, and even the heart faintly raised a fear!

White Beard Edward New Gate's eyes are shorten, and the eyes are deadly staring at the figure that is about to come. His expression becomes unusual!

Tria, long cap, tan windbreaker ...

And the familiar face, the familiar smile, just a few cracks on his face, as if it is a sculpture,

Even so, it still doesn't stop his gentle!

Twentieth year ago, the pirates of the prisoner were sentenced to Roger ... resurrection!

White beard cleared his fists, did not reply to watch the original appearance of the original appearance, and ask: "This momentum ... Sure enough, you ..."

"Roger ..."

The sound of the Kapu deceased came out.

Relle looked up on the ground and looked at the familiar figure, his face became a little and complex: "I didn't expect, I can still see your guy again after twenty years ..."

The Buddha's face has become anger, and his look is a bit complicated. He slowly turned to look at the original navigation: "How could ... this guy ... actually can control life and death ... Why Dorld Roger's bastard is resurrected! "

"That person ... is the One Piece ... Corrod Roger!"

"Corrod Roger is resusive!"

"One Piece is resusive!"

All the pirates of the entire Malin Fanto have already recognized the figures of the One Piece, and each pirate is suddenly exciting!

Force a thief ...

The last coronation of the King of the One Piece is extraordinary, and most of the hundred thieves in the scene are listening to Roger's legendary!


Douglas Baret and Culcas, etc. on the punctive table flash shocked, and everyone was excited when everyone looked at the figure!

Pakistan bite his teeth, but the tears can't help but flow slowly: "How can it ... the captain ... resurrected!"


The excitement of the incense is gradually faded, and the cheeks slowly dropped cold sweat. His eyes were slightly tightened, and the heart was flourishing. Want to get the big secret treasure of Lavdru? "

"Hey, is it the One Piece?"

Lu Fei took a desperate to explore the figure of the neck, his face suddenly revealed a big smile, turned to his brother: "Hey, Es, Take a look, it is your father. ? "


Sa Bo looked nervously.

What is their brother going, why don't you open every pot every time, clearly know that Ace is not like his father!

"My father ... only white beard!"

The face of Es is unimaginable, but even if the fire is not saying, his eyes can't stand in Roger.

That is not a photo ... that is not a wax ...

That is not a hundred pirates who have been in the mouth ...

That is a truly standing there, the pirates who have been resurrected from the pirates D. Roger, which is also his true birth!

"I really didn't think ... I will resurrected the One Piece ..."

Originally, I stood in the Duran Mingcho in Xiwi Camp. When I saw the pirates who were re-resurrected by Shangji, the face was still unprotected.

"One Piece's words ..."

Cartry ghosts have no concepts for the One Piece, and his mouth has a smile: "This kind of person is probably qualified as the leader of the leader!"


Dove of Francamo's forehead flowing out a drop of cold sweat: "This sentence should not what I think ... If I don't miss the wrong, Yuxi Bao and the face of Mr. Yu Zhihe seem to have and Corber Roger's same crack ... "

"It is what you think."

Cartry ghosts, sorrow, slowly open: "Any value of any valuable people want to become a collection of adults, can retain most of their strength ... After all, the adult is resurrected, and naturally it is effective. ! "


Dofontech slowly downped his own sunglasses, grinned: " ... What is said ... Is the One Piece also become our person?"

Just like the ghosts of the mortar ...

Corrod Roger, No, or Corr D. Roger, after the One Piece has just been resurrected, it has been applied to the body.

of course…

Under normal circumstances, unless necessary, Shangyuan Na is not very much to control others.

In comparison, using others in the world's embarrassment, let people be willing to perform his order, is the best thing to do at the original Na.

"How is this going…"

Brow wrinkled with Corr D. Roger.

When he resurrected the first thing is to explore his situation, this body's different sense is like his soul into a barely accommodated accessories ...

It is possible to make him play a lot of strength ...

And the treasury is not died, the only trouble is that his body faintly felt that someone in his will seem to control his actions at any time.

When Gorgon D. Roger just resurrected, he wanted to try to break freely, but unfortunately the person who controlled him is stronger ...

His strength does not seem enough to get rid of control.

"Gorr D · Roger."

Shangyuan Na Roung held his arm, watching the legendary One Piece, whispering: "Don't think about breaking free, soon I will not bind your actions, first and your old friend Greeze ... "

"Hahahahahaha ... is it?"

