I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 22, look at the big knife

After the Yuxi wave disappeared, the flag-like Kaki is a long time to pursue a fruit, and can only rely on a tree, and gradually recovers the calm of Ninja.

The flag-like Kakasi crumbs frowned, first determined that Unexpello's identity is true, because the belt is going to die, the written eye is congratulating him a gift.

This is called the gift of the gift. Only he, the wilderness of Yushan and Yisi Bo belt three people know that Lin is already dead, then the insider only leaves them two parties.

As for the other things that Yuxi Bo belt soil, such as the death of the waterpare teacher and the Master Master, the first thought of the flag wood Carti is not believed. After all, the wave wind doors and the whirlpool, Tsinna treat Upi Zhibo belt very much. kind…

However, there is a lot of doubts about the nine tail of the year.

Flagkarta bite his teeth, a punch is on the tree next to: "As long as you find the soil, you can find out the truth of the year ... If you have the soil to revenge, he did not kill me, then It must go to the country of water, or have been laid in the country of water! "

According to the intentional legacy of the Unechyo, the flagmacci fly quickly interpreted the information they wanted.

Flagkartia clenching his fists, his IQ has always been much higher than that of the belt, and quickly thinks that he is judged to go to the land.

Just now Yisi Board has some sad anger, and the words have been poke their scars, and they don't realize that he has already leaked their intelligence.

"Bring the soil, still lost three old days ..."

Flagkarta returned his mask, he has identified the position of the soil, as long as you travel to the country of Water, you can find the soil, then he can unope all the truth of all the dust.

"Seniors ... Are we going back to the village?"

In the hurry, the throne came up with a face. She seems to know some secret, and the spirit of the Zifa Ninja is still a bit.

"Well ... Wait!"

After the Head of Kakari nodded, looked at the throne of the holiday: "What we have encountered today, no matter whoever, you must ask you to keep your confidentiality, this may cause the turmoil of the leaves, before I check the truth Never be known by others ... "

The throne of the kanuary, "Seniors, other people you said, have you need to include Naruto?"

"Yes, there is a lot of hidden love."

Flag Kakasi knead his forehead, whispered: "The turmoil of Yuxi Bo is not over, temporarily keeps the three generations! After I check the truth, I will report all the beginning of everything to him."


In the morning, the thrill stared at the flag wood Carti and saw some of his face. He didn't just got some of his request.

Because I am worried that Urcho is in a dangerous danger when they have a revenge, the flag-like Kakasi leads to the ports of the moon, and they rushed back to the village, followed by the sky. The break is out.

Shangyuan Nairies did not know that he did a good person, directly promoting Kaki to exit the darkroom in advance.

At this moment, the top of the city has arrived in the country of Wave.

This small neighbors of the Nations in the NATO are really poor, and they have never heard of the name of the card. I want to come to Causa's daisy that has not stared on this small country.

When Shangji Nai Lu is lost, I lost interest in this country, and I went to the pier of the wave of Wave, and I looked at a row of fishing boats. I asked: "How much is you going to water here?"


The boats left to see the right, each shook his head, one of the leading boats replied: "Guests, the country is a closed country, where the Ninja adult does not allow us to be close."

Shang Nai returned to them, whispered: "Hey, how much I don't have me, are you willing to put me to the water?"

"No matter how much you give, we will not go!"

"Money can also earn, life can only be once!"

"How can I lose my life for a dollar!"

A group of boatrs has an exercise in the original imagination, and it is not high in a poor country, and the consumption level is not high. The pressure is small, they will not harm life for money.

In this noise, there was a voice that came out: "Little ghost, how much is you willing, if the price is right, I don't mind bring you."


A group of boatrs suddenly quietly.

Everyone's eyes slowly moved, saw a boat on the edge, sitting on a face, a stranger, a bandage, this person doesn't seem to be the people of their wave.

But the man who speaking the man looked at some fierce and uncomfortable, the boats of this group of waves did not dare to persuade him.

After seeing the man who said that the speech was seen, the corner of his mouth couldn't help but laugh, and a stack of explosions were in his fingertips: "One hundred detonators, this price is enough?"


The person's eyes are condensed, and it seems to be a little bit of a while, it is slow to nod: "Yes."

The detonation price of the endurance is different.

Some places because of war, yield, etc., a detonate price is up to 20,000; some places because of the prosperity, the price of a detonator can be low to 2,000.

Shangyuan Nai's shot is not necessarily unparalleled, one hundred detonates in the country of water, can be easily sold to 1 million.

Of course, only Ninja is willing to accept the explosion.

Shangji jumped on the boat, looked at the bandage male, his mouth revealed a smile, it seems that his luck is good, first encounter the flag-like Kaki, followed by one of Kakasi The peach is no longer.

The current peach will not wear the uniform of the foggy village, maybe I haven't chosen to leave, because there is no very beautiful toolman around him.

However, this cannot be judged.

But when I was low, I saw a wide tie on the boat, I couldn't help but I didn't want to lose my eyes.

Not long after the tissue in the tissue, I still died in the misty village, and the big knife was also recycled by the four generations of water. It immediately fell to the peach and did not score.

The peach is no longer able to see his eyes, and it seems that he is not in the peep, just launched the motor on the ship, leaving the Pier of the Wave.

This boat quickly arrived at the empty sea.

The peach will not look at the original navigation, and finally asked: "Little ghost, do you know this knife?"

Shangji nodded, whispered: "The seven talents of the fog hidden village, the big knife, no matter what it is in battle, you can restore the iron in the blood of the absorbent."


The peach is no longer awkward, the eyes are gradually becoming a bit cold: "Little ghost, it seems that you know a lot!"

"It is more than the usual person knows more."

Shangyuan Nai is humble and hopped, looking at the indifference of the peach, smiling and continues: "Well, let me think about what to call you? The new talence of the fog hidden village is one of the people, the fog Ghost people don't want to be? "


The peach is no longer able to grab the dagger sword in his hand, suddenly horing the upper neck: "Since recognizing my identity, I dare to go to the country with me, a little ghost, what is the purpose of do you have! "


Seeking some tickets, the data is very fierce!