I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 600 Do you choose to become a king of the dead or choose from zero starting world life?

Time swayed.

In the last time, I will open a major disaster event for players every year, which also became a player's escape game.

of course…

Every year, I won't let go of Naza Lic's opportunities, and all NPCs here don't leave ...

Only, the player freedom of this game is ignored, in the third catastrophe event, the player has created a lot of boat, and there is a lot of hard life ...

It's really outrageous.

This is also considered to be the player's victory.

They call the boat for the new Noah's Ark.

Even if the players and the game of the game company are not easy, Shangyuan Needs to collect world-class props in the game world will continue to enter the end.

In addition to the two irrelevant world-class props yet, the remaining props have been reached in the bag.

Shangyuan Needa also started his first step.

In order to be able to arrange everything happened on the planet, Shangyuan Na is built in the real world, and the lead in increasing the people of their own black hole in the real world.

Just master this planet ...

Only everything you can arrange.

And this is also related to these players will not be refunded.

Just when the world's scientists think about this rare night phenomenon, when the rare night is from, YGGDrasil's players have not perceived that their life has changed ...

Work becomes more busy.

Even some of them are in the game, their companies have gradually have some trouble, have to return their own time to the real world.

No one can think about it ...

All this is just someone in order to let the game players in Yggdrasil as soon as possible, let this game gradually go to the end ...

Players' online people fall down in flight ...

This decline in this number of online people is very strange.

Because the original Nairou has begun to gradually follow the player's identity, they will arrange their real life, but this person really has worked hard.

Shangqi Na Lu sat in the office of the game company, I can't help and look up: "I feel that my style is constantly falling ..."

In the past ...

As a black hand, he manipulated the entire endure, one hand changed the big one's thief, but now it is here to control the real world to find ways to let players refuse ...

How to feel that your style is getting more and more powerful!

However, in this case, it seems to be more likely to let the game company directly declare it.

The players of the entire game world did not escape the original Needle.

Whether it is the top guild or a living player, all have been arranged in the society, let them re-experience the poison of society ...

No matter what to say ...

At least live in real world ...

It is better than crossing the world!

There is a office building in Tokyo.

A undressed youth is sitting in his office, and the look will climb from his game cabin. He just got online game to declare the game from the companions of the guild.

In the past few years, his company has always been thriving.

Since this time, the company has faced a small amount of trouble, which makes this youth have finally been forced to put down their hobbies and return to normal life.

In fact, he wants to exit the game ...

JGDrasil This game is really fun, especially the balance of the game is getting better and better, and the players face the world's BOSS's homes, and let him find a long-lost friendship ...

However, the basis of the game is in reality.

The real world has trouble, he finally was forced to leave the game.

A small building.

A middle-aged man put into a huge game sleep cabin into the basement warehouse, since then he will say goodbye to the game back to reality.

Because his work is getting more and more heavy ...

If this continues, it is likely to be unemployed, and his wife doesn't like him to continue to stay in the game world.

Today, men have finally have to let go of the dream of walking in the world, returning to the real world.

Such things happen in various corners of Japan.

More and more players are facing reality, they have to quit the game, let YggDrasil become more and more ridiculous.

Even Anz Ur Gong will no exception.

I am afraid that they have not much number of people, and they have not escaped from the palm, and they announced more and more members with this game. Nowadays, the number of online people in this guild is getting smaller and smoother ...

Long-term online people are only three or five ...

Because the people in this guild are social people, they are all arranged in the original navigation, and the fondars have gradually become an empty nest old bone ...

Naxisalk Grave Tomb.

Nowadays, the guild station here is scarce, the originally lively hall, this time is only a trouse and the tower.

The tower is sitting on the chair of the guild hall, lifting his head and looking at the fry why: "Sorry, fly the mulberry, I have to quit the game."

"Tower it is rice?"

There are more surprises in the sound of the fly.

"Because it is more troublesome recently ..."

The tower is sitting on the chair, it is rare to change your own heavy style, but it is like to leave this game world, the mentality is a little relaxed. Generally, the opening is chatting: "The daughter in the family has grown up, the family is getting more and more many…"

"This is normal ..."

The fry whispered nodded and continued: "This is nothing to apologize ... and there are a lot of companions to leave the game, just embarrassed to speak ..."

When you say this, the carousel suddenly said: "It's better to do this, I ask how many companions want to leave, everyone finally organizes goodbye, at least we can know their news, will not quietly leave because they are embarrassed ... "


The tower is silent for a while.

This man once looked up at Anz Uul, looked at the flying rats in front of him, and nodded slowly: "In fact, Urmenite didn't say it ... flying in the mulberry, you are really the most Suitable as a selection of people. "

It is clear that people who are most reluctant to these game companions ...

However, the fidel is still considered for peers, he will not deliberately retain, and even take the initiative to send these friends who cherish them in the game world.

A person who likes to think about friends ...

This is also unfortunately Urmentea guy likes the president of the carousel, because Ulbert is not a forward road in the real world, the most favorite people like the people like this.

