I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 597, gratifying Shangyuan Na

The prompt of the game system is very simple.

All the players of Ans Uul-King will be a little less than a little, because they have stepped into the Valley of God, only a big disaster that is about to come in the nine world?

This disaster ...

It is definitely a level of death.

The military Bai Niu Meng couldn't help but scratched his head. He sighed in his quietness: "Hey, it is actually because we will lead to the original navigation, I feel that we have to become a full-service public enemy!"

Perochino turned over his palm: "Hey, when you have a kind of imperial imperitude we are not full of public enemies!"

As a shaped public conference that is very wonderful throughout game, it is not very much in the game. The number of people is very strong ...

This means that some of the resources of the resources, they will never fall behind.

Therefore, the reputation of Ans Uul-knows is not very good in this game.

"What should I do now?"

Heilo Blacklo looked at the sky and the magic of the fall, couldn't help but open: "If the magic damage continues to go this, I will not be able to catch up with the bubble tea."

"Let me think about ..."

The flexible flexible bone shelf, whispered: "We temporarily take out the god valley along the road, each of the other skills offset the magic in the rain in the chaos ... I set another in the exit of the Valley of God. Transfer point, as long as the distance is enough, use the transfer magic with everyone to leave! "

According to the flyobe, Ansoul Gong will actually have no one in anyone, just covering the chaos of the whole god Valley to flee out ...

Just every MP and HP are almost the limit ...

Some of the farewooles looked at the Valley of God and slowly breathed: "I really didn't expect, the range of elements of chaotic rain is too amazing ..."

"Momo is not bad ..."

Bubble Teapot This Slim squats the bones of the mouse, smiles and opens: "Can you take us in such a chaotic place ..."

The president of Ans Uul will be correct.

Although the fry is always playing a robust role, he is indeed a top player.

Even in the rare super magic of the elements, you can find a line of life, especially this super magic is very likely to be released.

Because so far ...

Only this skill is used in the original navigation.

Moreover, according to some of their players about Shangyuan Na's intelligence, it has shown that in addition to the full proficiency of the warrior profession, there is also the power of the whole element and full magic.

"Which is so powerful ..."

The fond is helpless after retreats.

Although the sound of the bubble teapot sounds very cute, she is in the game world, I can't afford to mention half a little thought!

The fly whisotered the Valley that was covered by the chaos of the elements, whispered: "It seems that we must return to the guild station this time, see what is the case of this catastrophe event!"


The tower is nodded, stroking the ring on his hand, Shen Sheng said: "Shang Na will have a problem with the fate of the fate to me, and a few passive skills are ash, it should only be temporary. "


Everyone looked at the tower.

The fond is thinking about a while, I can't help but touch my bones, whispered: "All passive skills above are almost related to the original navigation, if those passive skills are invalid, it is likely to mean the original navigation There is no different attack in this catastrophe event ... "

"Perhaps the game company has left the film."

The tower is shot and shook his head. It sighed a little: "The original ring has been reminded, in general, Shangyuan Na will not take the initiative to attack ... but now it seems that the catastrophe is not ordinary situation ..."

"It's really bad ..."

The bubble teapot has walked to their side, faintly opening: "Ten years ago, the game company is ready to open the Cataclysm after ten years?"

In fact, ...

Game companies are more bad than they imagined.

No, it should be said that the original navigation is much more bad than they imagined.

The role of this fate is not only here. The most important thing is to let the original Needle moment to lock their position, explore the private world-class props ...

If necessary, if necessary ...

Shangyuan Nair can also spy the game life of the ring holder.

With the World Channel, the Cataclysquentation incident of "Yggdrasil (World Tree)" game is also opened, and the protagonist of this big incident also appeared in him. The first destination!

A uncomfortable guild station!

Located in the top of the top of the top of the world of Asaard!

This sky city is also the top top of the entire world tree game!

Single from their terrain, I know how difficult this guild is, the "Yggdrasil (World Tree)" is the most difficult to break the station, and the name is only Naxisalk Grave. Plutong and other places!


The guild in this station is full of alert!

Because it is next to their guild, a young man with six wings appeared, his eyes are indifferent, holding a flat and odd stick ...

It is the original navigation!

Now, the original Nairou is still very different, no longer resets the smile, just the indifference and affection!

"It's really terrible ..."

An angel player looked at the Shangyuan Na, who was floating in the distance: "The original Nairu, this world BOSS will also attach the player's guild station ... This catastrophe has just started, I also found our guild?" "

"President ..."

Another angel player flew to him, Shen Sheng: "Everyone is ready, is it to start attacking the original navigation? This is our station, but there is also a lot of powerful NPC and players, perhaps It is also the opportunity to push down this BOSS ... "

But just at this moment ...

A voice suddenly interrupted the communication between them!

"God punishment!"

Shangji points to the sky!

A lightning is down from the sky, giving together into a thick thunder!

This Thunder shockped on the sky city. This Thunder took the whole sky city, and the whole sky in the sky was a ruin!

"Betting ... raising hand is instant super magic!"

The whole person of the angel is being blown out. This is not given to the player's opportunity. This also makes the guild how to fight, clearly the game company is targeting players!

Just as the angels, they will be sulking ...

The figure of Shangyuan Nae suddenly appeared around him, and he was free to smash his stick!

That is known as the "World Will] of the strongest world-class props, in the hands of the original Needle, just as a props with a normal attack!


The angels raised their palms!

A magical juncture appeared in front of him, just in the next second, I was directly smashed directly, and I watched the [World Will], I have to smash it again!

It is said that this trick is able to instantly!

Space Transfer! "

The head of the angel suddenly shuts it to another!

As a game world, space skill is the standard of this level, even for them, it is just a mass skill!

Just when he had just moved, Shang Nai was as if he guess his position, appearing in his side, pressing his head!

A lightning wrapped around the angel's head ...

At the next moment, he became a body.

Only the body of the angel also broke the two world-class props. Shangyuan Na will not put the two world-class props, he did not pay away the divestry of this president ...

After you have finished this.

Shangyuan Nai raised his head to look at the sky, a cloud of clouds began to gather, and the ice snow began to fall from the sky. Every snowflakes fell on the players, and they can let the players fell a lot of blood, and the entire Asta was turned into them. A snowy area!

After the first world was solved this, the last Na Na will look at the entire Asta's players in the super-magical ice and snow world, and they can't wait to go offline. His face finally showed a gratified smile ...