I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 11 kills a mountain pepperfish

The first task is perfect.

The original Nairo is very angry, it is Worth of Payne.

The revenge of Xiao, is to be bright, and he will devastate the rule and will of the semi-hidden mountain pepper in the general power.

As the two people who are semi-cultivated in the mountains, Xiaonan and Payne are very familiar with the ninja half-god, cautious and suspicious personality, will let him call all the beliefs to protect their own safety.

No matter what, the mountain pepper is half-hustle and will not think that after the warriors and the Suiwei spheres, some people can destroy a rushing village.

The rain is even.

Xiaonan took the last mountain hole in a cave.

The two are a fire pile, two grilled fish, because they will not use fire to help quickly cook.

Xiaoshan reached out and stirring the roasted fish rack, and carefully got together, whispered: "Circular will wait for a while ..."

"It doesn't matter, I am still not very hungry."

Shangyuan Needan is not concerned, just look at her desperately, whispered: "Xiaonan teacher, do you like to eat roast fish?"


Woman caught into silence.

After a long time, Xiao Southern nodded and opened: "At the beginning, I was also practiced under the door of the teacher. Because the war of rain is not over, the food is more short, we often Make hunny with grilled fish ... "

"Is there any one of the three tolerance of the leaves?"

It was very interested in the past, and took the initiative to pick up the topic: "That is a very famous ninja, I have also heard of his name ..."

In fact, there is more than heard of his name.

Even his life, Shangyuan Nair is also clear, and of course, he is more interested in that the well-known masterpieces are also well-known.

It is a pity that the bipboard boss's bookstore is mostly straightforward, and it is resolutely refused to sell the "intimate heaven" to a twelve-year-old teenager. In fact, they didn't have goods in their hands.

However, the bosses of the bookstore don't mind selling another book, and the "strong perseverance" of the same author is also the same.

It is well known that this is a subsequent book.

Shangyuan Na was in curiosity and bought this book.

After reading a few pages, the original Nairi found that this book is actually a chicken Tang Wen, who is interested in soothing people who have experienced war.

Unfortunately, Ninja does not like the soup.

Compared to "strong perseverance", with some colors of "intimate heaven", it is more likely to lick the blood in the pointers.

One generation of big Wenhao, this is a non-return of the intimate series.

Of course, it is more winning more than the intimate series, one of the people, one of the three tolerances, from the wonderful Mountain's , the third generation of the brothers, the four generations of fires, etc. ...

The white-haired man has too much impact on the endurance.

"The teacher is indeed very famous."

Xiaoshan took a roast fish, handed it to the original navigation, whispered: "He is not as proud of the big snake pill, we are listening to his deeds, we have to find his trail and become his disciple. "

"and after?"


Xiao Nanxi got his own brows, recalled a little drop in the past, whispered: "Later, we have been together for three years, until the teacher leaves before leaving, every day, every day is very interesting. "

"It seems that Xiaonan teachers miss this day!"

After the Shangyuan Na was finished, he bowed a roast fish.

Xiaonan's face is very serious. "Because it is indeed worthy of missing."

If possible, Xiao Nanning is willing to have such a powerful force now, and I would rather I don't know the emergence of organizations, and I hope to continue to have been to those ordinary days.

"If there is a chance, I also want to see the person."

Shangqi Lu is so soft and supplemented: "I hope he will not get along with the big snake pill in the organization."

The white hair is worth seeing.

And there are many of his branch lines.

Although it is difficult to find a trace of a lot of time, but if you can't take a few years, when the wooden leaves are taking the exam, they will appear in the village of Woody Village.

As long as you go to the wooden leaves, you can do a lot of tasks!

"Well, I will be far from the big snake pill, he is not a good person."

Xiaonan took a shot of the original shoulders, directly looking at his eyes, seriously, accused him: "In addition to me and Payne, anyone else, I can't believe it."


Shangyuan Na was blinking, and his heart was secretly spit a few words. He looked at Xiaonan to nod: "Well, I know, teacher."

"Okay, after eating, take a break early."

Xiaonan knead his hair and whispered: "Tomorrow we have to attack another stronghold, perhaps encounter a few tricky guys."

Shangyuan Needo slightly is slightly surprised, what is the trickyness of these rain hidden people he encountered?

Even if there are a few tolerance, can you overcome Xiao South?

I thought it was too plane.

Yu Yin Village has always been in the best in the role of the poor, only five major countries, the strongest time, even dare to declare war around the world, although it is still pressed back and forth on the ground, but the strength is still Can't be underestimated.

Xiaonan and Shangji retorted the second rain, on a deep mountain, the terrain was easy to attack, and the number of Ninja is numerous, and their alertivity is higher than the ordinary ninja.

When Shangyuan Naoli and Xiaonan mountaineering, the face fee looked at this ridiculous mountain: "Teacher, they build a ninja base here, what is the use?"

"Because it has raised a mountain pepper."

Xiaonan raised his fingers, a paper butterfly fell as her fingertips, rewinds a white paper, incorporating her body.

"Mountain pepper?"

Shangyuan Na Lu lifted his head and glanced at the ridiculous mountain that was not very eye-catching: "Isn't it the leader of Yu Yin's half-hidden spirit beast?"

As a tally, the mountains of the country of the rain, the mountain pepper has become a nightmare on the battlefield with a strong body and the body of the body.

The mountain pepper is a holy place that is not a root of the endurance, but it is powerful to compete with its counterweight. Many Ninja are killed because of the poison of the mountain pepper.


Xiao Southern nodded, took out a reel, whispered: "The toxins of the mountain fish are very strong, during the second endurance war, if the Ninja does not have a gas mask, there is no qualification to live on the battlefield ..."

"Sealing, Solution!"

After that, Xiaoshan took out two long ugly gas masks from the seal reel, handed over the original Nairi: "Put it, we are not medical ninja, must ensure that you will not be injured."

"…it is good."

The original brother is quirky.