I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 605 I have arranged your life, just to let this group of guys!

The whole person is still confused when the car is received.

Why do you want to say that this is the conspiracy of Nairi, is there anything happen? No, the tower is also as if they are all emperors of the Bass Empire!

Because they want to leave the game offline!

In the next moment, the whole person, the whole person immediately returned to the awake, and hurriedly began to contact the tower, I want to ask the truth from the mouth of the tower, at least he has to know what happened from his own friend!

Emperor Square of the Bass Empire.

More than ten thousand players lying on the ground.

Originally, when they gathered here, I thought I would get the gaming company's spree, I didn't expect to usher in the compensation reward ... but the original navigation of the attack on his own pressure!

Shangqi Nae returned to the highest place in the square, playing on the ground, calmly speaking, the truth of players thinking: "You will not really think this is a game world? It has never been a real world, every An NPC you think is actually a living person! "


A group of players were lying on the ground weakly.

It's just that every player's eyes are difficult to cover.

It is clear that they cross the number of people, and they also retain the game's ability. Even even if they are suspicious, they will be dismissed this thought ...

Because they can resurrect in this world!

And they have also seen the NPC humans here to show resurrection skills in a huge price. If it is the real world, how can there be resurrection?

Is it able to get back to death?

the most important is…

From a game world through the world, it sounds too incredible, especially more than ten thousand people cross it here.

The issue is…

These things are known from the original navigation. He now doesn't seem to be deceived, because more than 100,000 players have been directly crushed by his momentum.

If you are a true world ... So can they go back to the players who cross the world?

"From 12 years ago, I knew the existence of this world."

Shangqi Needan, overlooking all players, quietly continued: "At that time, I know that the Yggdrasil Game World actually connects another world, and can even bring the props and power of the game world to here ..."

"So starting from 12 years ago, I made a world-class NPC named my own name, raised my game value to an extent that anyone can't overcome, so that I can maintain absolute in this world Pressure ... "


Each player has changed.

Twelve years ago, when the Yggdrasil game didn't just opened the service, the game company suddenly made a large-scale update. After the update, the game world began to have a world-class BOSS on the original naval.

Even before the game served, this world-class BOSS has never been able to defeat, and there is no place to defeat in the game ...

Later, I learned that Shangyuan is the Game Company's President ...

Players also played the BOSS made by the game company for the proposal to please the president, did not think about the strong world BOSS is actually the body of the original navigation!

In order to conquer this world ...

He has long prepared a powerful role!

"I think it is ..."

The bubble teapot has a cold sweat, and the delicate voice is more fear: "When I went to the game company ... I like someone mentioned it ... World-class BOSS is almost completely made by the game company's president ..."

"Do not be afraid…"

Perochino acts at his sister.

Urbert starts standing, looking at Shangyuan Na, who is floating in the Emperor Square: "So, when he lets the game company update is not world-class BOSS, but a bodies used by the game company's president "

"Is it ready from that time?"

The look of Cui Yuzu gradually explicitly reveals some confusion, I can't help but Qi: "What is the meaning of this? Why do you want to live in a world?"

"Strength, life, power, status."

The tower was calmly responded, whispered: "Because in the real world, even if his identity is more expensive, you can't stand in the world ... Only in this unavoidable, he can rely on his strength to get everything. "

The movement of the tower is very keen, and he continues to find a reason for the original Nairi: "Even our race and occupation can bring to this world together, then it means that life will also be greatly extended, he can be here The world is not dead ... "

If someone gives him a chance ...

Ability to conquer one world and get an eternal life!

The tower is also do not know that he will not withstand this temptation!

Listed like him will not help but doubt in the heart, let alone other people, a lot of people in real world life is already full of regrets ...

If you know the truth in advance ...

Those players will definitely retain their rank equipment, starting a new life in this world, a successful life!


Shangyuan Nairou looked at the ground, quietly continued: "Yggdrasil game world is not unable to threaten my things, that is, a group of people in order to increase the world-class props to be put forward ..."

"So I have been secretly designing any world-class props that can conquer this world from the world, until I got the two strongest world-class props that I received the two-piece world-class props, and You publicly meet in the game ... "

"After getting these two items, I started using you to recover other world-class props until all world-class props are all incompetent, ensuring that this world will not have any threats to me ..."


The players' gods have a faint regret.

These people seem to have the ability to stop the original navigation, but gradually becomes more easy to use because of the ability of the original Na, thinking that using the world-class props to let Shangyuan, you will help our work, I didn't expect it to become the gang of Shangyuan Nair ...

At the time when the guild war war, I received a world-class props, and only two hundred of the world-class props of YGGDrasil were only 20% of the top of the top.

Even if there is one or two ...

It is also impossible to have any harm to the original navigation.

