I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 18 gives him a friend

The first female rich, rich, and there is no reason.

Shangyuan Na Ruo, with a hundred million detonatics and a Chakra sensor that summoned Payne, and left the base of Xianan.

In addition to him, other ninjas are also performing tasks.

Woman with light blue hair stands at the door of the base, watching the upward figure and gradually disappearing, her face is not fading.

The angle next to it is a bit subtle.

The corner is a largest person, his sense of knowledge, is the most visited, watching Xiaonan's appearance, he can't help but say: "Hey, can the Ninja still do not encounter danger?"

After the little south, the eyebrows were locked down: "Nairou is different from us, he is only twelve years old, or a child ..."

"I have already implemented the task alone when I was twelve years old!"

The corner is even more dissatisfied, and I looked at Yuxi Pub: "Hey, the little ghost of Yuxi Bo, your long graduation age is also twelve years old?"


Yiszhiso nodded. He graduated from the ninja school from the Ninja School. At the end of the eleven, he has become a dark part of the captain. The age of the 13-year-old is because the altruation incident has become the s grade of the wood.

Looking at Xiaonan's appearance, Unecheo still decided to say a few words next to: "Small South, his age is only one year old, but his strength is very strong ... If the first time, it is not because of his great intentions Maybe I will also fall. "


Xiaonan's eyebrows suddenly flattened, nodded: "Well, then we will go to soup now!"


Unexpello sighed.

Sure enough, no matter which age, which character's woman, as long as they mean, you can achieve the purpose you want.

Xiao Nan took the corner and leaving the base and went to Tang Ren to find the trail of the flying segment, and a spatial vortex appeared in their original position.

The mysterious mask has a diamond from the space whirlpool, and the air open to the air. "Black, I will look at the intern in the organization, how to pull the ghost joining organization ..."

His voice is not a funny laughter at the organization, but some heavy, there is a gloomy and majesty in the sound.

The ground drilled a pork cake, half-length white half-length black monster appeared on the ground, the hoarse voice opened: "Don't pay attention to a little ghost? His existence will not hinder our Plan, will become a hand to collect the beast. "

"The little ghost called Shangyuan can not be dark!"

The mysterious mask has a brightening, looking down over the ground, continue to say: "He will agree with our philosophy? Since Payne and Xiaonan find him, he has been protecting him, this time does not do, next time There is no such opportunity! "

"Well? Do you want to do something to him? If you kill him, Xiaonan and Payne will skeerate us, with soil, this is not in conformity with our plan."

Shake your head, now everything is going on in accordance with their plans, it doesn't want the mysterious mask male holiday in front of you.

"Reassured, I will not kill him!"

Mask men reached out to grabbed the pattern mask on their faces, whispered: "I will be like the past to manipulate the hub, manipulate the original navigation into the dark ...

Before you see it, he is only twelve years old, and it is easy to defeat a mixed team. Now he has already had a strength, and it will be stronger in the future, and he will definitely can't let him be loyal to the door. dedicated! "

When Xiaonan and Shangji arrived outside the outside, when the rain was in the case, the black and mask men also quietly observed the situation in the upper original.

When they saw the original navigation, I used the thunder, I was easy to defeat the squad of more than 20 people, and the black mood was still good. It saw a big scene.

There is some doubts in the dark, it looks at the mask: "The 12-year-old Handoric Chakra and the power seem to be worthy of attention, such as the flag of the village of Mikkasi "

"He and Carti's waste are different."

The mask is a cold voice interrupted the words, and there is a talented ninja that will be promoted in the 12th year of the twelve years.

If you don't accidentally, Shangyuan Na will definitely be able to achieve the strength of the shadow, he is not like a corner of the organization, Yisi Houhe, belongs to the neutral faction of the organization, but is a long door and Xiaonan boost.

The existence of Shangyuan Nae will make the mask men in the future to control the deviation of the organization, which is a hidden danger.


The mask man suddenly realized that if he strategiced the original navigation, it can make the devil play a broader use.

Mask men can even carry back the original navigation, let him become a spy between Xiaonan and the long gates, stealing information about Xiaonan and long gates; can also use the original navigation, affect the movement of Xiaonan and the long gates.

For example, after the time is mature, it can induce the long-door to attack the major rivatures, so that he and the five rivals are lost!

"I want to change the little ghost, it is not easy ..."

Darkness, whispered the information you collected: "Shangyuan Nairou's father, in order to protect the Xiaodong battle in 12 years ago; his mother, also sick in a few months ... except for the long door and Xiaonan, his There is no embarrassment in the body. "

Breaking a ninja, let this Ninja break into the dark, this is the most fast way, and they still have a practical experience.

The problem is that Shangyuan Needo is an orphan!

In the current point of view, Shangyuan Nairou and Xiaonan's embarrassment is the deepest, but the case in Xiaonan, the long door may give up the collection of the beast and directly avattern as the devil king.

If there is any mistake in the end of the long door, it is more than monotonous to use it.

Do not say black, mysterious mask men will not allow this kind of thing, so he intends to guide the original in another way: "This useless thing can be cultivated."

Due to the mask man, I feel that I have heard what you have had: "Take the soil, do you want to arrange a friend for the little ghost? Want to destroy a kind of easy, if you want to cultivate, it is much more difficult ... "

"Hey, there will always be a way."

The mysterious mask has smashed his hand, whispered: "Help me prepare a white, I will prepare a suitable identity for it!"

The black is not helpless, I nod: "Yes, you are happy."

Anyway, this is not an important thing, and it doesn't matter if it is good for them.

Shangqi Nai did not know that someone wants to arrange a friend for him. He caught another trouble. Because he has never left the country of rain, it is not familiar with the geography.

And his mission is to go to the country of the water to attract drills.

Don't go abroad, you have to go out.