I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 14 I want to listen to men's story

"Earth, ground movement!"

A rain rob quickly, the pair shot on the ground, and a Chakra rapidly swayed from the bottom of the original native direction.

This is a tolerance that can change terrain!


I haven't responded yet, I feel that my feet are sinking, and the whole person is lost, falling in a square pit.

It is just a narrow, and the Shangyuan Nair is even enough to reach out of the rock wall.

Next to the naugation of the past partner, almost seamlessly, and the print release of the scrubber: "Water Water!"

The three water waves were sprayed from their mouth, quickly got into a long river, and went towards the square pit of the original navigation!

The original Nairi stepped on the bottom of the pit, and he stood in the air with the help of the dance air. After the waves on the ground, he gently drums: "You cooperate, it is a little bit. I have been buried in you ... "


His applause is undoubtedly a humiliation for rain.

The first serving department Pingchuan is not in the meaning, but Gu Gu Qi combined with his own handprint, he is in force of his own printer!

A little faster!

Because he released the handprint of the handprint that is now released, it is possible to have the most printed surgery.

He wants to use the water of the water dragon.

After all, his companions have created such a favorable rushing environment, of course, this powerful rushing is to use!

The department Pingchuan is a little bit to greet the second-generation rigid shadow of the village, why invented such a complex rush, it takes 44 handprints!

Shangqi Nairou stood in the air to sweeping the crowd, his eyes slowly stayed on the squad of the crazy printer: "Hello, release a tolerance, you have to finish, you still have a ninja?"


The rain is full of question marks.

The department Pingchuan ignored the provocation of Shanghao, just continued to bow his head to the handset of the water dragon bomb, and then wait for six or eight handprints, he can complete this.

Shang Nai was frowned, looking at the ninja that concentratedly, the people who were printed, throwded the chakra magic ball that he just agglomerated: "Directive ... Shock wave!"

So more handprints, will not be those whiteworthy ban?

For safety, interrupt him directly!

The smart Chakra magic is falling at the foot of the rain, suddenly starting to rotate, the space is even twisted around their surroundings ...

A group of rain was twisted, pulled together, and the east was hit by each other, and everyone's brain is a dizziness.

The rain-hidden in the rain, the end of the rush, the second generation of the second-generation rigs, and why can't the guy inventive, why can't I improve the printing method?

Forty-four handprints, even if he can do three insessments in a second, it takes about 15 seconds!

Shangqi Nairou took a foot on the body of Pingchuan, took his talents, and a knife was inserted against him, whispered: "Let's fight with me?"


The department will take a sideline!

At the last navigation, I can't help but laugh: "This world is burny enough, your emotions are so violent, can you live?"


The partner Pingchuan bite his teeth for a while, suddenly the opening: "You are a little, not like your age!"

Shangji stalls the stalls, there is no way to say: "It's not because of these guys in the rain of the rain, I can only become mature."


The department Pingchuan snorted for a while, Shen Sheng: "Everything we do now is to let Yuyin Village, let the country be more great, and some people's pain is just the cost!"

"Okay, I am not interested in your dreams."

Shang Nai fell to the four rain next to him: "Let's talk about it in front of you! Who are you?"

Four rain finished each other.

Shangyuan Na Rou has been distinguished according to their eyes, and the two ninja, which are most concerned, must be a corporate.

Two cards were suddenly slammed into two cards, suddenly shot in two of the two of the neutral's chests, and blood came out from their hearts!

He saw this scene by the service department of him stepped on the feet, and the heart can only rose a powerful and hate, immediately open the mouth: "Betting! I must kill you!"

He has only four ninja teams, three of which are the standard neutral leader + the team of members, and another is the three of his own.

Just now, I will kill it, it is the two parts of his direct, and I have been accompanying him to participate in the battle for more than a decade. It is a teammate who can live and die!

"Don't worry too much!"

Shangyuan Nairi took strength to press the department Pingchuan, reach the finger, the rest of the two rain, asked: "There will be more companions in the future to get together, we have to say that the rest is Two tolerance ... , want to gamble with me? "

"What is gambling?"

The part of Pingchuan faces a piece of cold.

Shangji is very interested, whispered: "You speak out now, I can let me be happy, how about it?"

This gamble is very bizarre.

What makes him telling a joke that makes him happy, what is his happiness?

The brain of the department Pingchuan can't turn over a time. His idea is not resistant, but this teenage teenager likes to listen to what kind of story?

The service department Pingchuan is silent for a while, looks at the original: "I have encountered a lot of things, but ... at least, you have to tell me, what kind of story do you like?"

"If I tell you, this gambling is not interesting, so praying that you can talk about, let me be happy, can make the two tolerate yourself ..."

On the other side of the last side, he said with a slightly smashing, the voice gradually became a little bit: "If your story can't satisfy me ... then pray that your dead shape is normal!"


The face is hard to look at the face of Pingchuan, but he looked at the two battles and suffering. He looked down: "You are really sticking to the promise, will you humiliate me?"

"of course not."

Shangji nodded, suddenly said: "Right, are you not to endure? If it is to endure, we don't have to go to the process, I will send you directly ..."

The service department Pingchuan can't touch the emotions of the original Na, and quickly open the mouth: "No, I am in the village."

"Oh, then you will register your first."

Shangyuan Nairou is very satisfied with the department Pingchuan is an endurance, shooting the hand: "So, please go to the advice to give me a romantic story!"


The part of Pingchuan is numb, and it is switched in the brain.

Why will they encounter such a neuropathy?