I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 606 really misses us when we meet the first time!

Shangyuan Needs seem to be a good person.

After the trouse received this news, the whole person was rerouped into the understanding, what happened to the tower, what happened to the end?

However, the tower did not continue to answer after passing the news to the fry, because the Didu Square of the Bass Empire in the Bass Empire was again lively.

All players discussed the troubles encountered in their real life in a lively, these troubles will not be the original navigation ...

A player touched his chin and turned his shoulders knocked on his friends: "Will my wife want to divorce my divorce, will it be a ghost?"


His friend heard this, I couldn't help but smile and smiled. "Should ... should be ... You don't go home in the evening ..."

"Because it is too busy ..."

This player smashed his own brow, and did not look at it: "There are more entertainment in the last words, maybe the ghost of the original navigation ..."


The expression of Shangyuan Nai is stiff, and there is a strangeness between the gods.


Shangyuan Needle to solve it here, but it can't solve everyone.

The forehead of Shangyuan Needs has been jumping.

These players clearly let him feel a little more and more headache ...

What are these people going? Is it not discussed at this time? Is it a black hand after this behind-the-scenes?

Why are they this time ...

I still blamed everything on his body.

How does this group feel that he is separated from his control, and life can be re-active.

All players on the entire Emperor Square seem to be refreshed, and they will blame their difficulties have been in their own years ...

Shang Shangnai's words have also brought them confidence in life. If there is no way to go to the ghosts, they will be as happy as before!

I really don't know where they come to confidence ...

"Hey, Shangyuan Na, hurry to let us go off the line!"

"Since you know this world, you must know how to leave this world!"

"Yes, let's get away here!"

"Hey, if we leave, who will stop the original navigation, Maryian boss is still waiting for me!"

"Betting ... Don't you want to go home?"

"Of course I want to go back, but Maryian boss is still waiting for me ..."

"She is waiting for a lot of people!"

"I am living very lonely, only Mary's boss's wide, can bring me warm ..."

"Your loneliness is caused by the original navigation!"

"If you are not in the original Nair, you will have a lot of good friends!"

"Hey, you also make sense ..."

The entire square has become noisy, and a group of players want to argue with the original Needs, but I am arguing with people around you ...

Ten thousands of players have argued a group.

Some players hope that they can continue to stay in this world, because they are lonely in real life and not enough; some players want to return to the past, because they want home to warm.

There are also some disputes in Ans Uul Kong.

It's just that the tower is almost all touch everything. His voice gradually became gray: "If you say it, it seems that everything we have in the hands of this game company. If we want to go back, Can only see what he has ... "

As a mature adult ...

The tower is often very close to the critical moment.

For example, at this time, he is the first to recognize the situation.

Urbert is somewhat uncomfortable. He looked at the winner tower of his life that he didn't like it. He snorted: "But what should this world? Who knows that he will send us back? ?

In this case, it is better to defeat the original navigation, this guy is not said, the world-class props can threaten his existence ... "

Some of the sound of the bubble teapot: "But ... World-class props in this world have been taken away by him?"

"No ... there are two pieces."

Urbert slowly lifted his head, laughing and opening: "The two world-class props are actually in one of a person, because one is the world-class props that can hide all players, so I've been original navigation Didn't find ... "


Everyone's eyes can't help but surprise.

If you sound, the guy in Urbert seems to know the truth!

Because Urbert is also very expected in the Azoul Gongmei, some people who can resist their rice in the tower, his personality charm is also good ...

"Don't look at me, not in my hands."

Urbert looked at the tower. It was slowly opened: "At the beginning, we have some things, so after the final disaster change, I found the last two world-class props, gave it to a proper People in keeping ... "


The tower is in a silence.

Because the Tower of the Tower is too trusted to trust a player, I pulled it into their guild, but the player has stealing a world-class props from the Asel Gongmei, leading to the prestige of the tower. drop.

It is from that time ...

Because the tower is the silence, the old good people in the guild slowly become the most convincing people in the Asel Gongmei ...

Of course, this is not a conspiracy.

The relationship between the tower is very good.

Or, the relationship between all the members of Asel Gong will have a good relationship with their president, because the guy is a real bad person ...


But in protecting the peers, this is an exotic persistence.

The tower is hidden with Ulbert, and it is slowly talented: "It seems that you give the two items to the fry, it is indeed ... There is no more suitable for the world-class props than the hamster. "


Uriebei talented: "Say it is just the collection of Cui Yu Lu, just at that time, the game is getting more and more desolate, and there are not many people attach importance to world-class props, I will get it ..."

Urbert looked at the tower. It didn't move. Only the sound continued: "I handed it to the hamster. One of them can hide any message, even the news of world-class props, so there is no time. People can detect ... "

The tower is questioned, and the idea is questioned: "So you want to defeat the original navigation with the world-class props, forced this guy to take us home?"

"Do you still ask him?"

