A group of players face each other.

One of the players took the lead in reacted.

This player looked at the original navigation, and some people couldn't believe him for a while: "Wait, you mean ... You are the socialist of the game company ... not the world BOSS made by the game programmer?"

This joke is not awkward ...

A game company's president actually uses the identity of the world BOSS ...

Just as the original Na Ruo believes that this group of players finally became a lot of lively, and players were constantly discussing into his ear.

"Hey, hurry to return money!"

"First restore the lower line system!"

"Yes, at least let the system will restore the system!"

"It's just a new version of the game, it seems more real than before, it is not very friendly for novices ..."

"Hello, just use it to describe it, I don't have a little too biased, I have been awkward, and the Ou Pai here is the true touch, it is great, I have never played. Such a great game! "

"Yeah, it is a game company that has developed YggDrasil, but also develop a game with a higher degree of freedom, it is really awesome!"

"If you say, now I can't find a recharge point. In fact, this game has just started internal test?"

"This is definite ..."

One player discussed one side and turned to the original navigation, and asked whisper: "Hey, Shangyuan President, when will I start formal release!"

"I am ready to resign to continue playing this game!"

"I feel that it is already getting married in realities! Maryian boss's body is too praise, I have to give her everything!"

"Hey, the brain is slightly normal!"


The look of Shangyuan Nae is gradually stiff.

A group of players surrounded by him did not show special panic. They were just a surrounding moment, they immediately started the topic of the discussion to reappear in this novel and interesting world ...

This group of guys ...

It seems that it is not bad here!

And until now, they have not found the truth. Instead, they seem to be more relieved after seeing the original navigation, after all, the boss of the game company is impossible to adventure and they are always like this to go in the game world!

When I was going to continue to say something, a player suddenly made a suggestion: "Hello, Shangyuan President, if this game is inherited all the properties of YGGDrasil, you still have the power of the world!"


Shangyuan Nair is nodded.

Finally, there is a player to find the right direction ...

Next moment, the player suddenly said: "The president is the only system GM ... Can we say your own opinion! Now we have too confusing, the PK does not have any punishment, and Resurrection point ... "

"To the right, now the resurrection is too serious!"

"I can only consume my own level and experience resurrection ..."

"The level of leveling, there is really like only trying to practice, and there is no experience and equipment to kill the magic. This is also required to change it!"

"In fact, this is true! After all, I will fall to the equipment gold coins, it seems that it is not in fact!"

"You are a sense of reason, we are playing games ..."

"But I think this is more realistic!"

"Then why don't you practice, a day in the pub ..."

"This is not to take care of Maryian boss's business!"


This group of players chatted and ran again. A group of players didn't care about the strength of the original Nair, you said a word to this game ...

They chatted again.


The expression is slightly solidified in Shangyuan Na.

If you go on this again, I feel that he has to be brought ...

This group of players can no longer stay, must find a way to gather them together, the third day, the brain circuit is really not what he can imagine ...

"Hey, stop!"

Shangqi Nairou extended his hand to stop their dispute, deeply sucking a breath, Shen Sheng: "After a month, I will announce this game in the Emperor of the Bass Empire ... No, it is this world ... for it doesn't matter ... I will publish important things about this game in the emperor, you can help me inform everyone to come ... "

Under the foot of Shangyuan, a ripples were slowly presented. He slowly waved his palm: "If you want to know all this, or what opinions on this game ... that is in Bahace after a month Empire emperor collection! "

When it comes to the end, the figure of Shangyuan Nairi has completely disappeared, leaving only the last sentence: "And only I will help you leave this game ... If anyone has not come to the emperor, you can only wait for the company to repair bug. "

"Hey, wait ..."

"Don't take it too much!"

"We still have a lot of things to say!"

"If you can go offline, send me away!"

A group of players hurriedly wanted to stop the original navigation, but they could not stop the start of the transfer, and they only looked at the original navigation and left the pub.

As the last navigation leaves, a player who took one immediately started to contact his friend or a companion, and the news appeared on the original navigation told everyone.

The Emperor of the Bass Empire is unprecedented.

In addition to the local players of the Bass Empire, the players who teach the country and Ryeus Trunhaw King are also flocked toward the Bass Empire.

Just when the players flock to gather ...

Shangyuan Na Luo appeared in the highest place in the Bass Empire, looking at a group of players who smiled and continued to enter the city, and the mood was a bit complicated.

Even the people of Ares Uul Gong also secretly sneaked into the emperor.

It was originally known that after the power of other players were sharply weakened, Ansoul Gong will still want to rely on several full-level NPCs, try to break all other guilds, and preempt the game for all resources.

It is only a prudent flying rat to worry that other guilds may have similar NPCs, they temporarily stop this plan.

Now, the news of the original Needle will make them some sitting ...

In addition to the fido, it is still keeping at the Tomb of Naxilk, and the members of other Asel Kong Gong will come to the emperor, they are really wanting to go home.

Only hams are not very interested in this ...

If it is not his personality, he really wants to tell the companion. During this time they can't get off the game, it is the happiest when he is coming over.

The real world is not too lonely ...

Only in Naassarik, the fond is only able to feel the warmth of friendship.

The boulder of the fly, sitting in the throne hall, slowly stroking the guild with his own hands and bones: "If the last navigation does not appear, you can have never wrance ... But everyone has a family and life ..."

Especially now Naisalock ...

In addition to their companions that have been guild, NPCs are like real people, and they are indeed a home here.

Just as the tricks tapped by the guild supper, the contact of Tamiki suddenly broke into his ear: "The fare, this is a real world, don't touch the original navigation, all this is his conspiracy!"