I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 13 You are self-searching

Rainy thorn.

I heard it or a great guy, however, the name of the endurance is actually really not much money.

At least Shangnai, you will know that there is a tolerance in Sandy Village, and also gave himself a famous dust and the famous head of the wind.

The strength is not very good, and the famous head is still very exciting.

In front of this, the rainy ninja is really not purely, he is a formal endurance, named service department Pingchuan.

The department Pingchuan conscious is a bit of strength, and the character is also a bit of middle two, and I will put it on my own stab.

Shangyuan Nai looked up his head and looked at Pingchuan and put his voice in the gas mask: "The rain is stab, it seems to be a pool?"

"Hey, I know it!"

There are still some kinds of servants in Pingchuan.

Shangyuan Nai fell to help his own gas mask, Zhengqi: "Okay, don't tease you, I just joked ... Because the rains were stabbed, listening is a waste!"


I heard that the devil gave a dismisive, the jealousy of the rains, faded in the face, and pulled out their own tips, flew in the direction of the original Needle.

At the same time, he doesn't greet your part: "Hey, I will solve this little ghost, you can chasing the enemy that leads to the mountains!"

"Yes, the service department is long!"

A group of rain hidden is pedestal, turning around to move in the direction of Xiaonan and mountain pepper.

"Thunder, Wan Lei Tianjun!"

Shang Nai returned a handprint, extended his palm to the sky, and the thunder cloud storm accumulated on his head.

As Shangji Na Ruo released the body of Chakra, it was rapidly radiated from his body around his body, and the area of ​​the thunder cloud storm is getting bigger and bigger.

When the ministerial thunder cloud storm covers the rain, a thunder is suddenly falling from the sky, straight to the service department Pingchuan!

The department Pingchuan was divided into a water, replaced this hit, and opened this hit. He said: "That little ghost, just use a handprint, release this so powerful thunder."

If he is not he divided into a water, even feels that he simply avoids that smashing thunder, even if the lightning looks small, but he does not dare to try it out for the awe of the natural thunder!

However, this is just the beginning.

As the thunderous cloud storm completely covers this area, the lightning is not fell from time to time, and every rain is unable to judge that it is an attacker.

Some people can only use the body to avoid lightning, some people hide into the bunker to guide the attack of lightning ... But no one can be determined, this tester will end.

Next lightning, will it fall in the end!

Shang Nai is in the heart of the dark disk: "Wan Lei Tian's continuation of the last 3 seconds, once every 0.5 seconds, the minimum is 100 points Chekra, now use a thousand points of Chakra, the range increased by ten times, continued Time increases ten times, within half a minute, everyone's head will fall sixty lightning ... "

It doesn't even need half a minute at all.

After a moment, the first ninja appeared, and set a lightning every 0.5 seconds. He finally worked again, and he was hit by the thunder from the sky, and he went to the ground.

Perhaps because the ninja is still alive, the lightning is constantly hitting, and he has been waiting until he is a coke.

The second, third, fourth ... short a few seconds, more than a dozen rain, it has been casually injured!

"The attack interval of lightning is about 0.5 seconds!"

When the department, Pingchuan tried to avoid the attack of lightning, and he looked loudly: "Fast, all people are mixed together, cover me to use the soil of sterile!"

His idea is right.

No matter which ninja, it is not enough for 0.5 seconds to complete a printer, or even a second of the defensive tattoo.

If everyone gathers together, as long as someone can use the water array wall to help everyone block the next attack, they will be rotated to use the defensive tolerance!

Three of the three knows that the death undoubtedly chose to sacrifice himself, one by one helped the service, Pingchuan blocked lightning, let him have time to complete a print!

"The earth, the earthquake, there is no!"

The service department Pingchuan loudly, and a rock flew in his direction, surrounded by his and residual ministries, forming a safety house consisting of rocks.

It was originally used to imprison enemies, but now they can only be used to protect themselves and teammates.

Four-five lightning falls!

Sparks on the rock house!

A rock is also smashed by lightning!

The department Pingchuan hurriedly released his own Chakra, recovered the thickness of the rock house, and his part was swarming, and the earth property chamra entered the rock house.

However, this does not allow them to insist on too much time.

With the intensity of falling thunder, even if they have a lot of Chakra, it is impossible to rely on the thickness of this stone house to block the lightning offense!

It's going to be broken sooner or later ...

The service department Pingchuan turned his head, and the face was sad and looked at his part. He also had four complete ninja teams, but now only five people left ...

"The service department is long ..."

"The service department is long ..."

A pair of trusted eyes look at the serving department Pingchuan, one of the rain: "The service department is long, we cover you to escape!"

"I can't escape."

The man named Yu Yin shook his head and explained: "I just observed, every lightning came from the sky. If you want to live in this endurance, there are only two ways. "

The first method, naturally it is to find a way to escape the coverage of the thunder cloud storm, this distance is at least hundreds of meters, the difficulty is very difficult.

The second approach is to take your best to rush to kill the boy who releases the tissue. They and the teenagers are only dozens of meters.

Rainy hidden people don't have time to waste.

The service department Pingchuan quickly developed his own strategy, quickly opening: "We rushed out, kill the little ghost!"

His voice just fell, the entire safety house was completely collapsed by lightning!

Five rain hidden people quickly rushed to the original navigation, and each ninja also threw a large and small stone, each to show the body, used to resist the offense of lightning, while shortening the distance between the enemy.


Shangyuan Nai is looking at the rain hidden, so angry, is it going to kill him?

It's really sad ...

As long as they insist on one second, the skills of Wan Leijian will end, they are divided into flee, and they can escape from birth.

However, they made a wrong choice.

The thunder cloud storm in the sky gradually dissipated. Shang Nai returned with Chakra to gather a magic ball, and the expression on his face was hidden in the mask.