I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 24 is not awkward, defeat


Just insulting a young man, the peach in the water is no longer, but he didn't play it, but it was quietly in the water, waiting for the thunderstorm storm.

In just a few seconds, the peach is no longer aware of the thunder-off attack frequency. He can ensure that you have a long time to force Chakra into the water.

But the devil has been found in traces of lightning!

Shangji took a stack of explosions in his hand, and the ocean sprinkled in the water, the mouth said softly: "This is a hundred detonatics that we agreed before the Wave Zone, now pay you!"

The peach is no longer: "..."

Where is this payment method?

One hundred detonatics, approximately one hundred endurance, the fire, and exploded together, can directly let the water condensed the water to evaporated!

Shangyuan Nai went to wave, erected his fingers, seriously drinked: "Art is explosion ... drink!"


The peach is no longer imposing.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions resounded through the sea, and the anti-water waves were shocked by hundreds of detonatics, and the peach in the water was shocked. The whole person was hit his body in front of the explosion!

Opened water, fly!

That is water!

The peach in the water is no longer turned into a water. As for his real body, I don't know how to go, the thunderous cloud storm in the sky is gradually dissipated, and I have tracked the real body position of the peach.

Shang Nai wrinkled frowned, and when gazing around the fog around, he suddenly heard the !

"Shui Wai · Shui Dragon Bomb"! "

Then, Chakra quickly went quickly, and a large big name broke through the fog, the huge dragon fell up toward the position of the original Nair!

"Wind, the wall of the wind!"

Shangyuan Nai is not panic, after symbolizing the printing, released a wind wall, only looked at the spray of the water dragon hit the wind wall, whisper: "44 inventories The epighel is very hard? "


A red light is out of the foot!

The peach is no longer a few bodies, that is the Chakra gas stream that is emitted by him. His whole person falls from the sky, and the big knife in his hand has a decisive momentum!

What is the tricky dragon bomb just used to attack? Now the silent murder is to face the real killing of the original navigation!

The head of the peach is no longer in the hands of the big knife. This is also his purpose. This is his purpose. As long as the original navigation will lose his arm, then you can no longer have a smooth printing, you can only let him slaughter.


The golden mask floats in Shangyuan Na, the huge impact will be a big knife inch crack!

The mask floats a few golden Chakra radiants, and it is quickly stabbed into the body!

It is the angel's ultimate skills of the sacred trim!

The peach is no longer being stabbed by Chakra sword. It looks at the no-hurtful teenager, and it is a hint in the eyes: "Betting, it is the trap, you are so deep!"

"This is, you first sneak me first!"

At the end of the original Needle, I won the wrist, and I took the big cutting knife dropped in his hand, and one foot was in the chest, and he got him on the boat.

Branch mission: defeat the knife seven people (17), reward unknown.

Branch mission: Beat the peach and don't (11), the task has been completed, rewarding skills I am flowing an alms.

I am from the Olympic Line: Release a smoke area, becomes invisible in the smoke and replies 40% Chakra, the invisible state will not be hit by the enemy's attack, lasting, attack or use skills, no Consumption, cooling time 20 seconds.

This skill makes it a good question mark.

this one? this one?

He defeated it, but the peach is no longer!

Three of the timeline of the entire Ninja World, only three people have made the complete seventh-shift leader in danger, the first is that the peach is no longer , the second is the six Yuxi wave spots, the third is the big tube Hui Night.

However, the reward of this Xiaqiao skill is not bad, it is a life-saving skill, let alone this skill is also self-recovery Chakra.

Shangji returned to the boat, and he sat down and looked at the wound and did not say anything, whispered: "Advise you, don't provoke people, don't provoke."


The peach will not hear the molar, this little ghost comes again, is it aware of his own identity?

Shangyuan Naou heard his cold, his face smiled: "Don't you, I am a good person, even if you want to sneak me, I am still willing to let you live, after all, you are also a barely. A little bit of people ... "


The peach is no longer being angry with his words. He forcibly suppressed his anger, ridiculous in his mouth: "I am really lucky!"


Shangtang nodded and looked at him: "After all, I want to see another one who is seven, I have to rely on Mr.!"

The peach is no longer able to put down, and the opposite youth is glanced: "Since I need me to help, then I want to tell you who is the person I want to see?"


Shang Nai is not hesitant to say this name.

Among the history of the whole, there are few people who are known as the true ninja, and the moblis ghosts are undoubtedly a qualified ninja.

If you can, Shangyuan Nair is even if you want to try to make a discovery, the man with a shark face is a unpleasant helper, just rushing on his persistence of his superior mission, there is a little violent heaven.

As for how the reaction is a big problem.

If you don't accidentally, the mortal ghost now will now be a mysterious mask, and even he may have been placed in the mysterious mask for the moon, until the vigorous battle, still maintains enough loyalty.

In addition to his person, no matter what tolerance is released, it is also a shortcoming of people who can't pick up someone.


The peach will not listen to the name of the martillamon, I can't help but laugh, I look at the original navigation scorn: "If you say another person's name, I may have some doubts, but the martillamon ghost That guy must never betray the four generations of water! "

Carton, can be a four-generation eye shadow.

When the savist wanted to grab the power of the dark, it was a ghost to kill the martial arts and killed the upper secret leader. The ghosts became a new talents, and the muscles were given to him.

The whole fog hidden village knows the loyalty to the four generations of water shadows, in addition to the sauce of the four generations, in addition to the order of the sauce, anything else will not pay, even if someone is private invites him to propose to abolish unreasonable Blood mist system.

If the four generations of water shadows are overturned in the misty village, they stand in front of him to protect his last person, and it is definitely a mortal ghost.

How can such a person, how can be betrayed?