I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 594 Game Company President

Yggdrasil (World Tree).

Another corner of this game world.

Shangyuan Na will collapse two world-class props sent to him, with a black hole in his hand, calmly incorporated these two world-class props.

With these two world-class props, there is disappeared within the black hole. The power of the world's world is also flying up to 200,000, and each piece is absorbed world-class props to provide him with 100,000 growth.

The top [twenty] series, each [twenty] series of world-class props can provide him with an increase in the power of 500,000 worlds, including [World Will] is also able to provide 1 million world strength !

When these world-class powers have been absorbed by Naba, these world-class props that they are eager for countless players will never disappear in this game world.

of course…

One reason is to maintain the balance of this game world, so that the nine worlds of this game can be more stable.

Because "Yggdrasil (World Tree)" game has a total of nine split maps, this also means that this game has nine worlds. Once this game is completely affected, Shangyuan Na will directly collect the power of nine worlds!

simply put…

This is a welfare task.

In addition to the nine worlds and approximately two hundred world-class props to provide the power of the world, there is still a bigger map.

That is, after the game is awkward, everyone who is famous as the large grave of Naxik, may cross another different world!

Because this is the initial setting of the king of the dead ...

Shang Nai Luyuan began to continue chasing the unsolicitan, the future will become the owner of the Naxilk Graves in the future.

After the fate of the fate, full-level properties and a bunch of unsatisfactory artifacts and world-class props through the world, he picked up a magical bone in the world. Mao Tian Tour ...

Shangyuan Na will find a way to sneak into the tomb of Naxisark, see if it can follow the Naxisalik to enter another world ...

Thus get a hidden foreign world!

If the operation is proper, plus a real world, Shangyuan Na will have hope to get eleven planets, although these planets are not complete, but will also provide him with enough world, let him be able to Meet your greater challenge!

Since the Ming Piece is used to use the black hole series skills, the original Nair falls deeply of the power of black hole skills. No matter how powerful people, as long as his power is strong enough, you can destroy it ...

People ...

It's going to become better sooner or later.

A person, can't always be immersed in the invincible in his own, and you have to live out the invincible and invincible.

Just let the original navigation did not expect it because his chasing, even the members of the future Asel Kong Gong met ...

Shangyuan Nair is not cared.

Because his task is to go to a forum, check out the Tower, rice and flying rats, etc. Is there any Raiders about Shangyuan Nae?

Otherwise, Shang Shang has to find a way to send his own Raiders, it is best to recover all world-class props within this period of the game, earn enough world power.

Shangyuan Nae

The power of the world: 16.3 million

Life: 100000

Magic: 100000 points

Life recovery: 1296 seconds

Magic recovery: 1024 seconds

Surplus gold coins: 0 pieces

Since there are too many tasks that have not been developed in the One of the One, the strength of the absorption planet is slightly different, and most of the gold coins on the original Needs will be exchanged directly.

It's just a strong enough!

Because the pirates provide nearly 10 million world power, this force broke out, enough to let go of the original navigation or absorb a planet!

Go back to "Yggdrasil" game.

Shangyuan Na Rou has begun to get used to life as a world BOSS, he will appear in unfair place every day, then kill a group of players, continue to look for world-class props ...

As this game is getting more popular, players have become more and more, and the level has become more and more high, and more and more players will challenge the world BOSS Shangyuan Na, I hope to take it from Shangji. A few world-class props.


These players can't even see the shadows of the original Na.

Because the most basic conditions for the original naval is to see the original naval, and the original Needle trading is a world-class props as a threshold, and it will let Shangji will stay in a fixed location for a certain day.

And you can see the original Naidu ...

Only a few players, they got the ring gave to the original navigation.

Once these players have learned that some guilds begin to find an information on the original Nair, they will know that they have a world-class props in their hands. These players will immediately try to destroy those guilds, and snap from them to the world-class props. ...


Then give the world-class props to the original navigation.

