I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 2, in fact, I am also a

Shangnai is actually a traveler.

Similarly, he is still a systematic driving.

So many people who have hanging in the future, there are many ways to open them, just a few herself, it is still very different for the endurance.

One month ago, he was also called Shangyuan, a general person.

When the road was turned on, the Shangyuan met a raising boss, after talking about a few words, Shang Shang felt that the boss was complied.

Everyone is the second time, just talk about the topic.

Before leaving, Shangyuan felt sorry, just bought a book on the small book stall of the boss, really bought a book.

The ancients have said that they have their own golden houses in the book, and the books have a thousand clocks in the book. Do you always have a bad place?

The ancients are honest, and there is no mistake.

Sometimes it will bring your system in the book.

The boss actually had a weird, he clearly just put a bookstore, actually sold the book to Shangyuan in accordance with the cover of the book!

Isn't it a pit to pit?

It seems that it is not only pitted, but also pitted others.

After the Shangyuan home, the moment to open the book was bound to the system named [the world's second yuan enthusiasts will realize their wishes], referred to as the second yuan wishing system.

This system is a bit like rough, non-artificial intelligence, but also a task.

After the system is turned on, the preferences of Shangyuan have been analyzed, and he sent him to the endurance. He turned into the original navigation.

The life of Shangyuan Na is indeed bizarre.

His father is indeed a member of the first generation, just makes a child after a child, and then there is no audio.

Orphan oligomers are difficult to live in the place where the war in Yuyin Village is frequent, Shangyuan Nairou must be taught in Chakra from a child, becoming a river, but later he was killed by a rock.

Shangyuan became the original navigation.

His main line task is the only one: realize the wishes of the bookball owner, becoming the most large BOSS, and the progress is 0%.

It's a simple and rude system!

But why not let you only want to be a common person's wish? Instead, to realize the desire to others?

Is there a day in the future? Some people want to become a crow, change their species, and he also realizes that person's wish?

Of course, in addition to becoming the task of enduring the BOSS, the system will also release many random branch tasks without regular, and the difficulty is different.

Strictly speaking, these tasks are more like some second fans.

Because of the rare weird, eight hundred, all.

After all, even if the system is a mental space, it is less likely to publish some obvious mandates at the same time?

For example, there is a branch task, let the whirlpool moisture into black; another branch mission, let the whirlpool moist will warm forever; there is a branch task, let the whirlpool and Sasu help ...

What are this ghost!

According to the judgment of Shangyuan Na, the publisher of these tasks is very weird, and the rewards they give are different.

For example, now the rewards of the current branch tasks are mostly from the League of Legends. Sometimes they will give some hero skills. Sometimes they will give a hero as a summoned beast. Sometimes they will send money.

These money is not a fundamental money, but the true gold coins can be used to buy some unimblets.

Shangnai opened his panel, because this is the first exhibition, and it is estimated that it will be opened for a long time in the future.

Name: Shangyuan Nair

Sex: Male

Birthday: Woody Calendar 444 April 4th

ID number: (mosaic)

Life energy: 698 (standard in the standard 500 ~ 1000)

Chakra energy: 1350 (standard parole Chakra 1000-3000)

Life recovery: 2 seconds.

Chakra recovery: 1.5 seconds.

Can use skills:

Dance Strike: It can fly with Chakra in the air, consumption of Chakra 3 points per second, no cooling.

Directive · Shock Wave: By release a Chakra magic, release a time space gravity, gather the enemy around the pool toward the direction of the magic couple, the range is quite worth 100 points, the minimum 100 points, cooling time 110 seconds.

The wall of the wind: By releasing the wind, Kra, form a wall of airflow, block the enemy's attack, the range is quite worth 5, the minimum is 50 points, and the cooling time is 26 seconds.

Wan Lei Tianjie: By releasing the thunder Check, form a round lightning storm, the range, power and duration is equivalent to the Chakra value, minimum 75 points, cooling time of 120 seconds.

Card trick: Can use powerful card throwing, whenever throwing the fourth card, power is enhanced, no cooling.


The tears of the goddess: Chakra + 250, Chakra accumulated +750, once after using the none, 10% Chekra.

Tongling Contract:

Justice Dragon, Chakra consumes 3000 points.

The remaining gold coins: 1320.

For the original Nair, the only thing is fortunate is that his current skill is not bad, not what E is an unphanly orphan skill.

In addition to the triox, the skills that he just started practicing Chakra to control the water climbing the trees, others were obtained.

As for the tears of the goddess, he got some money through some branch tasks. From the store of the goddess, the tears of the goddess who bought from time to time, he clearly and the roots of Chakra, this is in the endurance Come to help ...

He has given him two branch tasks before the system, one is to create an organization, and another task is to join an organization.

If he is twenty-six years old, of course, he will choose to actively create an organization, but he is only twelve years old!

With his acting skills, , should it be no problem?

This body is really convenient. If you don't take advantage of it, isn't it too waste?

As for who came to become a real behind-the-scenes, becoming the largest BOSS, long door, Yuxi wave belt, Yuxi Boss, black, and everyone!

Such a fun game, why not participate?

Shangnai is not very pickless.

His purpose is to be the last set of bars, and it is enough to cover the big cylindstones, so that he can complete his main line task.

Nowadays, I have some falling, equivalent to half a grass platform.

Only half of the members of the Ten Temple, the organization's secret base is located in the canyon of the river, and members are still mission.

Some people stay in the base.

There are two big money in the two wells, one of which is a big snake pill, like human experiments; another is called Red Sand, likes human art.

"Is there a new member?"

The big snake pills saw the Shangyuan Na, who was behind Pethen and Xiao Southern, and reached out and licked his mouth: "Still, is this experimental material for me?"


Pene shaken his head and calmly opened: "He will be the new interns in the organization, Shangyuan Na."

"Please take care."

Shangyuan Nair's smile is very sunshine, just in this dark cave, his youthful vitality, looks with the environment here.


Others just rushed to him, and I wouldn't care.

Shangyuan Nair's smile is coming.

A group of bass ...

It's hard to laugh at him soon!

Is this a smile that he carefully practiced, can only be used to deal with the flow of Martai, Li Luke?

Xiaoshan reached out and took the head of the teenager, the woman was short of him, whispered in his ear: "Shang, do you go to find a place yourself?"

"Oh, oh ... of course!"

Shangji is retreat for half a step, and nodded.

The iris flower was shaken in the top of the woman's head. Xiaonan Xun stepped into the interior of the cave, even if the light is missing, it can be seen in the cave.

Long phase, very ugly.

Force, it is very powerful.

Ten tail body, the outer road is hidden here, apparently Xiaomi's members don't know what this is to use ...

"Yeahaha, you are also organized intern!"

When I was in the original, a funny voice came out.

There was a hand to take a shot of the shoulder on the left, just when I arrived, I didn't see anything.

Then, the Shangyuan felt that the shoulders on the right were also taken, apparent that people ran to the right, this very old but bored prank.

If this person is also an internship of the organization, he is definitely a colleague of Unexpello, Shangyuan Na, the opponent's opponent behind the competition!

Shangji was frowned, and the hands were worn, and the skills were instantly launched: "Thunder, Wan Lei Tianjun!"


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