Urbert snorted, screaming: "I want to know a little, the tower is it, the guy gets unmatched power here. You think he will care about our attitude towards us. ?"

Comparison ...

Ulbert is more reluctant!

"Although I don't want to say this ..."

The tower is also shaking his head, and the sound will continue to say: "But the original navigation is not particularly bad. He did not think that it was so bad ... No, or he was just a huge guy ..."

The tower is hidden with Urbert, and it will continue to say: "And the past is not a world-class props to discuss the original navigation. As a result, you don't have seen it, let alone our current level and equipment ..."


In the game world, there is never lacking people who are discouraged.

However, even if there is a world-class props, it is impossible to overcome the "Twenty] series of world will and the Shangyuan Nai, who will be robbed!

"That is the game world!"

Urbert hugged his arm, cold channel: "This is a real world, no one knows what the world can play in the real world ..."

"But this may be anger him ..."

"Then let's see him?"

Urbert laughed and said: "Maybe we go to see him, he may really let us get!"

He but the people!

How can it be willing to bow!

"Maybe ..."

A sound falls in their ears.


When the people of the Asel Gong will hear this voice, they can't help but change!

Shangyuan Nairi slowly fell to the side of the Asel Gong, with a warm smile: "Interesting, all the sounds of this square are listened, the two world-class props drops ..."

A ordinary stick has been slowly appeared in the hands of Shangyuan Na, and his smile has gradually been rich: "No wonder I can't find the world-class props, I didn't expect one of them, it would be a props for hidden features ... "


There are some yin in the face of Urbert.

"It is worthy of the golden senior players!"

At the last navig, I watched Urbert, the momentum of the body gradually broke out, pressed Urbert dared to move, he slowly opened: "I have just said a lot ... but the most important thing is only one ... It is only the world-class props to pose a threat to me. It seems that this thing is in your heart ... "

"What do you mean ..."

"his meaning…"

The tower is hidden in the body, and it is stood in front of him: "Just want to with this opportunity to see if the last two world-class props can be recovering, those words are traps ! "

When I said here, the tower was stared at the original navigation, and she asked: "World-class props is actually just right! In addition to collecting world-class props, what is the Shangyuan President still want to do? ? "

"It is worthy of me who gives the first life of the first fate!"

Shangyuan Na will slowly open the mouth: "Yes, I need to make a big event, let my name can spread any corner of the world, let everyone hear my name can't help but shudder ..."

Shang Nai, I also looked at the defensive gesture, I also saw the justice of justice behind the tower, and I couldn't help but smoke it. "About no more than one in an empire. 100,000 adventures are more fearful ... "


Everyone can't help but play a Tang Jun!

This guy convened all players, the purpose turned out to kill these more than ten thousand players, making a big event of a terrorist massacre!

However, his tower suddenly laughed, he seems to want to try to lower his laughter, but after all, still can't afford: "Hahahahahahaha ... hahahahaha ... It's too interesting!"

"Tower it is rice ..."

Bubble teapot looks at your partner.

A group of people couldn't help but looked at the tower it.

Next moment, the look of the tower is suddenly solemn, seriously opens: "It's really kind ... It's more than a hundred thousand people to kill more than 100,000 this world ... Kill these can resurrect players, Really be benevolent enough! "


The expression of Shangyuan Nairi, he couldn't help but ask: "You guys ... don't worry that you have no way to resurrect after you die?"

"Of course worry."

The tower is laughing, quietly continues: "But I just heard the story of Shanghao President to manipulate the life of others, and it seems that I think some seems to be good!"

The tower is whipped and continues to say: "This kind of president doesn't seem to be called a wicked person! Maybe your evil is indeed unacceptable, but I believe you are not the pure wicked ..."

"The courage is really big ..."

Shangyuan Nai can't help but sigh.

The tower has opened his palm, and the light continued: "If you can, I want to give my friend to leave a message before the Shangyuan President, I hope he will return to return to it safely. , Or he is more willing to stay in this world and may not ... "

"... you talk about it first."

The original Nab is curiously holding his arm.

Naxisalk Grave Tomb.

The fly why is finally unable to sit. His figure disappears in the throne hall, appearing in the deepest place of the Hall of Az Uul, and slowly read a spell of evil.

An empty cell has a treasure house.

This cell is one of the world-class props, named a world gap, can place any players and any props therein.

And anyone will not find the existence of the world gap.

This props can avoid anyone's snows and attacks, protect any props to not be discovered, but it can only be used as a simple hidden props and cannot be used to initiate an attack.


This powerful props are not [twenty].

Another world-class prop site that can really be used to attack, hidden in this props in the world, Urbert found two items found after the last catastrophe ... this is also Az Ur Kung Wales Safe base sign.

Just as the trice is intended to collect two world-class props, when the Emperor who rushes to the Bass Empire, the Tower has sent him a message.

"I really miss our first time, ..."