I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 601, the fourth day of disasters!

11 o'clock in the middle of the night.

There is still the last hour from the game.

The members of the entire Asel Gong Gong will be together.

Everyone replaced his most precious equipment, and their backpacks have been filled with gold props and medication, they have to initiate the last guild activities here.

The tower is also a mouse, and slowly reached out to stroking the ring on his hand and start calling for the appearance of the original navigation.

next moment…

A spiral conveying array appeared in the sky of Naisa.

The figure of Shangyuan Needs suddenly appeared, he bowed his head on a full-deputy armed figure, he also known that the members of these Asel Gong will do anything.


As a qualified NPC, it is also necessary to say a standard line.

"Player tower it is rice."

Shangyuan Na is watching the tower it, rice, cold voice: "I call me with my destiny, is it my help?"

"Do not…"

The tower is slowly subjected to the rings of the fate, using the system's destruction function destroy the fate of the fate in his hand, he slowly opened: "We are here, launching the final challenge for you!"

next moment…

The tower has a strange posture!

With the movement of the tower, the four gold special effects suddenly appear behind his back, just as come!

It is just that this is a meaninglessly gold special effect ...

Generally, there is nothing to spend money in this regard.

It is estimated that there is only the tower of it. It is the soul of the second soul and the winners who have a lot of financial resources will spend money to buy gold effect ...


The mouth of Shangyuan Needle, no matter whether he had seen a few times of the golden golden golden golden flavor effect of the tower, but sometimes he felt that he was so ugly!

This guy…

I really don't know what is embarrassing?

It's just a more embarrassing, Shangyuan Nairou is more amazed at the alias of the Tower, Mi and Ands Uul, this group of players are crazy!

To be honest…

It was once thought that after the game world closed, they can also meet these special rewards and care for those who hold their fate, they have been helping. He collects thanks to world-class props ...


All players holding fate tonight will give up this benefits!

It's really unreasonable ...

Even the last tower holding a fate, I also chose to give up, this group of guys really don't know what they have lost ...

At the last navigo, he looked at the destiny of the fate in the hients in the hand, and his brow wrinkled slightly: "Player tower is , you lose the care of destiny ..."

On the hands of Shangyuan Na, a golden sword suddenly appeared, his voice suddenly became bright: "If we can meet again in the future, you will regret everything today ..."

The eyes of Shangyuan Nair falls on the tower. It is the meter of it, and the look gradually became indifferent: "People who challenge their fate ... Remember the fear of being dominated by fate!"


All people did not answer everyone.

Because they know that these are the lines of Shangyuan Nai, no matter how they don't guess, hidden in these lines ...

next moment…

Shangyuan Nairi suddenly disappeared in the original place, his figure held the light sword to rush to the ground in the ground, it is obviously he wants to kill this player who destroyed the destiny!

"Heilo Blacklodon, ready to attract hatred!"

The mouse hand holds the guild's golden control, and the sound begins to arrange: "You don't have to worry, this time I didn't hold a world-class props!"


The ancient lacquer Blan responded, and raised his hand to release his own ridicule skills, he was the main man of this guild!

Sky, words ...

It is the latim of the lattice teapot.

Just as the Az Uul Gong Gong will prepare for the hatred of the original Na Luo Luo, but seeing the original Nairi's figure in their clothing!

The whole Asel Gong will go back!

Shangyuan Na Run waved the golden sword in his hand, like a war god usually flying in the people of the Asel Gongmei meeting, and every sword he waited broke a player's life, and he wore it in an instant. This guild!

One minute later.

All members of the Asel Gong will all fall.

Just they still have not given up, constantly use the props resurrection, but it is still difficult to change the fate of the fallen, except for the two main stankers of the Blackloholi and Bubble Teapot, unless they use invincible, no one can stop the original navigation A sword!

"Su Mingzun!"

The ninja professional, Yan Lei, quickly changed his appearance, turned into a giant waving the weapon in his hand and pulled a blow to the original navigation!

This look ...

As you must, you must be usually no two!

No, or if you must, the original name is the name!

Shangyuan Nair's body suddenly floated the skeleton of the need, and the thousands of MSI MSI giants directly smashed the Yan Lei's Suyue Zun!

After all, when this game was made, I have been referring to the hot anime for two hundred years ago, but the original Needle is more understanding how to use it to fight!

No one knows the ninja and must be better than him!

Shangyuan Nairou manipulated the mustvassing sword with must be waving, a pound of swords, and the members of all Asel Gong will be killed!

ten minutes later.

Shangyuan Nairou has begun to make a knife in his hand, because all members of the Asel Kong Gong will have over 15 experiences above ...

The more weighted it, the more weakened ...

As their level and equipment fall, this means that they resist the probability of resisting in the hands of Shangyuan Nai!

These players ...

No longer for fighting ...

Maybe just want to close the last time of this game, squandering every savings accumulated in this game!

Anyway, these ...

It's already no need!

Elementary fifty-nine points.

All the members of all the Asel Gong also did not climb up, this time Azoul Gong's last guild failed unexpectedly.

Even each member has already dropped all equipment, all the gold props have been exhausted, this abused vent is ended ...

Original average member of the guild member ...

At this time they have only ten levels.