All members of all Asel Gong received a message from the president, and did not accuse them no longer continue the game. Instead, it is eliminating them. This message is just hoping that everyone can say goodbye. .

at least…

Don't leave quietly, no news.

Just this time.

One thing disrupted the plan.

No, or, let the fare plan is more perfect.

Yggdrasil Game Company has released a new announcement.

Due to less and fewer online players, the game company is desperate to play the player's will, announced that the game will be permanently closed for twelve years.

To be honest…

Many players are more grateful for game companies.

Because they are getting busy in the real world, there is no time to play games at all, some embarrassed to face the past friends, now the game company actively announces the game of Yggdrasil, let them do not need to face their own hearts. .

Because this is an uncontrollable factor.

Just one day in the game, YGGDrasil's online number has reached the peak since the past few years, almost more than the annual disaster incident is coming!

This is really out of control ...

Ans Uul Gong will no exception.

In addition to a few people can't open because things are not open, most members have returned to this game, and their friends have finally farewell.

"Really ..."

The fry on the chair in the guild hall, looking at everyone, his mood is faintly uncomfortable.

Mingming flying rat just wants to give home for their friends, the result is because the game should be completely closed, he has to be sent away by the game company ...

it's good now…

Everyone must really say goodbye.


The fondars slowly stopped, and looked at many companions that spit with the real world, whisper: "Now we must leave, we are not as good as the last guild activity ..."

"What activity?"

"Will n't it take too long? Before 12 o'clock, you must go to bed, so the chance of pregnancy will improve ..."

"Ah? Is there such a thing?"

"Hello, this method is not scientifically!"

"At least a little hope ..."

"I will have children to sleep ..."


A group of members of the Asel Gong will noisy, as if re-opened the words, everyone starts to talk about things in their lives.

The fondase reached out and held the scepter of their guild, slowly hanging down, soft: "That is, then we will say goodbye here, I hope that one day will meet in the future ..."

The fry is like the past ...

I have always been a good gentleman.

No matter what happens, he is priority with his own friends, just to maintain the friendship between them, he is deemed to be the most precious friendship in life.

"and many more…"

One person stood up and looked at the farewear. "Hey, don't always give up so soon, let's talk about what activities ..."

"Pushing down the world BOSS Shangyuan Na."

The fry is sorry to open: "We have almost all things in this world, it seems that there are nothing we can't do ..."

"This ah ..."

The tower is nodded, and the people who have played an eye. The opening continues: "It seems that we have in addition to the disaster incident, because of my sake, we seem to have not officially challenged the original navigation?"


The fido looked at his friends, and nodded and continued. I haven't used us ... "

Because once the player holding the fate of the fate, the ring of the fate will be retrieved directly by the original navigation, all the good feelings are completely cleared.

And I have always worried that the challenge is too large, in case death, it will cause the strength of the entire guild to fall ...

This is why they have no challenge to the original navigation.

After listening to the proposal of the fry, everyone of the Asel Gong will look at their companions. After all the words are whispered, all members nodded gently ...

Such activities ...

It seems that it will not waste too much time.

Now this game is about to be closed, they don't need to worry about their loss, no need to have a pound of kg more than a moment, just need to do the last indulgence is enough!

In fact.

Challenge to the original navigation this kind of thing ...

It is really not only Ans Uul to think.

At least twelve guilds have a player who holds a fate, they are also qualified to challenge the original navigation, and they are doing this ...


Natural and no differences in the past.

There are even a few guilds, calling on all the players of the world, open a final carnival feast of the original naval on the plain of Midgart!

This kind of thing ...

It is normal to be absolutely impossible.

However, today, this game is about to serve, the players have disturbed the carnival, even if they know that this may be a carnival of death!

Midgart's plains.

Even if the battlefield is more difficult to lay it, hundreds of thousands of players turned to death, and countless precious artifacts fell to the ground but no one went, because no one cares about these virtual items that immediately disappear.

Because after 12 o'clock ...

The game will completely stop.

Tens of thousands of players don't care about the equipment and grades of themselves, but they are constantly dying and fly quickly, until they fall to the lowest level restriction ...

Even if some players died hundreds of times, even the occupation level has dropped, but wearing a whiteboard and continue to launch a charge in the direction of the original Na.

Even if it is mandatory to deduct a little blood ...

That is also the victory of these players!

As long as each player can attack the original naval, they can push down the world BOSS, here there is hundreds of thousands of players!

"These people are crazy ..."

Shang Nai, raised the thunder, turned over the players of a group of whiteboard clothes, and the look was not very good. "If they don't quit the game, they will be big things ... "

that time…

What is the call?

After 12 o'clock, if these players have to continue, they are likely to enter the world in this state. What should this player call?

From zero starting world life?

"Forget it, finally collectively demonstrate them once ..."

Shangyuan Nai fell together with his palms, summoning the flooding of the whole Midgart, his eyes flashed a bright light: "Azoul Gong's tower of the Tower of Hi Meng invites me to Nasa Lick Graves ... I hope they can also be a sense! "