I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 16 Xiao Organization Conference

Revenge must have a rhythm.

Xiaonan Qingchong Mountain Pioni is half-hibernation to work, and the mind is poisonous, and it is likely to arrange traps in other ninja whistle points.

Although any trap is the current Xiaonan, it is a dagger, but their purpose is to let the mountain pepper semi-hibiscoves all the confident returned to Yuyin Village to protect his safety, but not let him be afraid of the enemy's strength. Quietly escape.

The next time, Xiaonan decided to temporarily returning to the Knowledge of the base management, then continue to selectively selectively attack the rain.

One rain in the district, as long as you use your heart.

Differently woven, it is related to their future and dreams.

The inside of the organization often has some messy problems. This time they face the problems, this time in Xiaocheng leaves the base, the three teams of the organization have problems, and lose three members.

First of all, the corner is another partner to die.

During the implementation task, the poor teammate was killed with the enemy with the enemy, and his body was also replaced by a box of money.

This matter is not very unexpected. The members of Xiaoyu have become accustomed to the operation, just watching the money, everyone does not say much.

But the newcomer in the organization, his partner, the ten hidden death, and still died in the hometown of the hometown!

According to the report of Utizhi, the team has encountered a four-generation water and shadow, a four-generation spun, and its troops.

As one of the swords of the foggy village, the seven people are very clear. It is very clear that there is a consequence of yourself in the hand and the forces. Even if they escape, they are still surrounded by the Rate.

The sauce is both a four-generation water shadow and a three-tail column force.

During the battle, the sauce has entered the state of half-tailed, and the ten hidden knives are hard-born with the big knife. Saving Up, saving Uzhi Hose ... but ten hides are not so good, broken The big knife is pierced into the chest and abdomen.

These are just a little thing. For Payne, a member will die in the task, and can only show that his strength is not enough.

The last thing is absolutely unbearable.

The big snake pill hit the returned Urshi Houki, defeated by Yuxi Hostel, perhaps, maybe worrying that he was cleared, the snake directly defected.

When Xiao Nan returned to the base, Xiao Nawa was discussed to chase big snake pills and supplement.

"Small south, you are back."

Pethen looked at the teenagers around Xiaonan and her, whispered: "We have found two suitable people in the organization, and have found two suitable people, as a partner of the corner and Yisi Pos, just need people. Go to draw them. "


Xiao Nan frown, nodded.

"The first is a evil spirits in Tang Renmang, named flying, it is said that there is no death, you can make him actions with the corner."

Bene said after the first person's information, turned his head to Xiaoshan: "Small South, you have a sleeper and horns to pull the flying segment ..."


"Absolutely talk about the information of the next person!"

"The second person, the name is the martial artmon."

After the first person's information, he turned his head to the mysterious mask, and the hoarse voice continued to say: "He is the people of the mortmmon family, known as the fog, and is the same as the hidden , Is also one of the seven people in the fog hidden village ... "

"Hey, ghost, but I found it!"

The mysterious mask suddenly interrupted the words, waving his own hands, self-disciplined, said: "Just let me join him to join the organization, you can make a meal!"


Payne thought for a while, looked up and looked at the mask: "I remember this name, can the mortar ghost now is still a rebellion?"

"You can attract him to tell him!"

The mysterious mask men hooks: "The mission of the mortar ghosts in the fog hidden village has always slaughtered their companions. He will definitely want to defeck!"

Pene nodded, nor did it suspicion his means, just in accordance with his request, assign him a task: "Then you will take someone taps!"

"Hey ... good!"

After the mysterious mask, the male laughing should be inherited, and they will become my fingers, some are not sinking: "That, this task may have some troubles, can another interns with me to go with me?"


There is a fart!

Is the mortal ghost is not your hand?

Another interns in the organization, the original naver's alarm, this sinister guy why do you want to pull him?

Shangqi Nairou has not yet come and respond, Xiao Nan will take the lead to refuse him: "No."


The mask is male and lingering, "" But I am going to perform the task, people have a little short! The fog hidden village can be very dangerous ... "

"He is my disciple."

Xiao Nan frowned, looked at the mask of her disciples, and her eyes were somewhat cold: "I don't think he is necessary to perform the task with you ... If you feel the fog hidden village danger, I can replace you to pull the cortical ghosts. ! "

The mask is male and he is saying: "Xiaonan seniors, he is a member of the organization, we are all intern ... Why can't he do tasks with me?"


Xiaonan's face is a bit impatient.

Because she knows that mysterious mask is the extremely evil Sui Zhibo sphere, it is not willing to let her disciples and mask men have any intersection.

Not only a mysterious mask, except for her and Payne, Xiaoshan does not want anyone in the Shangyuan and the organization.

Just at this time, everyone's eyes have seen it, and they looked at Xiaoshan, and the expression was a little quirky.

Although a group of S is not afraid of danger, Xiao Nanming puts such an eccentric, dangerous task does not let her own disciples, let them do these members?

People feel unfair.

Pethen glanced at everyone, made the final decision: "Small South, you and the corner, Yis Zhi Pubo wandered the flying segment ... As for the original, let him go to the skein of the skein!"

Xiaonan is reluctant to look at Payne, seeing him shake his head, can only look down: "Yes."

"It's actually not so troublesome."

Shangyuan Nai looked at everyone, whispered: "Since the seniors are concerned about dangerous, it is better to go to the fog in the village! Just pull one person to join the organization, not particularly dangerous tasks."

"Oh? Ok!"

The mysterious mask man suddenly drums, whispered: "If this is the case, I can take time, and I will find his partner with my predecessors ..."


Payne agreed.

The red sand scorpion has a bit different opinions, and it has passed a hoarse voice in the embarrassment: "Let's go, I don't like to find people with no more than one."

After that, the red sand scorpion turned to Pethen: "Now the big snake pill has been defected, then I can kill him now?"

When the big snake pill is still taught, they always have noisy because of the philosophy and funding problems. Nowadays, the big snake pill is sinated, and the red sand is naturally wants to revenge, kill him!

"of course can."

Pethen asked softly: "Do you have any clues?"

Red sand scorpion nodded, the voice is in the middle: "I have already inserted a spy in him, so I can find his news."

"Then trace the big snake pill, I will give you."


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