I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 591 What is the other side of the daily seafood?

White beard navigation group is actually very fortunate.

Because there are still many people who are unwilling to join the tissue, because they cannot occupy a high enough position in Xiwu, they can only be reduced to the peripheral forces.

Some even within the hit race of the organization.

Since, the Vincemog family in the North Sea.

Because of the existence of Bergamak, the Wens Mok family has become a cocoaless person, and Plo Szmucker has driven many wars.

They are unable to deflect the rule.

I don't want to know this.

As a king, Wens Mok Gahe decided to fight his own Jelma kingdom for a long-distance Ark, leaving this geometrical rule.

Because Wens Mok Gahe has got some knowledge I know from Bergamak, he knew that there were other planets in the world.

The universe is very large, they are not alone.

"Do we really want to leave here?"

I heard the father's plan, Scy Mok Lei's face was a little hestructed: "Let's go to other places like a gamble, and mountain cure is still here ..."

Straw hat navigation town ...

It is the child who is exiled by Wensmuck.

"Don't worry about him."

Wens Mark Gahe is a hard-working parent. His face is full of indifference: "There are many war kings in Beihai, have been windy. If you don't leave here, you will suffer your encirclement ..."

"In fact, it doesn't matter!"

Vincemork is open: "The intelligence coming in front, the big army, the army, has passed through the windless belt, this time the team is Charlotte Cataki ... let's kill first He, let Xiao know that we are not so good ... "

This guy doesn't know what is afraid from Xiao ...

Because his bloodline factor has been transformed, it has become a murder tool that lost most human emotions. The most tight is to lose the fear of strong people ...

Do not…

This is not afraid.

According to his sister's lace, Wens Mok brave purely no brain.

Everyone in the big sea is fearful, this organization has destroyed the World Government, and the most strongest armed organized navy in the sea, and returned to all the four-Emperor Madi delegated to become their periphery.

However, Wens Moch ...

In fact, there is no power to deal with a four-way heliers.

Wens Mok Gah did not pay attention to the son of his own mind, just ambiguous continuation: "During this time, we fully contraction our line, break all business and contact, and strive to transform our fortress, leave this planet. "

When you say this, Wens Mark Gah has an opening to add: "At this time, it is necessary to return to the future attitude, and we have we have never seen the technology on other planets. We will absorb Their scientific research results have established a more powerful Jelma kingdom! "

Wens Moch is very fast.

Carttaku Leaded the Charlotte House of Charlotte across the wind, with a strong military, and defeated all the kingdoms and islands who did not accept the kingdom.

However, during this time ...

The Wensmick family has been hiding to hide, and sometimes sometimes hiding the windless belt, coupled with the Kingdom of Jelma can join, but also let them hide for a long time until Wens Mok Garah enhancing the fortress of the Ark that flying towards the space.

This technology is difficult ...

In fact, it is not particularly large.

The only hassle is that the energy problem is that Gah has been calculated, and their energy will definitely be able to reach the nearby people.

According to the observation of Gara, there is little, but there is also the trace of human activities, and the scientific and technological civilization level is not high. As long as it can reach the small planet, the Jermaster Kingdom can occupy the small planet. Continue to sail in space for the base, or you can do a ruler in that planet.

This wish is still very beautiful.

Just when Catakui still wanted to encircle the Jelma Kingdom, the highest meeting of Xi suddenly issued a command, authorized Cataku to let go of the Kingdom of Jelma.

This order is simply inexplicable ...

It is clear that it is necessary to grab the group of war traffickers ...

And the leader of Xi Xiaoyu is the North Sea at the same time.

"do not worry about it."

At the last Na Na, he looked at Kataktro and his , appease his emotions: "Ready to clean up, they can't escape the control, I will go to the Kingdom of Jerma."


Cataku converges his mood.

Do you actually lead the leader of the organization?

Is that the Kingdom of Jelma, is actually very powerful?

When Kataku leaves the North Sea, the War Fortress of the Kingdom of Jelma has also been transformed. Wens Mok Gararies took this new space ark and took his own children and a group of genes soldiers. This piece is full of planets in the sea.

Their destination ...

It is the asteroid around this planet.

They don't know ...

The asteroid is tolerant.

The role is also the first planet that is gathered in the black hole universe in his own black hole.

