Shangyuan Nair's plan is good.

In order to be able to collect enough world, he has made a super difficult update to the game, which is also the largest update since decades.

After the original Nairou hopes to update, someone wants to use the world-class props to help him to go to the premiere copy and beat other world BOSS, or occupy a new map.

this behavior…

It is equivalent to sending the customs clearance opportunity to play players!

However, players seem to be not interested in these, because this ten-year big update seems to ignite the passion when players start in the beginning of the game, countless guilds see that the first thing is extremely difficult to see each other. Pushing

Even if it is only one percent, it is also worth showing off ...

of course…

The most important thing is also a world-class props for this game.

At the time, there were hundreds of game props, the big father will be almost the eyes, they will directly deal to give the original navigation, and now it is somewhat different ...

The entire game world player may only have less than 20 world-class props, according to the statistics of the heart players, the world BOSS Shangyuan Nairou has reclaimed at least 150 yuan of world-class props in a variety of ways ...

This means that there are still about 30 of the world-class props that have not been discovered in the world, and each piece is precious, which will be completely out of print after the real loss.

The president of these guilds has a new idea ...

They think that there is the last item that has not been traded to give the original Needle, which means that it will become the only guild that can use the original naval, maybe the last one has the opportunity to push down the Boss of the original navigation!

Single only uses a copy of the premiere ...

Even rewards are also a waste.

What's more, even when it is used to open the new map, I used the original navigation chance, and I will only be bundled when I was attacked by the enemy.

Facing this circumstances…

Shangyuan Nair is not a way.

Game production company headquarters.

Shangqi Needle to sit in his own game sleep cabin, put forward his idea: "The new version of the repercussions seem good, just open the catiscovery event that is dominated by me!"

This is a suction of the bottom of the bottom.

No, or it is a big cleaning in the game world!

Every guild, even every player will fall into this big disaster, there is absolutely no one can be able to be very helpful!

"Cataclysm incident?"

A group of people can't help each other.

These people have long known that their company's social director has had such an idea, and only when I don't think about it, I will go directly to the big disaster!

This is not too fast!

Originally, they have also thought about this issue, which will make the players of the game lose heavy, will players accept this new version?

"So be it!"

Shangyuan Nairo grabbed the juice on the cup and whispered: "When they besieged me, isn't it very happy? At least let me find some scenes!"


A group of people, look at me, I will see you.

Everyone has a weird idea, it is estimated that this is the most important purpose of their president! Who let this president like to play world BOSS in the game!

During this time ...

Players who have been played have been bullied ...

This heart is a small president, and it will definitely want to retaliate. I didn't expect to open the big disaster version so soon, and even as the protracted version of the catastrophic version of the world!

A game company's president ...

Once the count is more, even players must retaliate ...

Such a careful social president, it's really can't make trouble!

However, since the president is educated, the people underneath will naturally only obey ... and this version is not particularly troublesome.

The suitcase is thinking for a while, whispered: "Where do you start better? So far, we have nothing to do with NPC ..."

"Pick a new map resource point!"

Shangyuan Na is looking at a suit man: "Which is the fastest progress of the fastest progress? Which new map is they in the land?"

"It seems to be Azhir Gong Gong ..."

There is a second day, whisper: "If you don't want to make a mistake, you should be a resource point called God Valley. There are a few gods of the gods in this resource point, and the value can be row in all resources. Get the forefront ... "


Shangyuan never put down the cup in his hand.

Yggdrasil game world.

Ans Uul Gong will account for a small advantage in the land reclamation, although the number of people is not much, but the comprehensive strength is above other guilds.

Whether it is a new copy of the land reclamation or the resource point of the new map, Andsoul Gong will have a little lead, the guild is long, and it is too long to rest.

Work hard will never be in vain.

Today, Ansoul will have hope to occupy a new resource point, a superior resource point named God's Valley!

The resources in God can be used to create more artifact equipment or continue to increase their efforts!

Whether it is geographical strength, or a rich resources, or beautiful scenery, people can't help but furnish, and even they can be used as an alternative guild settlement!

The Valley of God.

Ans Uul Gong will finally push down the BOSS of God, all the way to the depths of the Valley of God, they just have to find the control point of the Valley of God ...

A footprint of the flying car is stepping into the depths of the Valley of God, behind dozens of Azoul Gong's players: "If you say, we should be the first to succeed!"


"The top three monsses seem to be progressive ..."

Just as a group of guild players chatted with the mouth, their footsteps suddenly stopped, and the system panel of everyone suddenly jumped out of the tips!

"You entered the god of God ..."

"You invade God's field ..."

"You bother God's peace ..."

In the next moment, the sky suddenly became colors!

Perocho slammed up the sky, open the mouth: "The weather control of the sixth-order magic? This is too looks too much from these players!"

Ten years ...

The power of players is not in the same day.

The sixth-order magic is really a little bit is not enough, because these players have already mastered the existence of launching super-magic!

"This is not weather control!"

The fond is immediately shaken, lifting the sky, looking at the sky, Shen Sheng: "This is the elements of the super magic, it is the rain that is chaotic, everyone will support the defense, this is a large range Attack, temporarily eliminating! "

Next second ...

The sky fly quickly and fell a strange magic!

Lightning, flame, falling stone, hurricane, magma, countless variety of complicated magic, except for any elemental magic outside the super magic falls from the air!

"If i remember correctly…"

The shelf of the fly, looked up at the sky, still the magic of the still, and the face was a bit weird: "This super-magical does not have too many people master ... even in NPC seems to have only one person ..."

As a magical occupation, the fare is far from other people for magical skills, and it is also very like for elemental chaos.

Because of this skill ...

If you can successfully release it, you can directly create a battlefield that makes the enemy inch is difficult to beat the passive beat. Before you can't break the chaos of the elements, you have to have been under the attack of the chaos!

Even in the game that is not worth winning today, this skill has always been the cool love of magic profession, but unfortunately, there is no player to master ...

"Advanced Defense Normalization!"

The bubble teapot and the blacklim Slim are open at the same time, and their companion protects them under their own, and stand up with another side of defense to resist the elements of the sky fall!

Blacklue Blacklin couldn't help but look at the flyter, whisper: "Hey, Momoa, can transfer everyone directly!"

"There is no way ..."

The flying whisot slowly shook his head, using his skills to help the companion to defense, he explained: "Even if you use the transfer magic, you can't escape the scope of God, even if it is my MP, it is enough to support the rain. Coverage the entire god ceremony ...

And this BOSS that uses confusion, if his MP is much enough, this skill range is enough to cover the nine worlds any world map surface, which is also the ability to die, so it is called the ultimate super super super super super super Magic ... "

No matter which magic profession ...

I want to get the chaos and derivative skills behind!

It is just that the prerequisite for this skill is to practice all the natural elements of success. This is a bit of a little bad, because some elements only have a specific career to master ...

Just as the fond is still going on ...

A world announcement suddenly jumped out!

[Anz Uul Gong will disturb the peace of the gods in the Valley of God, as a small punishment of ignorant, god penalty will come in the nine world!

On the world's will, the original navigation will not intermittently to create a 7-day disaster in the nine worlds. All players should be prepared!