The last regrets are undoubtedly the people of the Asel Gongmens, they are contributing to the most guilds of the original naval world-class props ... In addition to falling in the catastrophe, it is only active to send out. 56 pieces!

"Don't regret it."

Shangyuan Na will slowly open the road: "Because all activities made by the game company, all are prepared for the world-class props as much as possible ..."

"In order to get more world-class props, I have been promoting the fighting of all guilds, and even every battle will make you learn how to use me ..."

"At that time, you must think that you can use a world-class BOSS to be complacent? In fact, it is just to remove the last threat ..."

"Ha ha…"

One of the players suddenly looked up, and she couldn't help but laugh at the last navigation. I said that there were so many, in fact, for a few items, it is really a small family, Shanghao President ! "

"Hahahahaha ..."

"Yes, this is too small!"

"If you want to ask us if you use your own president, you will give it to you when we lift your hand!"

"I am really disappointing ..."

"I thought that we were still thinking that your game company is for the game balance to find a world-class props. I didn't expect it because you alone ..."

"Too small gas!"

A group of players suddenly went up.

It seems to be because the first player gave their courage, let them dare to send a ridicule from the player in this way to the original navigation!

They have never been a game player!

What world-class props, they will not care!

If this game company's president is only repeated in the game world, it will not be a bit too much!

"Nangyuan Guangzhi."

Shangyuan Na Ruo looks at the first player, but not for his ridicule, just calmly opens: "In July this year, you want to withdraw from the game, because your company has seventeen due to quality problems due to quality problems Returned goods, let your company lack big funds because of pressing goods ... "


There is a lot of fear between the player's look.

Because the original navigation is what is his true name!

Say, it is also what happened in the real world!

Next moment, his expression faintly became difficult to look, bite his teeth: "You this guy ... investigate me?"

"Not an investigation."

Shangji shook his head quietly, continued: "But these goods should be received by a group's subsidiary company, I just let them return back, bring a little trouble for your life ..."

After these, Shangyuan Na Lu also took out his own notebook, started to start a name in one place: "Kanjuo, rent, electricity and property fees have risen much, don't think, that is what I have risen In order to let you quit the game ... "


A player's expression suddenly became somewhat speechless.

Shangyuan Na will continue to read slowly: "Suzuki Chun Xiong, the courses in the university should suddenly be nervous, is your tutor to arrange a lot of tasks? Don't think, that is what I arrange, for you to leave the game "


Another player's expression becomes stiff.

Shangyuan Nai Lu has turned over a page, continuing to read: "Xiao Lin Ping 3, your parents should start again to find the object of marriage? Don't think about it, I specially arrange people in their ear, blowing ear, for It is also letting you leave the game as soon as possible. "

"Hey, this is too much!"

A player can't help but waving his own fist: "I can be very serious and unmarried!"

The original Nairi is too lazy to pay attention to him, slowly continue to read: "Wood Village is clear, no mistakes, your business should be more busy, don't think, in order to let you get busy, I specially gave you. The boss is a big order, the name is to let you be responsible, just to let you leave the game ... "


A player's expression became a little quirky. He even fell a gift toward the original Nai: "Although I am very grateful ... But should I really just let me leave the game?"


Players on the square have rebounded.

Everyone has begun to recall the trouble of self in real life, these things should not be the original navigation!


Just let them leave the game, this is too much trouble!

No, this is too hot! Where is it to let players leave the game, just give them trouble in the real world!

One of the female players stood up and got up and said: "Hello, Shangyuan Na, my ex-boyfriend and I broke up, this should not be you ..."

"Don't worry."

Shangyuan Na was turned over to the notebook, slowly opened: "I remember a lot of couples, because the other party has paid a lot of girlfriends or boyfriend ..."


Many young men and women in the square could not help but change, apparent that these people have passed in the near future, even a lot of immersed in the pain of falling love ...

"Hey, thank you, no need to find it."

The female player lie down with her face.

Players on the square have doubted the female players, obviously don't need to explain too much, they know the truth inside.

"Okay, I don't know when I want to read."

Shangyuan Na Roucked his own small book, looking at many players on the square, the face was relentless: "Because your appearance, it will make this world full too much uncontrollability, so I always I want you to leave the game ... "

"I have worked hard in the game world, and even don't hesitate to arrange everything in reality. It is to let you leave the game world, let me be in this independent world ..."


The original neighborhood is still when I am.

Many players on the square are slowly calmed down.

Although Shangji Na Ruo has arranged their life in order to retreat the Balance of Baizhang, this guy seems to have nothing to do!

The tower is, and the sky is watching the air Shangyuan Na, slowly caught the meditation. After he thought for a long time, he finally got to contact the haouse again.

"The crisis is released."

"Although the conspiracy of this guy is somewhat terrible, I thought he was a horrible guy, but now it looks ..."

"Shangyuan Needa seems to be a good person."