I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 588 Town the world of the new era

Marin Fanto.

Just when they were still deadlocked, the origin of justice was continuously incorporated into a warship, and every warship was covered with Ninja, Samurai and One Piece.

"That is ... Baorence Festival and BIG MOM One Piece!"

A group is responsible for the revolutionary army of the peripheral warning, looking at this scene, in their line of sight, the dense Malaysia warship will surround the entire mallan.

The coalition has finally arrived at Malin Fanto.

The coalition of more than 100,000 people became an overwhelming force.

Whether you want to retreat, the White Beard, or the revolutionary army, or the remaining party of the Red-haired One Piece, all of which are completely surrounded by this joint army.

The joint army also shocked the Navy.

This is to avoid some of the naval in the Warring States and Kapu's people in Malin Fanto.

With the arrival of this army, everyone knows this war in their hearts, and they have been defeated when they arrive in the original navigation.

Only the arrival of the coalition has become the last straw against them.

This also means that organizations are not only strong, and they also have a large number of military, but also a sharp troops.

"Forget it, you will end here ..."

Corgon D. Roger, this Jiejiu, just resurrected, and returned to his bold smile: "The story of the pirate ... Finally, it will end!"

Ten days later.

The war that shocking the world has already ended.

During this time, the news report of the whole world is excited to be out of sale, because every thing in the war is enough to board the headline, and it is enough to cause the entire world owner.

The most shocking is undoubtedly two things ...

First, the World Government is destroyed by the world, and this world has begun to enter the era; its second, the leader of the pirates, the leader, is re-resurrected.

This means that no one can take a big secret to the Pirace earlier.

As I announced the announcement, the era of the big patented thief creating by Gorr D · Roger has ended this, and this world does not need a pirate.

Just exchange ...

Xiaochu created a new mode.

Any one without direct or indirectly losses from all over the world, you can go to Malin Fan Dodia to cancel the reward, register as a navigation group.

Each adventure group even has a strict level division.

Every year, Xiaomi will conduct an assessment. After the elite members in each navigation group, it will be accepted as a formal member.

Each official member has a voting right at the World Conference.

This kind of affairs have been objected by many of the world government to franchise, so that only strong people can have a saying, what should they do in these countries?

Many countries in the big sea do not recognize the rule of the world's government's hands, and even some small countries want to follow the twenty kings who established the World Government in the year ...

These countries are simply coming to fun ...

Because the original four emperor's thieves have been registered in this policy, it has been registered as a S-class nautical group, and people replacing white beard are Malco and Portcas D. Es.

White Beard Edward New Gate didn't see it.

No one knows his traces, some people guess that he was gounted to Inveron, some people guess that he may have so.

Some people speculate that he may want to maintain himself as a ficepiece's last dignity ...

After all, as an old age ...

Since then, you should have been separated from your own pirates, and it seems that anything is uncomfortable.

no matter what…

They are already in the past.

No matter how many people are optimistic about the rule of tissue, they must face the rule of reading. This has already thrown two four emperors, but also receiving all the army left by the World Government!

Marin Fanto.

The general meeting was held.

A group of children is here, this meeting encompasses all the strong people who have dominant rights in this world, and many people are even for ten days or they hostile.

However, I don't care about it all ...

The members of Xiao Xiao don't care about these have been enemies because they are very clear about who is a winner, who is conquering.

As the Navy Marshal and Navy Heroes, the Buddha's Warring States and Kapu also have their own position, and both of them are freely shaped a Xiangyun black robe.

In fact, for the Navy ...

Their loyal object does not matter.

What's important to understand that I don't seem to be so evil, it is said that they have implemented policies and systems in the country, compared to other countries.

And if you really say ...

The organization of the World Government was established by Tianlong people. In fact, it was already getting spoiled.

Don't say that the organization is doing it, it seems well ...

If the Buddha's Warring States have long known to the strength of the organization and the organization of the organization, maybe he may also do not mind for this organizational effect ...

This also proves that they don't want to turn this world into a pirates, but it is like to govern this world.

This is normal ...

Victors may not want their world to become chaotic.

The only thing is that no one knows the character of the leader of the taught, because he is a bit like the guy who wants to do ...

And the mind seems to be a little smaller ...

Just as the Buddha's Warring States thoughtful, Cared was sitting around the Warring States, three disasters and several men sit behind him.

Kamada watched the host desk on the conference room. It seems to be unintentionally opened: "Warring States Marshal, consider alliances with us ... We have a topic, Lingling has agreed, at least in our meeting, there is already ten ticket…"


Capu sitting next to Hamare, I couldn't help but laugh: "Hahaha ... what is the situation of alliance ... I always feel the problem!"

It's really strange ...

A big hundred thief came to find a naval mangrang and the naval hero alliance. This fucking really can't touch the brain!


The Warring States helped himned the glasses, and looked at the pharmacist who was sitting in their not far away and Qingqi, whispered: "Thaedo, we only have two votes, in so many people, there seems to be no Special role ... "

"Hey, it seems that you can't solve the situation, it is really wasting ..."

Thaedo slowly stopped and left here, led his part to change a position, returned to Big Mom.


With the beginning of the meeting, the Buddha's Warring States finally understood how important him and the two votes of Kapu were more important. Even if it was a vote, it is possible to do things ...

"The first topic, for the handling of the East China Sea, there is no franchise in the East China Sea, there is no joining country to express the surrender ... should be completely destroyed for this weakest sea, used to warn other sea areas ... they don't have any value, birth The chance of strong people is very low ... "

"We think it can be directly tilted a tsunami on a thousand meters, swept the whole East Sea, this is the fastest way ..."


Cap Pu is simply crazy.

What is the devil meeting!

Why is the first thing to destroy his hometown, and even say that there is a nose, it sounds a bit of a thousand meters of tsunami ...


It seems that it is not so complicated.

Single only BIG · MOM can do it!

The Buddha's Warring States and Kapop looked at a group of guys who worn out in Xiangyun black robes or discoved or waived, as if it was not a matter of general, even a few guys wearing soil, thundermathered guys encountered other people ticket…

This is really can't help but go crazy ...

Fortunately, I have a lot of people in the organization, and then add the help of the pharmacist, it will not pass the difference between this issue ...

This meeting ...

One vote is very important, don't say that the Warring States and Kapu have two votes!

"Don't prepare for the meeting."

After a long meeting, the pharmacist gazed into the Buddha's Warring States and whispered: "This meeting can always determine the fate of the whole world, if you don't pay attention, you will have devastating disasters, Marshal Adults and Cap. Just follow us ... "


There is a little ugly that the Fruit of the Warring States.

Before I woven the world, he was the puppet of the pharmacist; after the rule of the world, he was still a pillow ...

This is he ...

Isn't it a lot of tissue?

Just as the Warring States wanted to say something with the pharmacist, the sky suddenly broke down in an instant, and it was clear that it was still during the day, but in the moment of the night ...

"To start."

The pharmacist slowly closed his eyes and whispered: "From this moment, the two worlds will penetrate; from this moment, Needar will become a god!"


Warring States expression weird.

Fortunately, the night did not have passed too long. After a few minutes, the sun reached this big sea.

The whole world is panicked for a while.

No one knows what happened.

Only on the Aii Road on the original universe moon, look at the empty head next to the moon, scratching his head, who can tell him, where did his hometown go?