Among the dark caves.

The drip drizzle is endless.

A burst of foot stepped on the water suddenly appeared, echoing in this secluded cave, hiding a man, a man, a woman in this cave, was vigilant.

"Payne, someone is coming!"

The woman wrinkled her own brow, the palm was instantly turned into a sheet of origami. At the top of Chakra appeared sharp, her voice was a bit calm: "In addition to our two, only the spots and absolute knowledge ... Is them? "

"No, it is a strange ninja."

The man looked up, a pair of strange eyes gazed at the entrance to the cave, looking at the people that appear, sounded some cold: "Small south, kill him!"

Even 12 years ago, because of the death of the elder friend, they abandoned the first generation of the organization's claims, nor did it mean that the place where the existence that had survived was to be entered by strangers.

Kill a strange ninja that can't be tarnished, no matter whether a man is still a woman, there is no burden.

They are used to killing.

"Excuse me, here ... is it the base of the organization?"

When they have a move, the figure that appeared in the cave took the lead in a male and a woman who stood in the cave: "I am the son of the first day of the top, Shangyuan Na, he told me before 12 years ago. Mother, he joined a name called Xiao, he had to follow the NAIK, but he didn't come back from then. "


The woman waves the movement of the paper to the sword stopped, and the expression on the man's face is a bit hard, they heard a somewhat unfamiliar name.

Not, or, it is also familiar.

At least for women, it is still familiar.

Because the name called the beginning of the wilderness, in order to protect her, it will eventually die under the knife of the enemy, it is a meaningless sacrifice.

As the people of the hole gradually entered, a man and a woman saw the appearance of the people.

This is a teenager who has a whatever, and his body wears a wide range of cartridges. It is clear that this dress is a little big for his age.

The first generation of the organization's uniform, it seems to be a little simple, because the news is too poor.

But it is still not a little nostalgic.

"Are you a son of the beginning of the wild?"

The man turned his strange eyes, staring tightly, looking at the teenager and his father quite a bit similar, Shen Sheng said: "There is no such person in our organization, you will go!"


When a woman, he seems to say something. When she looked up, she looked like a man next to him, but only saw that men shook their heads slightly.

The woman biting his lips and finally fell into silence.

The juvenile's hand is tightly held in the hands of the sword, it seems that when he stopped the footsteps, he saw this for men and women in the unwittime, he suddenly will The hands of the sword gave up and took out their pockets.

The men and women in the cave are looking at the eyes, and the gods are very surprised. When the heart is vigilant, the teenager has taken a photo.


The teenager is low, take a look at the photo.

He looked up again and seemed to see a woman.

Subsequently, this teenager raised their photos and whispered: "Excuse me, are you Xiaonan and Nas?"


Men and women have fallen into silence.

That photo was the only one-time taking a photo, which lacked a lot of later people. At that time, because everyone self-believes that the organization is a peace organization. Many people have sent their families. .

And the Niko mentioned in this juvenile port is the first generation of the organization, but also the source of the two people feel more depressed.

Men and Baikai have been exactly the same, because the man's body is originally the body of Niko, and he has made a powerful .

There is a red-haired teenager on the photo behind the photo.

"Nothing, Nago, there is no change."

The young juvenile is open: "Although the age of Xiaonan adult is a little big, it can also see the outline of the young ..."


The woman's face is black.

The man calmly watched the teenager in front of him, and suddenly opened: "Your father is dead, he has already killed twelve years ago, now I have forgotten his name, the weak, is not worth it. "


Woman flashed a panic on his face!

In any case, she didn't think that men actually speaking truth with this straight-white attitude, at least this is also their old people!

The brother's face was pulled down, he forced reflection: "Since you don't remember the name, why did he die?"


The man looked at the appearance of the teenager and the cold voice said a word: "Twelve years ago, only two people were alive."

"... he can live!"

The woman suddenly said loudly, and continued to add: "If it is not because of me, many people can live."


The man seems to have to think about what to comfort her, just look at the face of the woman, and finally stopped.

"I know."

The look of the teenager is in an instant, and the face is indifferent: "Since he is dead twelve years ago, then I won't blame him."

After that, the teenager turned and left.

However, Shang Nai will not come out of two steps, a strange gravitational force tears his body, retrapening him back, the man holds his collar with her hand!

"Although your father doesn't have much power, it is also a ninja worthy of people. Do you have any feelings?"

"Payne, let him go!"

The woman is anxiously reaching out of the palm, grabbing the man's arm, wanting to let him release the collar of the teenager.

Shang Nai, I went to the palm of Pen En, and looked up at the man's twilight eyes. The face flashed a taunt: "I am sorry, I will not be born twelve years ago, except for this photo in my family. This dress, I have no impression on him. "

From his mouth, a man who gave birth to a wife jumped out.

Anyway, the one named the Ninja, the beginning of the wilderness, throwing a short-born wife and a born son, and follow a inexplicable tissue, it sounds a little quirky.


The woman apologized to the opening.

The eyes of Xiaonan accumulated moist, 12 years ago, they were only fifteen years old, and they could not understand that the group followed their ninja. At the end, how much sacrificed sacrificed.

Now they know the corner of the iceberg under.

"There is no need to apologize, it is his choice."

The teenager shook his head, pulled the man's hand, whispered: "I will find a baby base, just because my mother has wanted to know his news before died."

Xiaonan looked at the teenager, nervously opening: "Your parents have died, then you are going to go now?"

"Of course, I will go to the half-hidden adult!"

Shang Nai is stalling, and the sound is explained: "For these few months, I have been doing rushed to ninja, the news and father 's trails ... Now, I will go to the half-hidden adult, be a formal ninja. "


Payne and Xiaonan are opposite each other, a descendant of a member of the initial generation, actually going to go to his fate for the murderer?

This ghost called the original navy does not know the truth, they know the truth, especially in Xiaoshan, how can this happen?


Xiaoshan reached out his shoulders, kneeling in front of him, his face was cold: "Your father joins the wilderness, then his child is also a member of the organization!"

"You tissue ... How is it a bit like a pyramid scheme!"

Shangyuan Needs to look back at Xiaonan and Payne, I can't help but blink my eyes, and I will open my mouth.


He finally reached its true purpose.

The brain of Shangyuan Na will sound, the branch task: joining an organization (11), the task has been completed, reward: [Justice Du) Gario] Psychic Contract.