I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 593 Tower Mr. Yimi, lucky goddess is smiling!

after an hour.

A pink Slim arrived at the town of the iron forest, which is known as the bubble teapot that wants to try to defend the world BOSS.

As a profession of a defense system, the bubble teapot came here, just wants to push down this BOSS to the front stop for the future.

Shrem ... "

The unsolicitan players looked at the pink Slim, and his hoe was a bit stiff: "Shrem also resists the attack on the original navigation?"

"It doesn't matter ..."

The pink Slim slightly swayed a few steps.

The sound of the bubble teapot sounds some fine breathing, just like a gentle big sister: "That, how to call, flyozi ... Sang? Can you tell me the BOSS now?"

"Female ... girl?"

The surprise of flying rats is even.

In this game, girls are generally choosing some beautiful or charming ethnic professions. There are also girls who choose Shrem and Defense!

Especially this girl's voice sounds very beautiful ...

[Yggdrasil (World Tree)] This game is really what type of players have!

Originally, the flyozed that I chose the

Soon, the fond in the fond of the fond of his own rude, and he wanted to alleviate the awkward atmosphere: "Of course, when you come, I have just detected his position, I was killed by him ninth ..."

"Thank you!"

Pink Chalim stopped jumping in the original place, this bubble teapot is a little and happy voice, and people feel that she is a little Loli.

After a minute.

Bubble teapot and flying rat squats at the resurrection point.

Two doors are a little doubt here.


The bubble teapot is lying on the ground.

This female player seems to have lost the direction. It turned his head and saw a blind.


There are also somewhat uncertainty on the face of the fry.

The shelf thought for a while, opened his own light curtain system panel, after seeing the damage value under the bottom, nodded slowly: "It should be the back attack of the assassin, a strike will kill us ..."


The bubble teapot was silent for a second.

Next, its Slim has a sudden climbing, and the sound seems to be the heroine in anime. It is full of blood: "As a tank, how can I fall so easily, this will be by Peruloch Stair is laughing! "

It's just that its body moves, it's awkward ...

After all, Slim is really blush!

Just as the bubble teapot wants to rush out of the resurrection point, a reborn light appears in the resurrection point, which is a bug player killed.

Single only look at the equipment on this insects players, its strength must be very uncommon, because the level of these equipment is high, even a large number of golden gold can buy these equipment ...

"There is no way at all ..."

Sworm players have cleared their own weapons, and there are some dignifications in the sound: "In addition to strong equipment and world props, there is still an imagination of fighting skills ... Game Company is really a powerful BOSS!"


The fond is thinking about a while, hesitating and wanting to ask: "You are also killed by Shangji ..."


If the fondy, I have not finished, a vast shock wave falls from the sky, and only it seems to know that the power of this trick can not be underestimated!


This trick directly kills all the three players in the resurrection point!

Whether it is just reborn and resurrected insect players, it is still solved directly from this trick!

The soul of the three players is swaying ...

However, they did not choose direct resurrection.

Because in their field of view, the world BOSS holding a stick walked into the resurrection point, gaze his soul, as if it is looking forward to their resurrection.

"This BOSS ..."

The fry is watching this scene, and the sound is full of horror: "Shouldn't you keep our body to kill?"

Keep the body.

In fact, it is a very annoying behavior.

Originally this behavior should occur in PVP, after a player killed another player, hiding next to waiting for this player to resurrect, then kill again ...

Cycle reciprocation ...

For the players who are trying to be killed, choose to return to the resurrection point ...

This also means that the player who is killed can only stop his own task.

However, the problem now is ...

Shangyuan Nai Luo this world BOSS is in their resurrection point, which also makes them resurrected, is it going to be killed here?

"If i remember correctly…"

The eyes of the bubble teapot fall in the soul of the insect, the small sound opening: "Shangyuan Na's BOSS mechanism is to recover all world-class props, and players who have world-class props have been stared at him later. "

Obviously ...

The bubble teapot is no props.

The flying rat next to it is completely a vegetarian chicken, even now more than 20, which is killed a lot of experience, even if he is not killed so many times, it is impossible to get any world-class props.

"Sorry, it may be my reason."