I really don't know what they think after they arrive.


The country of rain.

Here is still peaceful.

Jelma 66 Space Boat has been sailing after several months, and finally arrived in the land center of this lagging small planet.

It's just that the weather here doesn't seem to be very good, it has been allowed.

However, Wens Mok Gah is still a breather, no matter how they finally escaped.

"Lei, Izhi, NCI, the brave ..."

Wens Mark Gah waved their gene soldiers and opened the door of space: "Go out! Conquer this world with the shortest time!"


Three sons look full.

As for the only daughter's bud, some are standing on the window.

Vincemork is a bit unpleasant, look at your own daughter, and asked: "Lei, do you have any other comments?"

"Window ..."

Wens Mok Lei is looking at the window, and her face has finally revealed a touch: "Here ... Is there a member of you?"

Outside the window.

A red-haired young man wearing Xiangyun black robe is standing near the space, his eyes are very clean, as if never being contaminated with dirty in the world ...

Because it is a pair of heavy eyes.

"Let me check ..."

Vincemock Gaha quickly took out a thick book, and the red-haired young man, Shen Sheng said: "There is not this person on the list of members, maybe it is just a bit of clothes ... in short, First solve him, then ask the news, if Xiazhen is chasing, our speed is here for the Ark, escape this planet! "

"This kind of words have not been ignored too rude ..."

A voice suddenly appeared around them.

I saw the throne of this space, I didn't know when I took a young man, and his face took a warm smile, it looked as a good man ...


Sitty Mok Gah is like a great enemy!

This ghost people ... Xi Xiao's leader ... Shangyuan Needs!

As a person who is a little bit of understanding of the organization, I know what is going to be long on the leader of the organization. It is definitely unable to provoke guys!


Never be stared!

If you can, don't see the original navigation, because once you see the original Needs, you mean that life is about to start!

And let Wens Mok Gah are more frightened, standing around Shangyuan Na, is a blue-haired woman wearing Xiangyun black robe ...

Parliamentary of the highest meeting ... God's angel Xiao South!

According to the latest news on the latest sea, there is a three giant head inside, which are the first collar, the first collar, and the ungentry of the Parliament, the goddess of the goddess!

"I really didn't think ..."

Wens Mok Gah's face slowly started to sweat, whispered to speak from the voice: "The three giants of Xiao ... will be on our boat ..."

"This is also something wrong."

Shangyuan Needle, smiling, slowly standing, watching Wens Mark Gah, smile gradually became gloomy: "The long-door adults outside the window is the leader before Xiao, if you let you take him, will Let me be very unhappy with Xiaonan Teacher! "

Shangyuan Nairo slowly launched his arm, the cold voice is introduced: "All, let me introduce it to you ... Congratulations, come to our big camp, here is also the origin of the origin!"


Wens Mok Gahearted heart flock.

Their own luck seems not very good!

No, this is no longer able to describe it!

In these months, they have experienced space sailing as they arrived in new habitats, but the result of the origin of the organization ...

This is really coming to the wolf nest and enter the tiger point!

"All right."

Xiao Nanxi got his own brow, and the head is low: "Let's solve everything here ... we ... in fact, I haven't seen the long door for a long time ... Before you leave us next time, go to see him. Let's! "

"is teacher."

The voice of Shangyuan Na, his eyes suddenly changed: "I hope you, you can take a bunch of hands in front of me ..."

The air on the space arcade suddenly begins to condense, and it has been in an entity shackle, and all of the Wens Mok family will be imprisoned!

No matter how they resist, you can't make breakthroughs!

"Mr. Gua."

Shangyuan Na was walking around Wens Mok Gaha, smiling and said: "Just I want to prepare a gift for the long gorgeous adult, how to build this Ark as a gift ... this is not Will it be too difficult? "


Wens Mok Gahel doesn't want to talk.

It's hard to be difficult, don't you have a little bit?

It is no wonder that Cataku is chasing Jelma, suddenly stopped, this is waiting for their space arcade to work ...

No, it should be said ...

It is waiting for them to drive the space ark to this planet and then take away. This guy is too bad!

"Okay, your journey is here ..."

Shangyuan Nai waved his hand, smiled and opened the space Ark door, step on it stepped away, his voice gradually went down: "My travel ... just started!"