I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 599 looks like you better than you (big chapter)

Naxisalk Grave Tomb.

After the original Na Run, I just resolved the two dark eiversia of Marie and Yaui, and I brought my best to bomb the juncture and directly entered the seventh floor of the Taizha Lic Grave.

A group of fierce demon has been bought upon!

A light suddenly bloomed, and the tip of Shangyuan Nae returned to countless golden light, and all of these demon became the corpse of the residual limbs!

Next, in the countless strain corpse, a figure held the elongated claw rushed up to the original navigation, and its body suddenly smashed the flames and wrapped his body!

"Devils, Pharmacies, Purgatory Frames!"

It is the seventh floor of the guardian Diimoogos!

Although it seems that Dimui Goth rushed to the original Nairi, the whole Azoul Gong will, almost no one member thinks that Dimuis can give the original navigation what trouble ...

as expected.

The palm of Shangyuan Nair is a group of ice, and the body of Dimuis is completely freezed in an instant, and a punch will be bombarded by Dimukos into a cold body!

The movement of the action ...

Even the Dimukos even magic skills are not available!

The seven layers of Naxark Grave Tomb were broken, then the eighth floor will be the final replacement of Asel Gong, they must start the battle in the eighth floor!

If the eighth floor can be victorious ...

Then Asel Gong will copy the miracle!

If you fail ... So, the Tomb of Naxisalk has never been broken, will end this!

And the top of the original Nairi holds two top world-class props [world will] and [forever robin ring], this means that the world-class props lost to him ...

"The speed of being broken is too fast ..."

The flying whispered looked at the mirror scene, he slowly stopped, Shen Sheng: "It's time to participate in our battle ..."

At the next moment, the fidel disappeared in the guild hall.

Everyone in Ans Uul has accompany him to disappear with him, and each of them has a conveying ring, and they can freely shuttle in the Tomb of Naxisalock.

Naza Lower 8th floor.

There are also many NPCs in the forty members of the Asel Gongmei meeting, but most of them are manufactured by cannon ...

And the flying rats use their own non-deceased talent skills to summon thousands of non-deceased creatures, death knights and undead!

Although these discrete creatures can only be used as consumables ...

Just as the Azuhong all gathered in the eighth floor, a radiant broke the darkness of the eighth floor ...

Shangyuan Na's figure slowly floated down, and his beside said three pairs of wings, driving his body floating in half empty ...


The jarous of the flying rat flashed two red light, and the eyelids looked up and looked at Shangyuan Na, "" Is it a big angel? "


The tower is slowly shakes, and the sonicity: "There are too many races that are wings, such as the bird of Perochno ... Perocho, let him say hello!"

"I know ... It's trouble ... I hate the guy with me like me!"

Pelrochino's hand released a golden light, and a handwritten long bow appeared in his hand, it is the german equipment!

A Jinguang is flying in the air, and with the strong sniper skills of the bows, Pelrochino has almost lost!

Shangyuan Na Rush only raised his palm, just took the golden light directly to the next, and the moment of the golden land was splashed!

"Hey, this is too much ..."

Perocho was indignantly collected his own back to the bow, and the face did not coolly said: "When you lift your hand, you will do it directly to fight my strong sniper ..."

In the next moment, Pelrochino's eyes showed an essay: "Well? What do he want to do? Hey, He Luo, Black Large, Ni sauce, I seem to open to BOSS ..."

Among all the sights, Shangyuan Nairou races rambles your palm, a strange golden light emits from the ring on his hand ...

That is the light of the robbery!

Next moment, the end of the robbers were stimulated in order to settle the long back to the hands of the original Needle, and this scene made the whole Asel Gong's people changed!

"After the bow!"

The !!

Legend has the strongest world-class props, which can enable game companies to change the ability to copy any world-class props in the case of game companies!

Unexpectedly, the world BOSS is only used to copy the artifact equipment after copying, it is simply used in large materials ...

