I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 590, everyday, white beard and white beard navigation group

White beard sea.

When the straw hat navigation group lived, the days of the white beard navigated group were also a bit sad because they lost their two people.

White beard and Unechebra Sasuke.

However, because Xi Xiao woven the reasons for many One Pirates, they don't have to face a lot of challenges, but they have to face the problem of sitting on the mountain.

If they still want to live in the sea, there is no better way to help run the sea.

The amount of white beard navigation is too large, and it is certainly impossible to continue to make a pirate, because they will be a bad blow once it is.

Moreover, Potkas D · Es and Marco have to continue to survive in order to let the white beards' name, and also participate in the assessment of the organization and become one of them.

The sea is not dry, the thief is endless.

There will always be some wicked people, and there will always be a pirate ...

Moreover, the sea is a crisis of violent rains, and there is a hunch attack from time to time. Not everyone can sail in the great route, which also makes the white beard navigation group slowly esteem and ship business.

In the past, white beards were also very righteous, and many people who stayed in the new world, the whole white beard navigation group also slowly embedded the right track, and even slowly expanded the business to other sea. ...

This change is really outrageous.

No one will think that in the past, there is a group of navigation groups that have become a group of navigation and shipping in the new world.

Mobi Dick.

Malco, Es and a group of captains were one night here. They ran for more than two months, even several times.

Now, I finally earned a lot of money.

"We need to build a few Mobi Dicks ..."

Malco helped his own glasses and collected a few boxes of money.

Because the recent business of the white beard navigation group has gradually become better and better, they want to build more shipping business, they need to build more boats, and the Mobi Dick name is spacious and is very suitable for large cargo transportation.

"it is good."

I was nod to nod.

"Open a banquet?"

Malco looked at the fire on the Buffet.

Because of the past, Fire Box is the favorite banquet. Once you have been happy, Es will have a banquet.

Since the end of the war, the face of Es rarely has a smile, Malco does not want Es to be immersed in sorrow ... even if Malco is still painless.


Ace is falling into silence.

When it was in the past, I experienced Malin Vanto's big changes. His father, Cornole D. Roger and the father, white beard, friend Yuxi Bozuo disappeared ...

Ace has grown a lot.

The current Es has gradually begun to take the responsibility of this naval harbor. After he thinks, he slowly hangs down: "Let's open a banquet! We haven't opened a banquet for a long time, old I don't want to see everyone, I have been living in sorrow. "

When I was talking, I couldn't stop slowly and slowly, and I dripped on the deck.

Just as everyone thought that Es would cry out, Es became the tears, and smiled and laughed: "Hahahaha ... Saqi, banquet will, let the old and Saso help to see, Let them know that we have earned a lot of money! "


"The old man seeing our son earned a lot of money, will be happy!"

"Where there will be my father to see my son can make money will be unhappy!"

"Old, we have to have a banquet!"

The entire Mobik number up suddenly, everyone did not help but look at the big hook, their laughter was mixed with grief ...

It is clear that it is smiling ...

But everyone's face flows with tears ...

Everyone's heart is missing their father, no matter how it is unable to forget, the father gave them a home when life is the most dark and confused.

Mo Bimbik, the lights are clear overnight.

The wine purchased on the entire ship is saved, and almost everyone on board is drunk, except Portcass D. Es and Marco.

Es stationed outside the railings of the deck, looked up at the sea in the night, and drunk the juice in a cup from time to time, and occasionally reveal a smile, occasionally revealing a sadness.

"Es, are you not most hate drinking juice?"

The Malco's hand has a glass of juice, slowly walks to the side of Es, reached out to take the shoulders of the Ace, whisper: "Es, this day Joz and Bisa are very hard, go Let's drink a cup! "

"No, I have night."

Ace slowly shook his head and sighed and said: "Sasuke has gone, I have to take the same thing together, live together ..."


Malcotton fell into silence.

The banquet on the Mobik is still continuing, and two men in Ice and Malco stand on the deck. I look at the sea. I occasionally wipe the tears of the corner.

Just when they are still crying ...

A boat did not know when to drive into the Mobik number, standing on the ship with four tall and short movies, and a familiar laughter came up.

" la la la ..."

This unique laugh is in an instant to pay attention to Es and Malco!

White Beard Edward New Gate stood on the boat and grinned toward his two sons: "It seems that my son is not bad ..."



Malco and Ece's eyes are bright, they seem to wipe their eyes as if they are not confident, until it is determined that it is white beard, two people jumped from Mobi Dick!

Mobi Dick.

Savi saw this scene, his wine woke over: "Hello, Marco and Ece are like drunk and jumped, blem ... They are the demon fruit power, Bosta, hurry To save people! "

A group of drunken guys rushed to the edge of the railing, they all saw the figure that they would not forget, everyone couldn't help but rub their eyes.

"I am not wrong, right…"

"That should be old!"

"How can I admit mistakes my father!"

"The old man seems to become younger!"

"That is the old man!"

"Hey, the old man is coming back!"

"Is the old man come back?"

"Everyone, the old man is coming back!"

"Sasuang seems to come back together!"

"They seem to be Pluto Rally and Corre, Roger!"

The people in the Mobik are flocked, and more than a thousand people are rushing to do the boat, and several demon fruits are floating in the sea ...

Until the White Beard and Unecho Sasuke returned to the Mobi Dick, this group of hundreds of pirates was once stable.

The variation of white beard is large.

Nowadays, there is a rift, like Gorgon D · Roger next to it, and also exudes the atmosphere of the dead.

White beards are dead.

In that war, the pain of white beard was originally unable to support too long. After the war, the life of the white beard has come to the end.

Only some people of the White Beard One Piece were in detained, and they also saw white beards as re-resurrected like Corber D. Roger ...

Resurrection sacrifice ...

It is Marshall D. Tiqi.

Therefore, the entire White Beard Nautical Group will define their lost captain as missing, not death, even if they know that the white beard is dead.

Mobi Dick.

A group of people flow in tears on the deck.

White beards extended their own widespread palms, and smiled with their heads, grinned and smiled: "la la ... Bisa, Joz, Sachi ... don't cry ..."

"Old, what is going on?"

Malco clenched his fists, his reason gradually recovered, and he asked in a heavy place: "What did Shangyuan Need to do ..."

"This matter let me say."

Unechebra took a deep breath.

Yuxi Bozuo did not die, but this time, Yuxio Sasuke is actually more painful than death, and now his life is better than death than the past.

In that war, he finally chose to stand on the opposite side of Shangyuan, but did not change something.

As a punishment for Unecheo Sasa, a white beard that should be able to rest in peace is resurrected by the original Nairi, and has become a refrigerated man who is in the end of Shangji.

After Shangji Nai, he was resurrected after the white beard Edward, New Gield, Yischi Sasuke, the white beard Edward New Gate, formed a team.

Their task is to inspect this world in secret.

Unechebra helped to resurrect white beards, but they will always be stopped by white beard.

The same is.

Like Roger, Gironor D · Roger, who is going to Plut, Rally, the two people have become a team of partners, and their mandates are also assisting Xiaoli to inspect the sea.

This is really letting them don't know the benevolent kindness, but should still hate the non-human resort of the original navigation ...

no matter what…

At least everyone can meet again.

Corgon D. Roger is more seen, he looked at his son crying in white beard, sighed a little: "That person ... Although the process seems to be painful ... but from the results not bad…"