I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 23, toasting, don't eat, fine wine

"Don't impulsive."

The original Nairun clouds pinched a card.

The thin card in his hand blocked the front of the big knife. This scene won the peach and no heart, and the area of ​​the district will be able to block the big knife?


The peach is no longer, and the chittime is defeated. I saw that card has penetrated the big knife, and the card is on the knife side!

Shangyuan Nai raised his head and slowly continued: "If you don't know, a person knows too much secret, most of them are not long ..."

This is actually only a common person.

Throughout the entire tolerance, the more you know, the longer the time, such as blackness; it is a confused ghost like a peach, but it is the earlier.


I don't have a cold, and I am proud: "Do you think you are? The little ghost, now in advance your identity and go to the water of the country, you can also eat less!"

"Do you have to let me explain?"

Shangyuan Na's mouth outlined a mysterious smile, tauntful and looked at the peach and didn't, a word: "I go to the water of the country is to guide a hidden knife in the fog hidden village. Water, this ... Is it what you want? "


The peach is no longer in the god, and the murder is overflowing. It is staring at the original navigation.

Because the original Nairou just said in his heart.

Each fog hidden village has ambition of the Ninja, can see the blood-fog policy implemented by the four-generation water and shadow, how big is the village, and there is no way to change this situation.

The peach is no longer as it is.

When he was in the ninja school, he had a consciousness of the blood fog, and even in the graduation exam in the disbanded, he killed his own same period, so that the hidden level had to abolish this possible The way of assessment of the mog naist fault.

After the peach is not going to adult, join the fog and dark, the strength is getting stronger and stronger, being praised as a fog, and he just took over the big knife of the return, became the second generation to bear the knife. .

Since getting a big knife, the peach is no longer a new thought, he thinks that his strength is enough, so he has been planning the foggy of the four generations of water and shadow, change the whole misty village. .

Plan success, natural all the best.

The plan failed, then it is necessary to escape.

This time, the peach is no longer in the country, just looking for a retreat. After he goes back, it is planning to find a chance to assassinate the water.

The teenager in front of me, as if it is seen through his mind! Obviously this plan has been hidden in his own heart, never mentioned by anyone.

The peach is no longer panic, I want to take a knife and I will slap in the original navigation, and I want to explore this little ghost from his mouth. It hides which assassination of the seven people.

If the original navigation is said with his name, the peach will never fight his own life, but also a knife cut his head ...

If the original naval is said to another person's name, the peach will not return to the village to try to test the person, see if everyone can act together ...

Of course, no matter where they faded into the water, finally cut the original naval head, so that I can cut it, try again.

He is such a very happy ninja.

Thinking of this, the peach will not look at the original, scornfully open: "Hey, the seven people are the strongest seven-bit martial arts master in our village, how can it be the most loyal ninja for the ginema? Have you assassinate the spikes? "

When the head turned, the eyes of the peach were suddenly filled with murderous: "I still said that your ghost has long been colluded with one of the traitors ... small ghosts, say his name, I am willing to spare you!"

"The name is temporarily can't tell Mr. I."

Shangyuan Na was sitting on the cabin, gently shaking his head, hung up on his face, a little scout: "Don't be loyal to the seven people, no longer knowing the answer?"

The first generation of tattooed knives were kicked into auspicious three treasures, black hoes and the ten hidden defects, and only the remaining Watermelon Mountain Cougirl had another thought.

The second generation of troirers and seven people have only four people. The ghost lights Full moon and Lin Yuli will have chosen the defense due to serious illness, and the mortar ghosts and peach are never chose.

The third generation of troirers is only two, and the ghost lights will come to a rebellion. Chang Shlang is still in the village of the village.

The hidden village in the village is seven, and the ratio of the rebellion is not general.

"It seems to use some means ..."

The peach will not be a finger.

The second batch of the second batch of hidden villages in the village, now there are only three people, respectively, the ghost light is full of moon, the mortar ghosts and peach are no longer; the problem is that in addition to the peach, he will look at the remaining two people. It is like a person who is loyal to the four generations.

Since the martial arts ghosts killed the ghosts, they have mastered the real rights in the village; the ghost light is full of two-generation water, can use all the tangle, and everyone is sent to the genius.

The peach will not be unable to gamble, he wants to get a name from the original navigation, determine a partner for choice.

"Tolerance, foggy!"

A group of fog appeared in the sea, gradually covered this boat.

After the foot of the peach, I retired a few steps. The tall figure disappeared in the fog, his voice came from the foggy four sides: "Do you have any part of your body? I can help You cut off them ... "


Shangyuan Na is dark, and slowly closes his fingers, whispered: "Don't you, I have some people who you can't provoke, but you are like to provoke those people!"

For example, he hides.

For example, the future of the wooden leaves is hung up.

"Thunder, Wan Lei Tianjun!"

A huge thunderstorm has appeared in the fog in the sea, and a lightning is accurate and unmractored. Fortunately, he passes through the fog in time!

However, a second time, continuously dropped two lightning!

"This little ghost actually specializes in thunderness ..."

The peach will not bite his teeth, and it will close the palm of your palm. I took a thunder, and I settled a surgery: "Water in the water!"

The water waves on the sea, formed a hollow water ball, wrapped up the peach, a thunder, and the electric light fell in the sea.

After hiding into the water, the peach is not reluctant to force a sigh of relief, but it is very ugly that the little guy is just a tentative, his location is directly exposed.

Shangyuan Na will step on the sea water, step by step to the peach and no place, the juvenile voice listened to a little tender: "Toast does not eat fine wine ..."