I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 589 Daily, Xiao Second Generation Life

Red soil continent.

The headquarters of Xiaoyu finally built.

This city is named rainfall by Xiaonan, and the members living in this city are members of a cultivation and living.

This new Holy Land is very different from the past Mario, which is actually a holy place to cultivate strong people, not symbolizes the highest position.

Even so…

The big sea still has countless people want to enter here.

If they can come in, they will see the conditions here. In fact, it is far less than the outside world. It is not as good as the Francium's Draza.

The whole rain is within ...

The only thing weighing is a bustling building, and a member of the organization is used to meet, and other buildings are not particularly repaired.

Shangyuan Nair floats in the air, slowly watching the scenery of the whole rain, his eyes finally falling on a blue-haired woman in the ground.

Shangyuan Na will slowly erect his finger.

Next, the sky floated a piece of cloud.

Yin Yun slowly gathered in the sky, the rain slowly fell as the silk, the whole rain gradually began to show the rain.

It is a little missing.

Shangyuan Nai's figure falls around Xiaonan, his hand has an umbrella, blocking it on the top of Xiaonan's head.


Xiaonan turned into the ground, and saw Shangyuan Na, standing in the rain, her brow slightly: "The temperature here is very low, don't stand outside, rain ..."

The rain is built on the highest point in the Red Soil Continent.

The temperature here is indeed much lower than other places, and the rain is dropped in the human body. It is only a little cold in the rain.


Shangyuan Na will nod, hid into the umbrella, and two people are in the past, and the umbrella is slowly stepped in the rain.

This scene has fallen in the eyes of many people.

The martial artifact standing on a high platform, looking at the two people's figure, grinning his mouth, loudly smiling: "It seems that in addition to Sunday, the whole rain is not raining." "

"This is not bad ..."

The huge white star princess carefully leaned over, and asked it next to the small sound: "That ... ghosts, will I have been living here?"

"Can leave."

Cartry ghosts looked at the White Star Princess, grinned: "If you don't want to stay here, you can also choose to leave Xiaoxiao, no one can quit Xiao ..."

"But ... but ..."

White Star princess watched around, she would continue to say: "Ghost people ... I ... I don't dare ..."

The fish princess ...

The gut is really not a general small.

At very flat, I fell around the ghosts, and I was solemnly to open the mouth: "Princess, don't leave Xiao, this time, the survival of our fish island ..."

As one of the ancient weapons, the White Star Princess has this qualification to become a formal member of Xiaoxiao, which makes Nitton King and the fish people.

A famous member of a well ...

It's enough to shelter the whole fishman!

After all, every country in the big sea is expected to have a formal member in which they can have a well-known official member, which can be ascended.

If no one is asylum them ...

Before you have no new policies that have not been issued, these countries have no voting rights at the meeting, which means they can only be slaughtered.

And the fish island is not only a quota ...

Now, add some kind of martial arts, and the fish island has a formal member of the three familiarity. As long as you don't have some big forces, and those who don't make sense, there will be no more people to provoke the fish. People are island!

Fish island this is really luck ...

In the case of comparison, the luck of my daughter Amazon · Lily is also good.

In order to shelter my daughter, the world's first beauty in Hancu can take the initiative to apply for the assessment to join the text, in fact, the world's first beauty is another picture ...

"Hui Night adult, raining!"

The voice of Baya Hancark is melodiously echoed in a luxurious house. Her face flashes a suspicious red lotion: "Hui Night adult, the feeling of rainy days is very good ... Do you want to go out to walk together! "


There is a little confused in the face of the big torch.

The face of BA Hancark is full, excited, excited, high-spirited: "Ah, ah, confused brilliant night adults are also cute!"


The face of the big tube Hui's night is more confused.

Since this is called Yah Hancuk, she has entered the rain, she has become very lively, echoing the voice of the Sangka Hankuku every day ...

This woman ...

what is the problem?

Compared to the life of the rain, the life of the rain, the life of Dornono is more calm. As the king of Drescent, he can choose to continue to stay in his own, but Langming has chosen to stay here.

Because for him, this is a symbol of winners.

And as a leader of the underground world, Dofran Mingge will grab all the big boss of the entire underground world, which is also a lot of trouble for him.

If it is not the Francience to live in the rain ...

Then, before the drug division thoroughly cleaned up the underground world, Duran Minggang had to use it for a long time to face these troubles.

Now Dofonte is quite comfortable. He even took her in the rain, and intended to have a son, Fuxinto family!

What is the future ...

Dofontegog is planning to make your son before returning, this person's mind doesn't know what to think ...

Perhaps because ...

Do Franmin brothers have seen other children's life?


Xiaoxiwi is clear that the world has not long, and there is a group of so-called Xiaodi, which has begun in this world.

Now this big sea is now the most famous Xiao Second Generation, approximately the Munqi D · Road of the straw navigation harbor, because everyone knows his life.

Father Munqi D · Dorag, Grandfather Munqi D · Cap, Brother Potkas D · Es and Sa Bo, these are official members.

Munqi D · Luffy's strength is also moving farther, everyone knows that this little guy will be destined to have a well-being.

Really enviable ...

Before Xiwi ruled the world, Monchi D · Lu flying was unveiled at the world; after the rule of the world, Monchi D · Luffy life seems to be still good ...

Originally he should be punished on the office ...

The result was later because of the relationship between father and grandfather, plus the straw hat pirates did not have done a bad thing, and Nicole Robin privately, so Lu Fei was also released after the war.

Just, Munqi D · Road is not good ...

The most important reason is that the dream of the One Piece is blocked, and now they can only call themselves to the straw hamline, the main purpose is to look for onePiece.

All the thieves of the entire big sea are all looking for onePiece.

Because as long as you can find OnePiece, you can get an opportunity to join Xiaoli. This is a little different from what you get from ONEPIECE, but it is also a good reward ...


The big sea is not allowed to be privately robbed.

If you want to go to the sea, you must prepare your own materials and money, and even there are rolling fees on each island and what messy things.

In order to raise funds ...

Wanli Sunshine is sailing at sea, while holding money with the goods.

The captain of Lu Fei also inevitably turned into a movement. Every island is going to work hard, help their customers to carry goods.

Of course, they have not forgotten the old bank.

Occasionally they will hunt, find a few sea treasures to fish.

"What is this devil day ..."

Namei looked at the money in his hands, and there was a bit of pain on his face: "I have already a few times, and we have earned 300,000 Bailei ... I am not as good as I and Nikka. Income ... "

"That is a banquet!"

Lu Fei laughed with his own arms: "If you earn money, we can save it for a long time!"

"Open a ghost banquet!"

Namei has angered a punch on the head of Lufei.

Next, the nautical house sighed in the sate, kneeling in the corner of the deck: "If the big man will give me the money, I will give me a good ..."

"This is ..."

Nicole Robin looks delicate looks at the beauty, whispered: "Although ... but still don't destroy the leader ..."