I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 5 I also want uniforms

Xiaonan interrupted their battles.

The lake-blue hair woman took the last neighborhood, put him on his side, cold voice: "What are you doing?"


When I arrived at the last, I saw the members of Xiaoyu, and he pointed at the mask male and Yishe Pub. Zhang mouth deducted a big hat: "Little South University, these two people want to kill me ..."

"No no no no…"

Male men walking up, shaking his hands, exciting and exaggerating: "We just detect the war of organized interns, did not expect him to defeat a person who is enough to become a formal member!"

Although Uzhi Houched did not use the kaleidoscope to write the wheel eye, but under the usual state, the strength of Uzhi Houki is not the general ninja to defeat.

I didn't expect this little ghost to rely on his strange epigrandic, and even have the opportunity to kill him before you didn't use the base card.

If the mask is not a mistake, the last type used by the little ghost is very likely to be a time-space class, and he sees a distortion of space.

This little ghost is really not!

It is possible to treat him as a powerful combat force that can be collected for the tail, and the members of XI Xiao have been replaced, and each group has been in the stage of vacancies. Human hand has never gathered, and occasionally members will take their teammates. Change money.

As for the threats that the original Needle will bring, the mask is just considering the given a second.

This little ghost seems to have no blood, Chakra seems to be a little more, and there is no future character.

However, his talents are really good, and it is possible to develop a press that can be released, but it can only be here.

He is clear, only with powerful blood, can come further.

As for the original Naidu, it is just the way of distortion space, and there is still a certain time delay. Just understand his intelligence, you can easily escape.

Just now Yisi Bohedia was insignifed in the hit, because he suddenly suddenly.

If Uzhi Hose is just consuming his own , the battle may be on the words of the kaleidoscope, the battle may be over!

Fortunately, he didn't do this.

Otherwise, the organization may throw a powerful force in the future, and it is possible to cause the dislike of Xiaonan.


Xiao Nan's gaze is slightly confused. She looked down at Shangyuan Na, standing around him, touched his hair, asked: "Is this true?"

I am a little less trustworthy, a 12-year-old teenager, or a wandering ninja, how can there be a force that can be able to be able to be a war?

However, at the meeting, I mentioned an intelligence. The Shangyuan seems to be a very high-income child.

"There is really false."

Shangyuan Na's face was abnormally serious, staring at Uzhi Hose, who stood up, softly: "I played a secret with my own research, but this guy did not care seriously, his writing ... very strong! "

Shang Nai, I thought about it, continue to add: "After using the written eye, I immediately fell into illusion, I couldn't break free."

"I know."

Ordinary Ninja faces blood grievances, it is really easy to fall into disadvantages.

Especially the Yisi Bo family, there is a pair of invincible rumors.

Xiao Southern nodded and believed his words.

When I first encountered the original Nair, she had the identity of the original Needle, and the spies who were sent out.

But at the meeting, they were willing to provide them with information about Shangyuan Needle, that little guy, his father is indeed a ninja called the original wilderness, his hometown in a small village in a rainy country.

Shangyuan's intelligence is also tied.

That person is a general member of the initial generation organization.

Shangyuan Na Lu has always lived in the small village of his father's hometown. Occasionally, she will self-proclaimed some of the tasks of the ninja to pick some villagers. After the mother passed away, he left the small village.

Since the identity does not have problems, everything is not a problem.

Xiao Nan gently took the shoulder of the original naval, and said: "Needel, you go to rest first, and we have some things to talk about Mr. Yushu ..."

Anyway, the 12-year-old is too small.

When they were twelve years old, they didn't have a way for survival. Since there were conditions, since there were conditions, then they raised the next generation of organizations.

"and many more…"

The sound interrupted the words of Xiaonan, and smiles and said: "Xiaonan, I think this little guy can be a formal member of the organization ..."

The father of Shangyuan Na, when he was in the original protection of Xiaonan, the murderer was the roots of the wooden leaves, and the team of the wooden leafless shadow.

It seems that his talent is also good, as long as he is slightly guided, let him fall into the dark, will become a great force.

"His old age is too small, is there a bit bad?"

Xiaonan opens refuteed that she has another arrangement of Shangyuan.

A woman's feelings are more soft than men, and the darkness of the organization, Xiaonan wants to conceal for a while.

"But his combat power is not bad."

I don't agree with her opinions, and the smile is some cold: "And I didn't remember the wrong, today we ushered in this new member, his age should be 13 years old?"

Yes, Yisi Pubo is only 13 years old this year.

I have to say that people who have been inbound are too early.

What is the 12 years old to participate in the battle? Yuxi Pubie four years old, followed his father to watch the endurance war, and received a rocky ninja on the battlefield.

After Pethen I thought about a moment, I went out: "Xiao South, let him join! Even if there is a supplement to Uki, there is a vacancy in the organization ..."

Xiaonan suddenly lowered his head, the small channel: "Payne, we will attack Yu Yin Village immediately, for ... they revenge ... I want to let Neah also participate in."


Wen's brow wrinkled a Sichuan word. There was some hesitant to look back in both eyes, and finally nodded, accepted the opinions of friends.

Over the years, he has been hiding the development of the round-eyed, just to wait for the leader of the hills of Yuyin Village.

Now, Payne has been made, it is time to go to Yuyin Village and taste the fruits of revenge.

The original revenge is only one of him and the small south, and now it is one, it is good.

"So, it is responsible to continue to find a suitable man's hand!"

Pethen glanced at everyone, his eyes stopped in Yuxi Pos, and he had known the information about Yuxi.

In Petin's cognition, this is a cruel youth, a person who killed his own family, his pain, his darkness, there must be a lot.

After Pethen and Yuxi exercisked a few words, I took a ring from the sleeves: "Welcome to join Xiao, your code is Suzaki, starting today, you are Xiaoxiso, later ... you will do your name! "


Yisi Pubei slowed his nod, reached out, took a ring, took off his ninja, and held a neat scoring on it.

The vortex of the wooden leaves seems to be a mirror, which reflects the cheeks of Yuxi Pub, I don't know what he is looking at the balance.

Shangqi Nairou stands around Xiaonan, he suddenly looked up: "When you give him uniform, can you give me a moment?"