Bookstore door.

Shangqi Nai lost his head and looked at the tolerance map, I couldn't help but spit: "Boss, you have this map painted ..."

"Ah, hahaha ..."

The bookstore boss scratched his back, smiled and said: "This is also something that there is no way, the most detailed map only has the big country to draw in the country to draw, this map is actually not delay you!"

All the lifetime of the endurance is actually controlled by the Ninja. In addition to the hunger is willing to send the ninja to collect the terrain information, how others may be willing to pay a big cost to make a more precise map.

Shangyuan Na Rou glad glammed with him, the finger knocked on the location of the country on the map, the location of the sea was only a circle, he finally couldn't help but said: "But the area of ​​this water is not a little bigger. ? "

"Do you want to go to the country of water?"

The bookstore owner looks in an instant, and he pours down in the ear of the Shang Shang: "Don't go to that place, I have heard that many businessmen go, no matter who goes to the water, will be The ninja there killed! "

"... Yes, I know."

This brilliant map is collected in the last never.

The foggy village of the water is still a four-generation water and shadow, which is a shadow that is manipulated behind the scene. He is still a blood fog policy, and the country has long been isolated from the outside world, theoretically refused Any outsiders enter the country of water.

The misty village hidden in the blood mist is not banned from the same village ninja, but in turn encourages the ninja to carry out this behavior.

The person who manipulated the sauna behind the scenes seems to be afraid of foggy villages that will not die, through the blood mist policy, a little bit of foggy village, torture all foggy people.

Treat your own people, let alone, what is treating other people?

Shangyuan Needs to watch the abstract map of the hand, planning the route from the country to the water, electing a route of the most fast and safe.

The fastest way is to enter the fire in the east from the country of the rain, and from the country of fire entered the wave of Wave, take the sea and boat to the country of Water in the country.

This route is also very beneficial.

Although there will be a wooden leaf ninja, but you don't have to worry that it will encounter danger. In addition to the three-generation rigid and Meteki, others seem to be too afraid ...

Except for flag wood Cardi.

If you can have a way to sneak into the wooden leaves, you can also go to the wooden village to complete many messy branch tasks.

Inside the system released, there are the most tasks of many ninja, this is not strange, where it is the place where the protagonists!

The ups place in the original Needs, because this route is directly up to the country.

If the Wave Country is occupied by the card, the smuggling of the world will definitely know how to go to the country of Water, and he will have some connection with the fog hidden village.

The Shangyuan can control the card, using him to enter the country, or you can also see the intelligence that can get the martial artifact.

The task of the organization is really trouble, just to join the ghosts to join the organization, it takes so many brain cells.

The system even does not put it, it will only stop the task, if there is a white, there is a perimeter, and the white is the most good in probe ...

This thought is only fleeting in the back of the original Na.

If there is a turn of a villain, it means that the mysterious mask is male and black, and it must be unfavorable to him, and the Shangyuan must screw down the white head.

At this time, someone suddenly reached out and took the treasure shoulder.

When I arrived at the top, I saw a little girl who had a sweet and sweet, just a little exaggerated.

I saw the original back, the girl was curiously blinked, Zhang Qi: "Hello ... What do you know?"


What is the devil problem!

It happened to the original naval, I just thought of it, now I heard the girl so strangely. He suddenly remembered that Unexpello belt in the sealing underground base encountered the brain loop!

The god of Shangyuan Na is turned cold, and the girl's neck will hold her, press her on the wall, whisper: "Hey, are you white?"


When the girl heard the Shangyuan, his face was stiff, and his eyes turned. He said: "What are you talking about, I don't understand ..."

I didn't believe her half of the original Needle.

Because the system in his mind '' sounded, reminding a branch mission has been completed.

Branch mission: Break the white camouflage (11), the task has been completed, rewarding skills are naturally illusions.

Natural illusion: It can be disguised to become a creature, until it is injured or used, it will break the camouflage, consumes 100 challess, cooling time 2 seconds.

The original Nairi suddenly stopped.

After the white camouflage, I got a similar skill that was similar to the mysterious transformation of the decline, even more amazing.

The natural illusion this skill comes from the survivors of the haze, and the talent skills of Wanhua Tongling, which can make him a tolerance of any kind of organism.

For example, becomes a kitten.

Now use transients to become a girl's white, I don't know, it is still scared, I want to make it with this: "Let me go, I don't know what you are saying, I just want to follow you. say hi…"

"So many people, you are coming to me!"

Shang Nai was packed with her neck and twisted her neck. I couldn't help my emotions. I opened it out: "Mom, what is it?"

His system reward has been collected!

The residents of the small town saw the original navigation to fell into the street and killed people. They widened their eyes. One of them, it seems to be big, the opening question: "Hey, that little ghost, why do you want to kill her?"

"Because she insulted my IQ."

Shang Nai did not go back to the ground, just watching the girl's body turned into a white humanoid monster.

It is exactly a look.


The system in the Shang Shanghe brain rang.

Branch mission: kill a endurance (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the .

: Tell your own grass and the land of the earth, can tell moveance between the underground grass, and cut everything during the mortuary, consumed 3 okla on the ground.

"Wow, ah!"

The villagers of these small towns first saw the long-distance monsters, and saw such a bloody scene, screaming, rushing, flying, flying!

Shangyuan Na will also ignore it, just take a seal reel, enlarge this body into the reel, whether it is to give Xiaonan and Payne to destroy the mask male, or the sacrifice of the future can.

When the original Shan step left the small town, a time space whispered appeared on the roof, mysterious mask men hurt their own mask: "The group is too white, really can't change the waste! , Or find a guy suitable for spy ... "