The player players did not hide. He explained the opening: "Maybe because I expose the world-class props in front of him ... I will let Boss leave ..."

"Do you trade with the original Needar?"

The fond of the fry, I heard the way to take the original navigation, I can't help but open: "Why do you have a world-class props?"

Any player holding a world-class props will not be easily close to the last Na Na, because once they are explored by world-class props, they will encounter the original navigation constantly chasing, it is impossible to escape. ...

and so…

There have been many strong people to challenge the original navigation.

Because once you are eyeing, the world-class props on them will not guarantee, unless you immediately exit the game, you have hope for temporary preservation ...

However, the last navigation will be in the game.

Until other players use another world-class props to take him.

This kind of thing is meaningless, because the players who are stared at the original navigation unless you actively delete the number, you must deal with him a world-class props to exempt the chasing ...

This clause ...

It's really imagined overbear!

It is only like this to meet the balance mechanism of the game.

After all, those world-class props are too strong. If you get a world-class props, you will definitely pay a painful price, and the average person is never hoped.

"Because I want to try to challenge him!"

There is no hesitation of the players who have no hesitation.

At this moment, the insect players seem to be a real game player: "If you don't challenge BOSS, what else does I have the meaning of the game's gold-filled money and practice game technology, I will not be bullied!"

to be honest…

This is a high play that doesn't like abuse.

Just when the bubble teapot and the soul of the fondy look at the insects players, this insect player is open: "Of course, I also want to explode the two strongest [twenty] world in BOSS. Level props ... "

This is the real idea.

In this game, the golden gold cannot determine everything.

Because the top world-class props are real price-free, as long as they can get two pieces of the original naval ,, ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Now I should be able to do him, I have to learn all the skills and super skills all the best, it is best to get a special career ..."

After the insect players have been preparing to resurrect their bodies in their own, he will continue to say: "But I also prepared an alternative, I also want to see, two world-class props can be from the hands of the top What is exchange? "


The fry is surprised to look at the players of insects.

[Yggdrasil (World Tree)] As a super popular online game, the player is almost countless, but only two hundred world-class props throughout the game, there are two world-class props in the hands of this insects!

Especially in this game at this game ...

It's hard to imagine, how did he get it ...

After the three people resurrected, the insect players took out their own world-class props to be thrown on the ground, indicating that they would not attack with the world-class props to attack the original navigation, so that the original naval this world-class BOSS stopped attack.

On the gaze of the fry whip and the teapot ...

Shangyuan Naoli and insect players conducted a transaction, this world BOSS took a white paper, and wrote a place to hand it over to the insects.

However, the insect players did not pick up the handwritten letter. He once again took a world-class props from his own parcel to the original navigation transaction ...

Everyone saw a weird scene.

The world BOSS smile in the game is smiling, and suddenly she has written her own hand, from her own body, I deliver a ring to the player, saying the first to players. Sentence: "Tower, rice players, wait for you to collect more world-class props, call me!"

After the finish ...

This world BOSS seems to feel that there is no cheap, you will leave the resurrection point of this town, and there is no trace in the moment.

Wait until the original navigation will leave after ...

The flying rat and bubble teapot is amazed, and they know that they seem to have witnessed a history and knew that the Raiders dealt with the original Nair!

The insect player tower, its rice looks at the ring in his hand, Shen Sheng said: "I thought it would be the ,,,,, ,


HP (health) + 20%

MP (magic value) + 20%

Full element attribute + 10%

Full element resistance + 10%

All skill levels +1

The asylum of fate: Under normal circumstances, Shangyuan Na will not take the initiative to attack you.

The meeting of fate: You can take the initiative to ask the place to be the place.

The intersection of fate: Automatically add NPC Shangyuan Net as a friend, unlocking the primary good feeling, each of which can be unlocked with the original Naternity.

The price of the fate: requesting the original navigation to participate in your battle. (Note: When the original Nairies appeared in a battle, you must pay a world-class props as a remuneration.)

It has been bound to unavailable, not destroyed.

Note: When you get this ring, you mean that you have been selected, Mr. Yimi, Mr. Mi, lucky goddess is smiling at you.

Equipment Manufacturer: Shangyuan Nair