Do not…

Perhaps this is to show his invincible power!

next moment…

A golden light flew out from the original nair, and the golden light wrapped in the bluff in the moment, and the Pelro Kno's bird was booked directly on the ground!

This hit the original Nair's powerful sniper ...

Direct Pelrochino spikes on the spot!

Only for senior players, the resurrection reels and resurrection skills are common, and the velochino is re-resurrected!

"Hey Hey hey…"

Perochino hurriedly resurrected, just opened the mouth: "Ni sauce, He Luo, Black Large, you have two tanks to pull the BOSS!"

However, the next moment ...

It's another golden light to shoot!

Shangnai Na Ruo, this guy actually wanted to guard the corpse in front of the members of the Asel Gong, this is really can't help ...

Bubble Teapot This wonderful strange Slim wants to stop the golden light that flying, but was nailed to the ground with her brother Pelrochino!

The defensive power of the bubble teapot is the strongest, even if another Shrem ancient paint black body is also a lot in the defense, but now I was originally reached directly, one arrow. !

Shang Nai is holding the rear bow of the thunder snake ring, as if I am awakened new talent, his palm suddenly pulled on the bow, this scene made everyone face bigger!

"Top Ten Skills ... Flying Feathers!"

Next moment, countless dense Ma Ma is falling!

Behind every spot is a root feathe, the entire eighth floor is completely covered by the attack of Shangyuan Na.

Whether it is the owner of this layer, and the members of the Asel Gong Gong, all within the coverage of countless arrows!

"heads up!"

The fiercery waved the guild, built a tall whitening wall, just this shield wall was shot directly!

A group of people's skills, want to help their companions stop attacks, but they are all inseparable in the dense rival:

One minute later.

The whole people of the Asel Gong will be buried here.

I really didn't expect that their guilds were even easily annihilated, and it seems that this is quite normal ...

Everyone hangs the state of the soul, looked at the air, and it is still a bit of feud, and I don't quite understand why it is so fast ...

Some people began to couldn't help but scratch: "Just the ten-level skills of the archers ... Why can't even hurt ..."

"Hey, do you misunderstand your archer?"

Perochino watched this companion, didn't open the mouth: "Super magic is the skill you have, and our professional top will be very good."

"Let's not only be a top skill ..."

The fly whispered shook his head and sink: "That is the weapon of the robbery ... plus the addition of the world's will ... and each attack is not physical damage, there is elemental property attack ..."

"That, I am sorry ..."

Blackloho has some embarrassment, looking at a group of soul states, embarrassing: "There is no need to help everyone to attack ..."

"This is not your fault ... He Luo Lausang ..."

The fry is comforting his companions, whispered: "That is the strongest world BOSS in ten years ... No matter what version of the game company update, he has not weaker ..."

"Because he is the party's president of the game company ..."

Perochino couldn't help but vomit: "If you weaken the BOSS of the President Blueme, I feel that the employee will can't keep their own work ..."

"Ten years, still can't push down this BOSS?"

"Say, the 8th floor guardian Willtha? Is it a successful skill after death?"


"This BOSS feels that you don't want to push down for a decade!"

"Maybe I can only wait until the original naval, when I retire from the game company, I feel that I hope to push him!"

"He is more young than us ..."

"This is too much."

In a group of people vomiting in a group of Anz Uul, a group of people have placed offline to avoid it. As the Tamarik Grave Tomb is broken, it is clear that this guild station has no way to stay in the seven days of the Cataclysm.

What they hope is ...

This guild settlement can be derived from the original navigation.

Cui Yu Lu's look suddenly exposed a little difficult: "Wait, Ya Bethe is still in the throne of the throne ... Ya Bett is so cute ... Character ... she should not be taken to this world BOSS --- -! "

Yier Bett ...

It is the NPC manufactured by Cui Yu.

Similarly, it is also the Guardian General Manager of the Taisark Grave, and the race is a charm, but there is only the contrast of the Cui Yuzu.

Of course, these are not important.

Most importantly, Cui Yu Record has created three NPCs, namely the big sister Nesian, Er Bether and Sanmei Lu Bes, and the favorite of Cui Yuku is Ya Bethe, so Give her a world-class props.