This fucking ...

It's really a group of players who want to live in different worlds from zero!

Shangnai, I watched it again and again, no one was resurrected, it seems that they have consumed all the golden reactive props, and they should choose the resurrection point in the guild station.

After the arrival of the arrival, his figure disappeared in the air and appeared in the depths of the Grave of Naxilk, quietly waiting for the results.

Time disappears at a little bit ...

The twelfth 's best.

This game has been operated for twelve years, and finally I have to draw at this moment!

However, after the game is completely closed, each player is a bit surprisingly found that they don't go offline, still still in the game!

this is…

Game company's spree? In fact, the game company just opened a joke. This game will not end at all?

The depths of the large graves of Naassarock.

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai lifted slightly, he felt the fluctuation of time space, as a person who has mastered a black hole, but he is sensitive to these!

"Time I want to start ..."

The palm of Shangyuan Nae suddenly floats a black hole, the first to income the nine worlds in the world's tree games income their own black hole universe!

Every world can provide him with two million people!

Within his black hole, there is a world tree that hangs nine worlds, this world tree provides him with a thousand eight million world strength!

It is not polite ...

The biggest treasure of this trip has taken away!

198 world-class props, the nine worlds of the world trees, plus a realistic planet, which provides him with the power of 40 million worlds, compared with the world and the pihydrate, More!

Shangyuan Nae

The power of the world: 60.4 million

Health: 100000

Magic value: 100000

Life recovery: 1296 seconds

Magic recovery: 1024 seconds

Surplus gold coins: 0 pieces

Single only destroyed Yim, I was able to do the power of one million world in the original Nairi ...

"The power of 60 million world ..."

After the original navigation, he watched his own value panel, slowly relax his heart, and choosing to sink in the power of the time.

This time is the force ...

Always screen players!

No one knows what the crossing mechanism is, Shangyuan Nair is only quietly hiding in the Tomb of Naxilike, hoping that it can be selected.

Tick ​​...

Tick ​​tick ...

After three seconds.

Shangyuan Needar slowly closed his eyes.

next moment…

The entire Naxisalk Grave Tomb is moving!

Others did not detect this asynchronous, only the original navigation faintly felt that there was a strange force to move the guild station to another place!

Naxisalk Grave Tomb.

The players of Ans Uul-Kong will still think about how to get offline, but they can't find the system panel, everyone can't help but be irritated.

What makes them surprised ...

All the NPCs they have made in the guild station becomes all as living, each NPC is even the character set!

The most troublesome is ...

These NPC levels are higher than they!

Because of the challenge of the original navigation, let their rank equipment fell sharply, this is more troublesome, if one of the NPC rebels, it is possible to kill all of them in all players ...

The only thing is fortunate is ...

These NPCs are very respectful for them.

"Cui Yu Lu" ...

Ya Bethe looked at his Creator, the smile on his face couldn't attractively attacked: "Is there anything unhappy? Do we want to do some happy things?"

"No ... no ..."

The expression of Cui Yuzu is faint.

Why is Yier Bette talking so dark ... Wait ... If he has not remembered something, Yier Bette's people seem to be a contrast ...

She is a bitch ah!

If this is the case, Yier Bellar is not this ...

"You go first!"

The fond of the car suddenly cleared the guild supper in his hand, which is the only weapon who did not fall. He loudly: "Ya La Bad, Dimukos, Yulai, Marle, Science Senters, Sebastian, let's go, we have something to discuss! "


All NPCs respectfully withdrew from the guild hall.

"Moima, what should I do?"

The bubble teapot sound is a bit nervous, and the sound of the light is asked: "I can't find the panel of the lower line. If we will be trapped in the game ..."

"If you are later, your wife will die."

"Now I want to go off the line ..."


"Do not worry."

The fly whip reached out and stuck his own friends, and the sound opened: "Although there is only ten levels, the magic and skills in the body can be used, and it seems that it is not delayed. Let's go with other players to discuss ..."


Urbai is nodded, whispered: "Be sure to find a way to go offline, today I have a battle in a bar ..."

"See if you can contact GM ..."

"I always feel that this game is getting more real?"


"NPC seems like a living person ..."

"Will it be actually a gaming company's prank, they announced that the game is just to attract many players to go online, let the players find a higher degree of freedom in the game world, and more players stay? "

"Hahahaha ... If this is the case, it seems that it is not acceptable!"

"I feel like another world, if the game really does so real, maybe this game will rebuild the fire!"

"It seems that you should have a new announcement for a while ..."

"I only hope that GM can go online, how to do new games tell us ..."


Just as Anz Ur Gong Gong will, a group of people self-comfort and relaxing, Shangyuan Na, but it feels like a little bit of trouble ...


Not only a little bit!

This field has more than 100,000 other players, and even they have started touching with Aboriginal people!

Some people think they have traveled ... "However, when they see a group of players, it felt like still in the game world.

after all…

The shot is either a child, or it is an egg ...

You can't everyone, you are a child of the selection and an unlucky egg!

"I have an accident ..."

The face of Shangyuan Nairo faintly a little quirky: "I thought that there would be different time points. I didn't expect that most players came directly from it."

This is not from zero starting world life ...

Credit is the invasion of the fourth day!