Because these players are very clear, in the face of Shangyong Snake and the world will two [twenty] series of Shangyuan Na, these guilds are definitely not opponents ...

Since this is the case ...

It is better to simply let them take away the world-class props of these guilds, used to exchange the original naval assistance, attack a strong strong base, eliminate a hostile force or the first award level.

These can help these players' guilds.

For example, the Azoul Gong in the tower is located in the two world-class props, respectively, and the original navigation is two times and exchanged a rich return.

the first time…

After the new copy is open, the tower is quickly useful to use the world-class props, requested that the original navigation will help them get a copy of the gift, let the members of the guild get an extremely rare hidden career reward.

the second time…

Ans Uul Gong will attack the Saissik Grave Tomb as their guild station, and encountered many guilds, and the original naval defeated a group of guilds.

Compared with the Asel Conggong ...

Another player is more witty.

In the first World Competition Competition, this player met the most powerful opponents in history. This player simply used world-class props to request the original navigation ...

This is once caused a sensation!

No one thought that in this competitive competition, some people will summon the world BOSS Shangyuan to the game. This fuck is not cheating!

That player is therefore directly promoted the finals!

In the final decisive battle, I called the original navigation again. He used two world-class props to receive the first competitive competition world champion position ...


Become the first player who owns the world champion.

In addition, it is also possible to freely pick a equipment that exceeds the artifact props.

However, the game company did not judge the violation, but announced that the competition will never be allowed to use world-class props from this time ...

Players in the game have repeatedly ...

Everyone doesn't know that the player is lost and earned. What should I do if the game company will definitely lose?

Regardless of how two world-class props exchange for a world championship, it is a bit not worth it, after all, these two world-class props have no unexpected hope to help him win ...

However, when interviewed ...

This player said that the existence of world-class props affects the balance of the game.

In the game, only the original navigation is completely recycled, he just wants to give the props to the original navigation, guard the absolute balance of this game ...

of course…


This player has not denyed.

Because this player loses two world-class props, he took a world champion of the first contest, as a little compensation is actually?

This is really a crown!

However, the broadest players in this game suddenly be touched, and they also began to hope that these world-class props disappeared!

Anyway, they have never been received ...

This boycott world-class props is once being promoted!

In fact, the game company has also returned these world-class props in the dark poke, through this Dongfeng, the game company finally started to suppress the world-class props ...

If the competition can't appear world-class props, its value should be a little discount, according to the idea of ​​the game company, they also hope that the biggest value in the world-class props should be given to the original navigation ...

There has been an original Naida Raiders in the forum. As long as a world-class props can stop attacking, two world-class props can exchange the super artifacts from the original navigation and unlimited benefits!

Just when the whole game is moving ...

The world BOSS is quietly disappeared in the game world.

In the real world, Yggdrasil (World Tree) Game Production Company's office building, a game sleep chamber connected to countless lines lights up red light.

After this game sleep chamber lit up red light, the figure of one by one appeared next to the sleep chamber, and I was at eagerly waiting for the people in the sleep chamber.


The door of the sleep chamber is slowly opened.

A figure came out of the sleep chamber, smashed his shoulders and neck, sleeping in the eyes: "Oh, this time, it is a long time in the game ... What is the novel thing in the outside? "

"I think should not be?"

A middle-aged man in a suit leather hesitated youth, and slowly closed his mouth, what is the novelty?

It should be said that in addition to what happened to this company, it seems that there is nothing worthy of yourself in front of you!

"Shangyuan President, your juice."

Another long Sens Wen's suit man went to the front of the original Needle, respectfully handed a cup of juice.

"Thank you, the competition is good."

Shangyuan Needan Luke took the juice, and picked up the documents of the suit man, asked: "When you say, what is the recent day?"


His identity is the unsolicitan player in the game world. It is also the president of the current Asel Gong, and the future of the world's full-scale big players.

The suit man hesitated for a while, only somewhat awkward: "Should it be a game! Because of the weekend, unless you need special visit to customer overtime, the bells is not very good, almost all day online ..."