Corgon D. Luo Jie can't hold a smile, his eyes slowly got the surroundings, and instantly fell on the body of Pluto: "It looks very familiar ... this is not ... Rally Rally! Hahahahaha ... Rally, have you been old? I really can't recognize it! "

After that, Luo Jie's Yu Guang saw Kapu and Warring States: "Hahahaha ... Cap, Warring States, you are old, you are old ..."

Until the end, Roger's eyes fell on the white beard: "Ha, New Gate, we have been separated by many teenagers ..."

"You say a bad way."

The original Nairo interrupted the words of Corr D · Roger.

Next, the body of Corr D. Roger rushed to white beards in an instant, this legendary One Piece waved his fist and smashed his old friend's chin!

"Wait ... My body ... Be careful, New Gate!"

Roger has become ugly, his fist is constantly falling on white beard, and directly defeats the old friend!

"Your guy ..."

White beard guess the truth.

However, his mood has become a slightest, this is just the injury to his injury, is it to be beaten?

This guy…

Does this are called a person?

"Corrod Roger!"

Potkas D · Essarea looked at the scene below in the prisoner, and his face was full of angry: "What is your bastard?"

Seeing white beards be beaten by their own birth ... Fire Aus is really half point!


Xiangks loudly stopped Ais, slowly hanging down the head: "The captain is resurrected by the original navigation, his body should be controlled by himself ..."

"Don't hurt him!"

Corr D · Roger holds his fist station in front of white beard, watching this already old friend and opponent, this punch he tries to control his body!

In the end, Roger still waved hard!

White beards are on the ground!

Shangyuan Nairoucked Roger's body to stop, calmly opened: "Okay, I will say hello to your old friend, let me tell you someone else!"

Shangyuan Na Roked on their side, looking at Gorr D. Roger, whispered: "Do you want to see it first ..."

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly raised his fingers, falling on the prisoner: "Do you need to introduce you? The son you have left before, you have all the same partners all over, after 20 years, maybe you Can't you read it? "

"Twenty years ..."

The eyes of Corgon D. Roger, looked up and looked at the punishment station. He also couldn't recognize him. Until I saw Pakistan: "Well? Pakistan? The person next to him ... Kars? "

Corgon D · Roger slowly turned to see Es and others, his eyes finally stopped, although he never met Portkas D · Es ...


Little freckles on Essen ...

Corgon D · Roger has identified that his son, his son and Potkas D. dew!

Garve D. Roger reluctantly moved his attention from Es, and fell on the battlefield.

The fiction of this One Piece gradually became incomparatuous: "So, you gathered my friends here, what is the purpose of my resurrection?"


Here is his friends and companions.

There is even the son that I saw today.

If you count, Corr D. Roger is the most closely embarrassing embarrassment, just let Roger think that his friends seem to be not very wonderful ...


It seems that it has been seriously injured.

From the situation, this should be a unprecedented war, perhaps white beard and the Warring States and others have two defeats.

of course…

It is also possible that this resurrection in front of this resurrection has defeated everyone with a self. After all, the man in front of him is he used to listen to the hearts of all things, and even the inner people are used to control his strength. He can't resist!

"It looks stronger than I think, I thought you would narken the old ..."

Shangji opened his palm, quietly opened: "Since you want to talk about it, let's talk about it!"

I have opened the big pihydra before, I have passed for 20 years. This is a big patersery era that you open, and you will end it, this little thing is nothing wrong? "


Corgon D · Roger caught in silence.

Pluto Relie struggled to raise his head, Shen Xiang said: "Roger, don't promise him, they immediately want to rule this world, the sea will soon enter the most dark era, OnePiece is the only hope ..."

But Rayle's words have not been finished ...

Gorr D · Roger's figure rushed to Rayry!

When the fist of Corgon D. Roger is to fall on Ruth, he forcibly controls his own movements, slow turning to turn, is like a hungry wolf, is generally looking forward to the original navigation: "I said ... don't hurt Ruth ..."

The original Nairou picked up his fingers and continued: "If you can't do it, Pluto Rare is just the first, I don't mind if you pay more, the world government has been destroyed by us, this world has no need One thief ... "

When the dragon people and the world government fall ...

This world is actually no longer needed.