After Shangyuan Na, Xiaonan entered the deep mountain, only the naked eyes can see some areas to sway the purple gas, the withered bush can be seen everywhere.

Those regions have been polluted by the poisonous gas that is disselected between the mountain pepper.

This place is so poisonous, no wonder no one is in full.

Xiaonan frowned, whispered: "The poisonous venom in the body of the mountain pepper, once it leaked the toxin, accidentally suffering from being inhaled, almost immediately in the body, will die."


Shangji nodded.

The poison of the mountain pepper is very strong, even the highest-to-poison-resistant semi-hood, it is also possible to poison, it is said that in addition to the handicrafts of the wooden leaves and the thousand generations of sandy village, no other people can quickly solve the poison of the mountain fish.

"First come, let's talk about our plans."

Xiaonan observed the terrain around a circle, started to tell her tactics to the original: "I will go to investigate the position of the pepperfish, attracting it, bringing it to the distance; you are responsible for delaying the action of the subject of Ninja Or kill them directly. "


I nodded.

There is no shortcoming of this plan.

The only trouble of this task is the poisonous venom of the mountain pepper. If it causes the preliminary proliferation before being dead, it will lead to the ninja to the parties to withdraw from the battlefield.

Because Ninja is in battle, the obstruction of gas masks is very unfavorable to observe the war or find the trail of the opponent.

Moreover, the mask itself is relatively fragile, it is easy to be easily destroyed by the enemy in the life and death of the ninja.

One of the tops of perspective, did not observe the sword with a nephew, resulting in the way his gas mask was cut, and it would be anti-killing.

Before Xiaonan took the lead, he looked back and loudly: "Needel, everything is there, the task will not have problems, remember, must protect yourself."


Shangyuan Na will head, perhaps because he is the child of the first generation of the child, got a more care of Xiaonan.

What is the operation plan, progress is very smooth.

The small south along the spread of the toxin, soon found the hidden of the mountain pepper, a few detonators were buried in the ground, and quickly exploded.


The deep mountain shook a few times.

A huge huge landsteel jumped from the ground, the brown body, full of shame, and something ugly stupid.

But it's a little bit!

In the face of Xiaonan's attack, this lamb pepper opened a giant mouth, and smashed a purple poisonous fog, forced the paper wings behind Xiaonan, escaped to poison.

It's just that the movement is so big, and the rain in the rain here will soon react, and the full deputy armed rolled out their strongholds.

At least twenty rainy hidden people came out.

These rainy hidden people stand in a tall rock, they quickly found the enemy of the attack, it was a ninja wearing the red clouds, and was attracting the mountain pepper to leave this area.

"Someone is attacking the spirit of the general people!"

"No, he wants to take the mountain pepper!"

"Quick, stop him!"

The rain hidden ninja flew down and wanted to chase Xiaonan and mountain pepper, but several cards stopped their way!

First, three cards shot into three rain fingers, and the last card fell to fell on the ground, and forced other rain hidden people only stopped the plan.

"Pay attention to hidden, there are other enemies!"

The head of the rain, the rain, the rain, sheders to scatter their own, and turned to the teenager wearing a gas mask: "Hey, it is a little ghost ..."


Shangqi Nai Lu still recalled the brain, which was the voice completed. He just killed three rain, it should complete the advanced task.

Advanced Task 2: Killing Ten officials (1010), reward 500 points of life energy, reward 500 Chakra energy, reward 500 gold coins.

This reward is a bit rich.

Shang Nai was frowned, and before, he killed many harmful wandering ninja. After completing the advanced task, the system just rewarded 100 live energy and Chakra energy.

Now, he completed the advanced task 2. The system has greatly rewards 500 points of life and Chakra energy, and even additional five hundred gold coins.

If his guess is true, 100 life energy and Chakra energy this value should be to bear to bear the promotion of ordinary ninja students; 500 points of life energy and Chakra energy should be corresponding to the neutrality.

That is, as long as he has completed the advanced task, such as killing ten official endurance, even if he did not complete the strange monsters, the system will be 100% will let him be in value.

Just after the completion of the task 2, the reward of 500 gold coins should be considered an additional reward. It is estimated that he wants him to buy some elevation in the mall, do not want him to be in everyone.

Today, his data is finally a bit meant.

Life energy: 1201

Chakra energy: 1850

Life recovery: 2 seconds

Chakra recovery: 1.5 seconds

The number of gold coins has also risen, and it will be a hundred gold coins in Yisi Hoski. It has become a hundred and five gold coins, and it will be five hundred gold coins today.

Surplus gold coins: 2070

Unfortunately, these gold coins can only purchase some garbage equipment in the mall. The original Needle is still preparing for the old man, because he wants to buy a powerful equipment that can improve the energy energy, named mad armor.

Shangyuan Needle is hidden within the mask, licked his own lips, and now his strength, his strength, speed, and physical strength should be able to have an ordinary standard.

Although it is said that it may be minimal.

For example, there is a wooden woman named Xijihong in the village of Xiji, which is listed as the minimum standard of these second fans.

The teenager's eyes moved a little bit, stopped on the hidden inheritance of the group, these rain was left, at least four or five neutral, or even more.

Advanced Task 3: Kill ten official endurance (210), reward unknown.

The advanced task of Shangyuan Na, it is to kill ten inherent, and before I just cross it. He once eliminated a rainy team, killing a corporate head; the previous day will perform destruction When the mission, I killed a corporal captain.

"Hey, the little ghost, if you are willing to say, tell me where the guy wearing black clothes is going, and why you have to attack the mountain pepper, maybe we will give you a happy, or leave you a life ..."

The head of the rain hit the juvenile that standing in the ground, and continued to open the mouth: "If you dare to resist, wait until we caught you, I will let you see the cruel of the rain. ! "