This also means Yier Bad ...

Almost the active meeting encounters the attack on the original Naid!

In addition, Cui Yu recorded the most painful or his own heart, because many organs in the Tomb of the Naxisark Grave Tomb were completed by his big alchemist ...

"Hey, Cui Yu Record ... !"

Someone can't help but knocked the brain of Ju Yutu, whispered: "Yggdrasil is a game! No matter what to say, they are just NPCs, and it is impossible to ‡. NPC tarnish NPC what is the situation ..."

"I have a joke."

Cui Yu shook his head and whispered: "Forget it, let's go off the line first ... Wait until seven days will come back to Ya Badhe, resurrection a high-end NPC, but it is 500 million gold coins ..."

this price…

But it is not low!

If you count this, if they resurrect NPCs cleared in this catastrophe event, the gold coins that need to spend approximately two or three billions ...

Fortunately, everyone is a gold player.

Although Ya Bett has not seen the original navigation, Cui Yu Lu is almost guaranteed that Ya Bethe must be killed by Shangji ...

So far, there is no living in the hands of the original Needle ...

Not to mention that Ya Bett is also holding a world-class props. For Shangyuan Na, who like to collect world-class props, Ya Bette is a piece of meat on his mouth ...

the other side.

After Shangyuan Na, after the members of all Asel Gongmens, six world-class props were collected directly, and there were many more than one guild!

The footsteps of Shangyuan Nae did not end, because he also remembered the specialist of the Guardian of Naxisalik Graves Ya Bett's special ...

It is said that ...

There is a world-class props in the hands of Ya Bett.

Although I don't know if there is more and more precious in the world-class props, I don't know if there is this prop.


Always go see ...

The Hall of the throne of the Naxark Grave, here is the last stronghold of the Asel Gong, and is also the place where they usually gather.

Now, the Hall of the throne is for a ruin.

A full-deputy armed, full of gentlenefare, the two-horned devil waving his huge sword, blocking the enemy's attack, she is the last line of Naxisak!

It is the guardian Ya Bad!

Next to Ya Bethe, a suit of a suit, a suit, should have her attack, it is a housekeeper. Sebastian!

The old NPC is extremely good at fighting, because it is manufactured by Sebastian is the world champion tower of player PK competition!


This NPC that has not been born has not been born, and can only be a mechanical attack and defense here!

Shangqi Needan, a punch, Ya Bethe, put her armor inch inch, and fiercely added a foot and flew out the NPC directly!


Ya Bethe is still not issued.

Ya Bethed flew out, and he wore the wall, and finally fell on the ground, and the mouth was sprayed out of the blood ...

Her HP has been seen.

Now, this charm NPPC finally revealed her original appearance. Although it appeared on the body, the appearance on the face was very beautiful ... but the look is like it is always cold, it looks with other NPCs. No two no feelings.

"Don't you feel the feelings of pain?"

Shangji raised his eyebrows, and the fingertips settled electricity, and there was a picture of Yier Bettine!

The charm NPC is still in an indifferent manner, falling out of a world-class props after being killed.

"Sure enough?"

Just as the original navigation, I wanted to pick up the world-class props, and the sebatian next to it was rushed up again, and the legs should be forced to retreat!


Shangyuan Na's arm is blocked before his leg!

Under the collision of the two, the legs of Sebatian were directly blocked by the upland necklaces, and even the leg bone would hit the steel.

Shangqi Nairi was on the face of Sebastian, flew out this same-oriented big manager, his fingertips slowly pinched: "Mr. Sebastian, see I am stronger than you ... "


However, Sebastian is still free.

After all, the current Sebastian is just a NPC. Even if the freedom of the game world is high, it is impossible to give him a soul ...

"Hey, don't you understand?"

Shang Nai was shot and shook his head and sighed, leaned over and picked up the world-class props around Ya Bethe. By the way, the fascinating charm of the dead: "Forget, how long, how long you can understand, you can understand "