I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 3, three championships

"Wan Lei Tianjun!"

The Shangyuan Na Rou suddenly appeared a thunderous cloud storm, and there was a thunder between the moment, and the Thunder quickly slammed the man behind it!

"Wow, ah, ah ... pain, pain!"

The man standing behind the original naval did not take any means, but the thunder was on his body, and his body was swaying.

The wooden mask on the face is also smoking, and the red clouds in the body also have traces that are burned by lightning, even the small Mars.

The first feeling of this guy should be a IQ only two idiots, there is no threat.

It is to bring some joy, which is his use.

However, who wants to think so, it will be wrong, because he has always been a pain that brought to the tolerance to let them collapse.

Shangyuan Nai raised his head, his eyes were slightly smashed, staring at the mask male in front of him, and the future days will not be particularly bored ...

However, it is not too relaxed.

Just next moment, Shangyuan Na's face was solemn, because he saw the mask or male, standing with a young man wearing tight uniform.

The youth's face has a tears, wearing a whirlpool of ninja, the face is full of seriousness, it looks extremely good.

The face of Shangyuan Needs is not very good looking: "..."

Is this Yisizhisu in the dark?

No, since he appeared in the organization, it proved that he is no longer the kelp neighboring Ninja, but a sage that kills the whole national escape from the wooden leaves.

Compared to other s, the means of Yisiza is more fierce.

The corners are only killing the high-rise of the Village, and the homework is just a wooden village, there is not much powerful;

The red sand is just killing a three-generation style, which is not uncomfortable, and the wind shadow always plays the role of being killed.

Yisizhiso, then kill his own companion!

That is a blood grievance inheriting the millennium, and has always had a writer of the first nationality of the first luxury!

"Hey! Little ghost, the seniors of this interns have to respect a little!"

The mask male angry polely refers to the original navigation, but when he saw the eyes of the Shangyuan, he immediately thumped his thumb and referred to his youth behind him.

The mask is male and smiling and opens: "Hey, I wrapped a powerful member for the organization, soon it will be separated from the interns, become official birth!"

Even when I am angry, the mask is still in front of the original naval, and there is no intention of another hidden identity.

After saying this sentence, the mask men are proud to introduce: "Do you know who he is? Although his age is almost, he has killed the entire Unexpea family, strength is enough to become organized. Formal member! "


The original Nairou looked like a mask male like an idiot, so exaggerated acting, what is it? It is very embarrassed to perform in front of him and Yisizhi?

This guy is really good for your actic skills?

Standing in the top of him, the Unecheon behind him, these two people can be able to compete!

Ok, the motion of the mask is also very good.

Shangji Na Lu has just got the trust of Xiaonan, perhaps the trust of Payne; Unecheo is in the palm of the palm, until the end of the Pacific Harmony, there is no connection.

Masters have hidden the fourth endurance war in the future, and his identity has never been discovered before his mask is flushed.

Even if someone doubts his identity, it will also be refuted.

If it is not the original navigation, he knows his true face, and the probability will only guess his identity is the flow of Yizhi Boquan.

It's interesting!

Three self-confident people can compete for the shadow of the Emperor's level, now actually act in each other, attempting to think that it is possible to have passed.

To be honest, it feels a bit stupid.

There is a day, it is necessary to uncover the identity of their two, let everyone feel honest.

The mask man suddenly patted the original shoulder, and confuse him: "Little ghost, do you want to take it with Urshi Hostel, if you can kill him, you will definitely capture his official member position!"


At the last naval look at the mask, the eyes are looking at the idiot: "Since I want to be a formal member, why don't you kill him, replace his position?"

"Hahahahaha, of course because it is because ..."

The mask is a long time. After a long time, he said with his answer: "My strength is too weak, it is likely to be killed by him!"

"But my strength is very weak ..."

Shangyuan Nai was blinking, and his expression was somewhat innocent.

If in accordance with his current strength, unless you can go out to justice the justice of Gario, what is the difficulty of fighting these S.

Upper Naqi saved the use of Chakra, you can use a dozen skills, what is hidden, it is estimated that there is no problem, but in the face of a full range of Yuxi Pub, it is not very good.

Sold, body, illusion and pupil, all-round, this also makes his combat method extremely diversified, the most troublesome is that the IQ of this guy is quite high, and he will not be very good, be careful, be careful. Carefully crack the enemy's surgery and take the counter-fighting way.

"Then I can only blame you too weak ..."

The mask male bursts have a palm hand, and the head is moving to the youth: "Hey, the jun, if you want to organize enough, then kill a person! Intern in the organization, not being protected. ! "


The thirteen and a half years old Yisi Pubei looked at the mask male, and slowly looked at the original navigation, and finally nodded, and pulled out his tutral behind him.

He is coming in by a mask man.

In the impression of Uzhi, the mask is self-proclaimed by the mask. It is a mysterious, powerful man. Not long ago, he helps him slaughter the Yuxi Mo, introduced him to join this tissue.

The mask is mentioned on the road, Xiao is his organization, this interns should be the person he wants to clear.

Previously, their conventions were just reached, and the masks men were used as a condition for unsatisfaction, and in exchange for him to add tissue effectiveness.

Nowadays, the mask is in the middle of the words, nothing more than letting him find a trouble to find another internship of this organization.

It doesn't matter.

As long as this guy abides by the agreement, Yuxi Pubie doesn't mind helping him solve a small trouble.


At the last naval, I looked at the Yizhi Piping hand holding the tattooed knife, I remembered that two branch tasks have emerged.

Beat Yisi Hostel (01), reward unknown.

Established the mystery mask, a time (01), reward unknown.

Yuxi Pubo slowly closed his eyes, and nodded his apologies towards the last navigation: "Sorry, I have the reason for this."

The voice falls, his figure disappears in the original place!