I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 9 I want to escape, I have to ask me?

Shangyuan Nairou was forced to train for a week, the energy of life has increased by 3, this ä is really low.

Fortunately, this training will soon don't have to continue.

The civil war in Yuyin Village will soon start, no one will think that only the combination of Penzhong, Xiaonan and Shangyuan Nai, will overthrow the ruling of the mountain pepper half-hidden.

The main force of the war is temporarily only Xiaonan and Shangnao.

Due to the inconvenience of the long body, Payne can't continue to fight for a long time, so it will be divided by the ninja whistle of Xiaonan and Shangwei, shear Yu Yin Village in the country of rain and rain hidden, forcing the mountain pepper half-collection. All power.

As long as the mountain pepper semi-Tibet, all the rain hidden people returned to Yuyin Village to protect themselves, Payne will collectively dispatched, destroy those who gathered to rebel their ninja.

In that year, the simple days of being killed by the hidden mountains and Zhucun Tibetan Tibetans were really less, and they were still growing their brains.

Shangyuan Na will receive a task of cleaning ninja base, as well as a related intelligence, stationed in the two ninja teams, a total of eight ninja, two of which have two neutrals.

His task is to kill seven, deliberately letting one of them, let the rain hidden people pass the war on the War Village.

It is best to cause panic in Yuyin Village.

This is a bit test acting.

However, since the original Naidu is self-considering the four actors of the tissue, it is necessary to be in black, with soil, Yuxi Subper, the most shortcoming is the acting.

The east of the rain of rain.

A stronghold of a hidden under the cliff.

The mountain cliff is stationed in two neoconaries, and the usual tasks are to monitor whether there is a large-scale military entry. Is there a wandering ninja? Do you have any people dare to resist half hidden adults.

In the rain, he said that he slept in the mouth of the row, looking at the rain in the outside, and the look is awkward: "Every day is a bad weather, I don't know when the weather will stop ..."



A strange voice came in.

This sound is unlike.

In the rain, I stopped my head, listening carefully, people who grew up in the country of rain, it was easy to distinguish, that is the sound of rain on bamboo umbrella.

Kamakuo quickly turned his head and looked at his teammates, his fingers rushed quietly, and there was an enemy!

After all, the rainy weather is so bad, but some people are inexplicably come to rain, then he is definitely not coming?

"That ... are you ready?"

Among the rainstorms, a tender voice came.

Just as these rain hidden people have some speechless, a purple energy ray cuts the entire cliff to two and a half, and the rain is falling down ...

The rainy ninja did not care about the rain, looking at the cliff that slowly collapsed on both sides, this shocking picture shocked their hearts ...

"... this is ... what is the style?"

"It's just a hit, cut the whole cliff instantly ..."

Those who have worked, only the Kamakura is a little ingredient, flying behind the rock behind, loudly reminded: "The enemy is very strong, all pay attention to the warning!"

On the side of the Kamako reminded himself, lifting the head while carefully wing, observing the enemy that destroyed their resources ...

That is a teenager ninja with bamboo umbrella.

Kamako consciously wants to reject the picture you see, how can it be so young? How can it appear so young?

However, this is the fact.

The original Nairi is walk in step, and the face is smiling to the many foggy people, whispered: "So, can we start?"

"Little ghost, what is your purpose here!"

The Kamura hooked tightly, and the nerve collapsed was getting tighter. He now can't even clear his forehead is rain or sweat.

"What do you say is nothing meaningless?"

Shangyuan Nai lost the rain umbrella, revealing his smiling face, but said in the mouth: "I am here ... of course, I am going to kill you!"

Obviously, the temples were smiling, but they said blood, as if they saw the devil.

This little ghost must be a uncomfortable evil!

"Breeding, kill him!"

Kamakura waved his hands and didn't rush. He greeted his own part and swarmed in his mouth. Under the command of their captain, a group of foggy people held the talents, chain and hands in the hands!

Shangji fell on his bamboo umbrella, and the head sighed: "Life is so short, why do you still like to take shortcut?"

A golden light flashes, appears on his body!

That is a golden round cover, wrapped him the whole person, blocked the attacks of all the endurance!

A piece of golden virtual light sword appeared around the protective cover, with the original navigation, the light sword is suddenly falling, but it is actually all pierced that the hidden body is close to his hidden body!


Kakura is unknown!

In his line of sight, whether it is a sword, it is still a tightly blade, can't puncture the layer of blocked light hood, which is simply desperate.

Between the teenagers, killing most of the ninja, now, now there is only one of him and another!

Fortunately, the other is that I have not lost my sense of reason, and I quickly printed in my hand, and the water flows out: "Water, water!"

Obviously, this kind of C-class bucks have not caused any troubles for the enemy. The original neck is just twisting and avoids the stirring stream.

A water flowers suddenly made a whip whip, entangled in the upper body!

"Water, water whip!"

The sickle is tightly wrapped in the other side of the water whip. His hearts have been calmed down, and the mouth is soft to his companion: "You return to the village to report the information here, I will stop him ..."


Another rainy is never hesitant. After nodding, quickly rush to the distance, and he does not think that Kamakura can overcome the teenager.

But ... at least also to send the information here.

As long as the Kamakura can drag the teenager for a while, he can make himself into the environment, escaping this battlefield!

"Ha, lose your companion, don't really get it, don't you really?"

A card with a card in Shangyuan Naqi, which turned his fingertips, and he was hidden to the rain in the rain!

Obviously it is just a card, but it has to be sharp than the sword.

I saw that the card quickly passed over rainstorm, inserted on the rain, and immediately dull explosion sounded ...

The inexpensive bone in the rain.

Shangqi Nairi broke away from the water whipping, raising the bamboo umbrella in his hand, looked up and looked at the only Kamakura: "Even if you want to escape to the mountain pepper half-Tibet, you should also let me come. Pick up, let's let this people leave? "