I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 598 A Raiders Nasa Like World BOSS

Player Forum.

The atmosphere is a hustle and bustle.

Players in the entire Astard map are boiling in the forum, because they don't have anyone dare to continue online, and if they go online, they will only be killed by super-magical skills.

"Is the game company wants everyone to withdraw?"

"Who will look at it, can Asta's people go online?"

"No, I just killed it by the ice and snow world, I lost my experience ..."

"Midgart's main city is also destroyed, Shang Nai is rushing to all players in the city, Mid Gart can't get online ..."

"Ni Wolheim is finished ... The whole map is in the rain Rock ... damage is found to fight for a few minutes ..."

"Musbeel Heim is also turned into the world ... this world BOSS is really going to die!"


"Is there only the last Helsheim in the nine worlds?"

"The last message before the next line seems to be that the last guild is at the last guild station, which is the station of the Asel Gong Gong."

"It is the station with the sky city, and eliminated the station of 1,500 people?"

"Is there such a fierce guild?"

"Meng Xin didn't know, Ands Uul Gong Gong will be a group of heterogeneous, it seems to be only only renminbi players, basically large events will be involved ... because the number is too small ..."

"This is still less than a day? Shang Qi Lu lost from the top of the game's top map Asa's sky city, all the way to the bottom map Herheim's Naxi ..."

"I want to know when this catastrophe event ends ..."

"I want to know how the game company wants to do ..."

"Insider news, it seems to be a game company's president. I heard that the world BOSS, who has been prototype, has been being crushed by the player, so it has developed a disaster version ..."

"real or fake?"

"Is there such a president?"

"This is too much! That is not to say anything, wait until the end of the disaster, continue the group to continue the group to push the original navigation, how can this be returned back ..."


"Do you really hope?"

"The last time we fifth guilds, five magic mongerists who use super-magical, countless gold props, a sightext, 10% blood ... Finally, I was originally navigated backhand one element chaotic The rain is destroyed ... "


"Shout our slogan!"

"Don't push it down on a day, I don't quit yggdrasil on one day!"

The whole forum is boiling.

The game company's customer service department is almost exploded.

It is unfortunate that they can't do what the Lord, the only person who can do the owner in the offense of the last guild station, and Az Uul Conggong will stationed in the Tomb of the Dawisa.

This guild ...

Also have the most world-class props!

There is between the throne of the Ten Federation of the Tomb of the Tomb of the Tomb of the Tomb of the Tomb of the Tomb, and all members of the Asel Gong will gather here. They are discussing how to meet the original navigation.

"Cataclysm event may not be as simple as we think."

Bai Niu Meng sitting on the chair, slowly opening: "According to our information, the players who hold world-class props must be dropped, this incident may also be a game company to recover world-class props ... "

"If you exit the game?"

"Not really realistic."

The fly whip shook his head and took the words. Drama, unless you die again and then exit the game ... "

Bai Niu's nodded and looked at the people to continue: "And we now kill people who hold world-class props, will also fall, this means that the world-class props must appear in front of the original Nairi ... "

"That is on our site, fight a defense!"

"This is our home, maybe we will be the first guild in the world BOSS ..."

"The first floor to the third floor of Perrochino, Summer Jade Bradfron, has been fighting!"

"Shangyuan Needa has come in, quickly discusses the countermeasures ..."

The entire Asel Gong's desktop opened a mirror light curtain, and a silver-fashioned girl wearing a bright red armor was the guardian NPC made from Pelrochino. It is also a comprehensive strength. Top guard!

Summer Jade Bradfron!

Even if some players in Ans Uul, maybe it is not as good as Summer Ejac, because her body is equipped with a whole body, and a figurine dripper!

However, Xia Jialian's power should be invincible ...

Because she can use the drip tubes to take the drippeople!

In fact, the manufacturer Per Luochino has specially controls her Xia Taxi to call a group of vampire brides, and interferes with the enemy, use HP for Xia1 Yaya.

The second floor of the large grave of Naxisalock underground.

Just as the original navigation, I just stepped in. Xia Jianjie waved with a drippeople gun. This cute silver hairdressing red armor will immediately explode the enemy's ability to be invincible!

However, a fist is taking into Xia Jian, directly bypassing the dripper, and tip the NPC!

"High Order Transfer!"

Summer Jie Jie's figure is instantaneous escape!

However, there is no effect, and the face of the silver girl is confused in the original place, why her space transfer skills seem to have failed ...

In the next moment, Shangyuan Na's fist was smashed on Xia Jianjian's face, and he flew out the silver hair girl. He also grabbed the drippery drum in Xiateya, and pulled the drip tube. Summer Jaya's body link!

Tight ...

Shang Nai was running out, throwing the drip tube, and nailing the body of Xia Jianjian in the ground. This silver-haired girl is still the confusion of NPC status before death ...

The first layer to the third guardian ...

Summer Jade Bradfron, was killed!

Shangyuan Nai is only blocking space, and uses two tricks of ordinary attacks, directly kill this NPC girl in the top strength!

Ans Uul Gong will la life.

Perochino slammed his head, unknone with his face: "Ah, how can the guy treats Xia Jianjie so Taxi!"

"Hey Hey hey!"

The bubble teapot looked at his younger brother, slowly opened his mouth: "The reason, that is npc ... not to mention the summer, the summer is not very!"

"That is the cute thing in history!"

"What is the cute thing, obviously the most unbearable purpose, your metamorphosis has added himself in the setting of Xia Jianjie!"

"You are metamorphosis to some games! And look at your own Slim figure, it's a walking Ding ... â


Just as the Pelrochino and the bubble teapot are still noisy, others are still discussing, the mirror light on the desktop is bright, and a strong vibration makes all guild members can't help but shock!

A picture flashed in the mirror light curtain.

Two broken bodies fell on the sixth team!

That is the two dark spirits NPC, which is the bubble teapot made of Yasu and Marle twins, the sixth floor guards are also killed!

This is just great…

The bubble teapot and the Pelrochino sister are no more noisy, and the NPCs of their sisters have been killed ...

The fly whiskers don't help but ask: "Wait, the sixth floor guardian is killed, the 5th floor guardian Cisetz?"

"It is definitely been dried ..."

"Don't panic, we are waiting in the ninth floor, our killers are arranged in the eighth floor, waiting until the last navigation broke through the eighth floor and said ..."

"Take a look at the seventh floor battle ... Di Mi Goth has hope that the original na will be lost to some blood? So far, it seems like his HP is still full?"

"Not really real ..."

"Wait, why do we feel that we are like a BOSS that you want to be knocked down in the copy and map, Shangyuan Nae is like a player of a Raiders!"

"It seems that the role between us is against ..."

"Whether it is the identity or strength, I feel anti-ah ..."


The whole Asel Gong's noisy will stop.

Every player finally realized where it was a bit uncomfortable. Outside is an unable to defeat world BOSS in the offensive of their guild, why will they have a counterfeit that is actually a copy of the Raiders?